The Back O' Beyond Lake is an unnamed lake located in Back O' Beyond, Flint County, and is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The lake is fed by a creek leading to the Los Santos Inlet. It has a murky color and, due to a glitch if the player partially or fully submerges a vehicle in the water, the vehicles are invisible if viewed from the surface. There are several large boulders sticking out of the water, as well as a "leaning tree", which is not fully solid.

The lake does not appear in any storyline missions, however, it is passed by in the racing side mission Bandito County.



  • There is a very shallow section of water at the far eastern edge of the lake that is safe to drive vehicles across; it is shown as a bridge on the map.
  • If other characters besides Carl Johnson enter the lake, the parts of them below the surface are also invisible.
  • When viewing from underwater, the opposite is true; the submerged part of the vehicle is visible however the non-submerged part is invisible.
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