"He's certainly a skill fit. Whether he understands the culture we're trying to create down here's another thing."
— Lester Crest

Avi Schwartzman is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of GTA Online

Avi is a Jewish hacker that used to work with Lester Crest. He is described by Lester as a very paranoid person. During the Pacific Standard - Signal mission, Lester tasks the players into finding Avi and giving him the transponder recovered in the Pacific Standard - Vans mission, so he can tune the crew into the Pacific Standard Bank frequency. However, Avi is found by government agents and the crew needs to rescue him.

He is located on a small island off the west coast, surrounded by government agents in a small shack in the center of the island. The players are required to ride Seasharks to the island and take out the government agents. The players then need to escort Avi to a drop off after losing the cops where Paige takes in Avi. After this, the mission will end.

The Diamond Casino Heist

In The Diamond Casino Heist update, the player can unlock him as a hacker for the The Diamond Casino Heist after destroying all 50 Signal Jammers.

He takes 10% from the final take in the Diamond Casino Heist and is the most expensive hacker available.

Avi provides 3m30 in the vault upon entering undetected. This is reduced to 2m26 if the team is detected.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online


The Diamond Casino Heist


  • Avi appears to have taken some leave of his senses during his time on the island, as he rants about talking to animals, among other things, during Pacific Standard - Signal.
  • According to Avi, he knows where Lester "hid the bodies", suggesting Lester was part of a murder.


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