Back Passage is a very small alley in Suffolk, Algonquin. It is bounded by Garnet Street and Feldspar Street. The most prominent thing located here is an inaccessible Didier Sachs shop. There is a total of 8 shops here, 4 on each side, but all are inaccessible. A shop called Suffolk Curios is also located here.


Location Type Road Direction
Suffolk Road begin Feldspar Street w/b toward Union Drive West
Road end Garnet Street e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Castle Drive & Union Drive West

Random Characters

  • Sara (First Encounter) - in front of the Didier Sachs shop

Notable Landmarks



  • The name of the alley is a reference to the slang term for an anus.
  • It, along with Ersatz Row, is probably the smallest named street in Algonquin.


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