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Automated teller machines, more commonly known as ATMs, are computerised machines that can be used to complete monetary transactions such as balance check or withdrawal. In the Grand Theft Auto series, ATMs have seen very limited use, being interactive in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Although ATMs have been featured since Grand Theft Auto III, they serve as non-interactive props commonly found inside or outside banks.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, ATMs largely serve no purpose. In the mission "Small Town Bank", CJ has to destroy the machines inside Palomino Creek Bank to get to their contents, when he and Catalina hold up the bank.

Grand Theft Auto IV

An ATM in GTA IV when the player "uses" it. The ATM can only display the amount of money the player carries.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, ATMs are interactive devices, but only serve as a means to show the player how much money the player has - despite the fact that the player's money is already displayed in the game's HUD. ATMs in GTA IV can be found in various locations throughout Liberty City, such as near shopping complexes, hospitals and other areas useful to the player, and are implied to be operated by the Bank of Liberty. ATMs can be found in standalone form or wall-mounted form, but function identically.

Grand Theft Auto V

Fleeca ATMs.

In Grand Theft Auto V, ATMs play a similar role as in GTA IV. Michael, Franklin and Trevor can visit an ATM to check their money and view their purchase history. The player can also use their in-game cell phone or laptop to enter to their bank accounts via the Internet, but it depends of the bank account they own (Franklin owns a bank account in Fleeca, Michael in Maze Bank and Trevor in Bank of Liberty.)

In the game, there are also Random Events that involves the player pursuing a robber after he steals the wallet of a pedestrian while he was withdrawing money from the ATM.

ATMs can be found in many locations throughout San Andreas, outside Fleeca, Maze Bank or Lombank branches, and in places like the Vanilla Unicorn, Maze Bank Arena, or the ground floor of some buildings in Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto Online

In Grand Theft Auto Online, ATMs now have a prominent role. The player can visit an ATM to deposit their collected money into their bank account to prevent it from being stolen by other players. The player has five options to deposit money, ranging from a few dollars to all the money the player has collected so far (represented as brighter green numbers below the non-deposited money). Since places like Ammu-Nation stores and real-estate brokers accept debit cards, it is not necessary to extract big stacks of cash from ATMs in order to make big purchases.

The player can also use ATMs to view their purchase history like in GTA V. It is best to visit ATMs when not around many other players in GTA Online, for if the player visits an ATM, they are vulnerable to attacks. The player's money can then be stolen from other players, making the use of ATMs in the game very risky. The safest option is to deposit and withdraw money using the cell phone or a laptop, from Maze Bank's website or activating Passive Mode (in the enhanced version, as players are fully immune to any sort of attacks).

The player can find the closest ATM with the Quick GPS option of the Interaction Menu, holding the Select button (PlayStation 3), the Back button (Xbox 360) or the List button (Xbox One), or by pressing in the touchpad (PlayStation 4).

Types of ATMs


Grand Theft Auto IV


Grand Theft Auto V

Downtown Los Santos
Vespucci Canals
Little Seoul
Del Perro
Rockford Hills
Mirror Park
South Los Santos
Richman Glen
Tataviam Mountains
Great Chaparral
Paleto Bay
Sandy Shores
Grand Senora Desert
Davis Quartz


Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Occasionally, if the player kills a pedestrian who just used an ATM, massive amounts of money will spawn repeatedly on the ground. This will happen even with cops, who normally only drop their pistol.