"I'm giving you my old phone. My new number's in there."
Roman Bellic to Niko.

Badger cellphone is a Mobile Phone in the HD Universe. It is manufactured by Badger.



The Badger Cellphone is a low-end phone, inspired by some Motorola models. Furthermore, due to having a one color display and a low binary frequency, it doesn't allow ringtones or themes to be downloaded through the in-game website

GENERAL: No wi-fi/network connection.
STORAGE: It is able to store messages and contacts.
SOUND: Vibrations, Ringtones.
DISPLAY: One-color.

Owners and users


Niko uses the Badger cellphone for the first time.

Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV owns a Badger cellphone. He receives this cellphone from his cousin Roman Bellic, the previous owner of the phone, during the mission "It's Your Call". He stops using the Badger cellphone after receiving the more powerful Whiz Cellphone from Playboy X during "Photo Shoot".

Other known owner of such Badger cellphone is Pegorino Capo Ray Boccino. Ray apparently uses a newer model of the cellphone, as it is capable of sending content such as images.

Luis Fernando Lopez owns an even newer model, equipped with a touchscreen and a camera, and has the same features as the Whiz Cellphone.


  • Its body is identical to Whiz Cellphone's, although they are manufactured by different companies and the Whiz Cellphones obviously have a much superior performance.

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