Tommy Vercetti enters Ken Rosenberg's office.
Ken: Ah! well, I hope you are having a good time. Because I'm going out of my mind with worry here. What did you find out?
Tommy: That there are more criminals in this town than in prison. We need a lead from the streets...
Ken: OK. Let me think, let me think - AH! I've got it! OK, there's this limey, some music industry slimeball, goes by the name of Kent Paul. Anyway he's got his nose so far up in most of Vice City's ass that if anybody knows the whereabouts of 20 k's of coke, it's this guy, all right? He's always at The Malibu.
Tommy: I'll go pay him a visit.
Ken: Take it easy now.
Tommy leaves Ken's office and heads to the Malibu Club. Inside, Kent Paul is at the bar talking to a woman.
Paul (to the woman): Where'd you pop up from? I've been looking for a bird like you for ages, mate.
Tommy (to a security guard): I'm looking for some English guy...
The guard points towards Paul at the bar.
Paul (to the woman): Kent Paul, mate. Yeah I'm the guvnor 'round here. I sort things out. You know what I mean? I'll treat you. Whatever you want, I'll get you, girl. Don't you worry about a thing mate.
Tommy (to the woman): Get lost honey.
The woman walks off and Paul calls after her.
Paul (to the woman): Oi oi oi oi oi!
Tommy (to Paul): You Kent Paul? I'm a friend of Rosenberg's...
Paul: Rosenberg...Rosenberg...Oh that bonkers ambulance chaser! That guy could defend an innocent man all the way to death row. (To barman) Give us another drink, bruv.
Tommy raises his fist to Paul's face.
Tommy: Everybody's a comedian. Listen to me. I'm missing twenty keys and a lot of cash...
Paul: Drugs mate? It's a mug's game.
Tommy shoves Paul to the floor.
Tommy: What do you know about it?
Paul: Oi oi! What I was coming to was, there's some chef-cum-trumpetshifter who deals out of a kitchen on Ocean Drive. He's been looking real pleased with himself lately. You could go and check him out...?!
Tommy: I will - and I'll be seeing you around.
Tommy walks off and Paul gets back to his feet.
Paul (to Tommy): Yeah, that's right. Go on - walk away, you mug. I'll knock you spark out! (To barman) Give me a drink - and where's that slut!
Tommy drives to the alley behind the hotel on Ocean Drive. He confronts the chef, who is talking to someone on his cell phone.
Chef: Hey, whatchoo lookin' at?
Tommy: You better start talking..
Chef: Hey, make me, you prick!
Tommy and the chef begin fighting. Tommy beats the chef to death and takes his cell phone. Tommy stands over the chef's body catching his breath. Lance Vance walks into the alley.
Lance: Oh, way to go, tough guy. Beat him to a pulp. That should make him real chatty.
Tommy: You want some too?
Lance: Hey chill. I want what you want, brother.
Tommy: Oh yeah? And what's that?
Lance: Your green - and my dead brother's white lady. Unfortunately, you just silenced our lead.
Tommy: Accidents happen. Get lost.
Lance: Hey, hey, whoa. No need to go all 'Lone Ranger' on my ass. The way I see it - we two hombres in a strange town. We need to watch each other's back.
Tommy: My back's just fine brother.
Three chefs appear and stand behind Tommy. Lance hands Tommy a pistol.
Lance: You sure about that? Here, take this... This way!
Lance runs out of the alley and Tommy follows him. Tommy and Lance get in Lance's Infernus.
Lance: One thing you gotta realise about this town. You gotta pack some heat. C'mon..The local gun shop's only a couple of blocks away.
Tommy and Lance drive to Ammu-Nation. Tommy walks inside and purchases a weapon, before driving back to the Ocean View Hotel. At the hotel, Tommy exits the car and Lance gets in the driver's seat.
Lance: I'm going to go see what I can dig up. I'll be watching you Tommy.
Lance drives off.
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