A European gang plans to hit a bank in Vice City. My employers would rather this didn't happen.
Mr. Black.

Autocide is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Mr. Black from a public payphone outside the Washington Mall in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Tommy receives a phone call at a public payphone outside the Washington Mall and receives instructions from Mr. Black to kill members of a European gang, currently undercover in the city, before they rob a bank. Tommy first locates and kills Mike Griffin, who is working as a builder on a billboard outside the Washington Mall. Next, Tommy then locates and kills Dick Tanner, who is working as a security guard for DBP Security. Tommy then locates and kills Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter, who are working as carpenters and are located in a Bobcat close to the jewelry store in Vice Point. Tommy then locates and kills Nick Kong, who is posing as a tourist on a boat close to Avery Carrington's construction site. Finally, Tommy locates and kills the last member of the gang, Charlie Dilson, who is riding his PCJ-600 around Ocean Drive, and the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • A selection of weapons has been left for you nearby if you require them. You have 9 MINUTES to kill all members of the gang.
    • Mike Griffin is working on a advertising board in Washington.
    • Dick Tanner is working for DBP Security in Ocean Drive.
  • He's seen you! Waste him!
    • Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter are located near the Jewelry shop in Vice Point.
  • They have seen you! Make sure you waste them both!
    • Nick Kong is cruising off Washington Beach.
    • Charlie Dilson is riding in Washington.
  • He's seen you! Waste him!


All of the following characters were killed on Mr. Black's orders and for planning to rob a bank.



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  • The Silver PCJ-600.

    A unique silver PCJ-600 can be obtained by the player after the mission starts, located next to a hedge of a house's garden, near Mike Griffin's location. The player can use it for transport.
    • A cobalt blue PCJ-600 can also be obtained by killing Charlie Dilson.
  • The European gangsters in this mission have names referencing characters from rival sandbox games:
  • The Bobcat that Marcus Hammond is driving is a unique jet black and pink-red color.


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