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For some reason, we've got a little problem with a former friend of ours, he seems to disagree with some of our methods.

Eddie Pulaski giving instructions to Carl Johnson in the end of the previous mission.

Badlands is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by C.R.A.S.H. in Angel Pine in Whetstone.


After the gunfight beneath the Mulholland Intersection that resulted in Sweet being injured and taken into police custody; Carl is kidnapped and taken outside of Los Santos to begin performing errands for C.R.A.S.H. The first of these tasks is a favor for Tenpenny, who tells Carl to kill an ex-police officer being held by the FBI under a witness protection program. The witness, who has compromising information about Tenpenny, is hiding in a remote cabin located on Mount Chiliad. Carl, disarmed by the police, and carrying only a camera, is forced to make his way up Mount Chiliad. He then flushes the witness out of the cabin, and chases him down Mount Chiliad as he attempts to flee in a Washington. After Carl kills the witness, he photographs the evidence that he will no longer be talking, and delivers it to a trailer in Angel Pine.

After completing the mission in Angel Pine, Carl will receive two phone calls in the first succession. The first phone call is from Cesar, who suggests Carl to locate an unknown person who will protect him. The second is from Sweet, now held captive in a prison hospital while receiving treatment for his gunshot wounds.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill the witness! Bring back proof.
  • Make your way up the mountain to find that snitch.
  • He's inside, smoke him out!
  • Remember, you need a photo of him in one piece.
  • Photograph the body.
  • Take the camera to the drop.


There is no reward for completing this mission, though the mission First Date is unlocked.


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  • This is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas requiring the use of a camera, and serves as training in its use if the player isn't familiar with it.
  • The Washington that the witness drives has a unique San Fierro license plate that reads "ASSMAN".
  • This is one of a handful of missions where there is no scripted dialogue in gameplay.
  • If the player manages to destroy the Washington before the witness enters it, he will remain in the cabin and not move.
  • If the player lost the infinite camera received after The Green Sabre, they will receive a new one at the start of this mission.
  • If the player somehow loses the camera during this mission, the mission will continue as normal until the player sucessfully kills the target, when the game will instruct the player to pick up a new one from the drop point.
  • Though it's unlikely for the player to have weapons that can do this, decapitating the target with weapons such as the Katana or M4 will cause the mission to fail as the body can't be identified.
  • FBI agents in this mission are different from the normal ones. They have much lower health, carry Micro SMG insteads of MP5s and don't try to arrest the player if he has wanted stars. Also, they become neutral after the witness escapes in the Washington.