Postcard for Backlot City.

"Once literally the back lot of Richards Majestic Studio at the pinnacle of their creative output when they still made watchable movies, Backlot City is now mainly a shopping district that sells overpriced products to white people...which is pretty much all that Richard Majestic movies do these days anyway."
GTA V digital manual

Backlot City is a neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas. The entire neighborhood is gated and consists of only one business: Richards Majestic Productions.



Area of Backlot City on the map.

Backlot City is a complex of offices, sound stages and sets. Sound stages take up most of the space, while the center of the complex features an outdoor set dressed to look like a European seaside city. The outdoor set is filled with cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, while the remainder of the area features trailers, craft services trucks, and other paraphernalia related to the film business. Flashing red lights indicate studios in use, though they cannot be entered. The people in the area are also associated with film, including actors in costume and technicians working on equipment.

The area is regularly patrolled by Security Guards, and the protagonists will receive a two-star wanted level if they are caught trespassing. However, once Michael De Santa begins working for Richards Majestic Productions, he can enter Backlot City freely. In Grand Theft Auto Online, the wanted level is not enforced and the Online Protagonist can access Backlot City freely.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto Online

Adversary Modes
Organization Work
  • Executive Search - Possible hideout area where a VIP or CEO must survive in for 10 minutes.


The neighborhood is based on Culver City, whilst the Studio building itself is based on Sony Studios in Culver City.


Places of Interest





  • When switching to Michael, he may be seen conversing with Jimmy who later leaves Michael on his own.
  • In another switch scene of Michael, the player can see him arguing with a security guard saying to him look at his eyes and to remember his face, because he is his boss.


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