Babbage Drive is a north-south four-lane divided street located in Alderney. The street is long and runs from Berchem to south Acter.


Location Type Road Direction
Acter Road begin Hardtack Avenue & Niblick Street e/b toward Roebuck Road
w/b toward Emery Street
Continuation of Niblick Street from Tinderbox Avenue
Road crossing Schneider Avenue w/b toward Berners Road and Vitullo Avenue
Road crossing Odhner Avenue e/b toward Hardtack Avenue
Road crossing Edison Avenue w/b toward Vitullo Avenue
Berchem Road crossing Farnsworth Road e/b toward Mueri Street
w/b toward Vitullo Avenue
Road crossing Drebbel w/b toward Vitullo Avenue
Road crossing Cockerell Avenue w/b toward Aspdin Drive
Road crossing Fleming Street e/b toward Mueri Street
Road crossing Aspdin Drive w/b toward Vitullo Avenue
Road end Koresh Square e/b toward Asahara Road, Boyden Avenue & Plumbers Skyway
w/b toward Boyden Avenue


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  • Much like other streets in Central Alderney, it's named after the inventor Charles Babbage, the creator of the origins of the programmable computer.


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