Original Nintendo DS BadgerOS, note the Panoramic logo.

BadgerOS is the operating system found in Huang Lee's PDA in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. As the name suggests, it is available on devices running on the Badger network.

It acts as the pause menu of the game where different features can be accessed such as the player's stats or even the game's settings. The player is able to customize the operating system by applying themes which are limited to three; 'Badger' (applied by default), 'Sprunk' and 'Tw@'

The OS is most likely a parody of Symbian, a discontinued operating system from Nokia.



  • Despite the game being set in 2009, checking 'About Badger OS' in the game's settings will display a later date. The iOS version is dated February 10, 2015 while the Android version is dated December 12, 2014. These dates may reflect on the release dates of the game (the iOS version was re-released in February 2015 and the Android version was released in December 2014). However, both versions will display the same BadgerOS version (3.0) and an unknown '11:11:11'.
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