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The only thing that matters is the hood, homie. But you'll never understand what gettin' this money is like. You know what, man? Get the fuck outta here before you be layin' on your back.

— B Dup

Mark Wayne, better known as B Dup, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a supporting character and a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


B Dup used to be a loyal member to the Grove Street Families but began to move away from the gang and into dealing drugs. Dup begins to sell drugs in Los Santos, including to Barry "Big Bear" Thorne, whom he exploits into being his personal slave. B Dup has Bear clean his home in Ganton. B Dup is also later heard on West Coast Talk Radio, saying "the problem in the hood is that there isn't enough drugs in the hood".


B Dup wears a khaki cap and wears a black Ballas jacket over a white shirt, black pants and white tennis shoes.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Recruitment attempt

Carl Johnson and Ryder attempt to recruit B Dup during the mission Cleaning the Hood to kill some Ballas drug dealers. B Dup declines their offer as the Ballas are responsible for bringing the drugs into the city which he does not want to fight against, and is more concerned with making profit by selling them.


Much later in the game, during the mission Beat Down on B Dup, Carl and Sweet visit B Dup in his new home in Glen Park, Kilo Tray Ballas territory. After Carl and Sweet retake Glen Park, they enter B Dup's house to face him. Big Bear cannot take anymore abuse from B Dup so he punches B Dup and leaves with Carl and Sweet. B Dup isn't seen again after that encounter, though it is likely that he is still alive.

B Dup works for Big Smoke as he refers to him as "the boss" during the mission Beat Down on B Dup. It is likely that Big Smoke supplies him with drugs.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


  • B Dup's name is a play on the words "beat up".
  • His outfit resembles that worn by the members of N.W.A in the early '90s, his jacket is a chore coat and is purchasable in Victim for $320.
  • His chore coat has a Rockstar logo on it.
  • B Dup was originally supposed to be killed in Beat Down on B Dup.
  • B Dup's jacket looks like the jacket that the "Ballas second member" wears, indicating that he joined the Ballas gang. Another indication is that he lives in Ballas territory.