Avispa Country Club serves as both a privately maintained golf course and a district of San Fierro, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It is located at the southern tip of the city, abutting Missionary Hill. To the north are Ocean Flats, Hashbury, and Garcia; to the east is Foster Valley; and to the south is Mount Chiliad.

While the golf course is located on the northern slopes of Missionary Hill, the country club's main building is located on the shoreline, directly south of Ocean Flats. There are also 4 tennis courts in front of the main building.

CJ's girlfriend, Katie Zhan, can be found exercising on Avispa Country Club's greens when not at the dojo.


The building's location (next to the highway entering the city), its proximity to the ocean, and its general design are highly reminiscent of Adolf Sutro's 1896 Victorian version of the Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco's Ocean Beach, which burned down in 1907. The golf course could be based on the Olympic Country Club in San Francisco, while the main building's design seems to be inspired from the Claremont Resort in Oakland. The location of the golf course itself is comparable to that of the golf courses surrounding Lake Merced.


Stationary Vehicles

  • Caddy (spawns riding around the golf course)
  • Comet (only when wanted for export)
  • Assorted vehicles in the car park



  • "Avispa" means wasp in Spanish. This is most likely a play on the acronym "WASP", meaning "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant", a section of American society who are disproportionately represented in most Country Clubs.


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