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For an overview on the repair shops featured in GTA series, see Spray Shop.

Auto Shops are purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the Los Santos Tuners update.


Auto Shops are vehicle repair and customization shops. They may be personalized with several additions, similar to most functional properties.

Players can choose from five auto shops available from Maze Bank Foreclosures, after they meet Mimi at the LS Car Meet. Shops can be purchased without prior membership of the LS Car Meet, and membership is available as an option in the purchase of the shop.

Visit to purchase an Auto Shop. This gives you access to new jobs offered by KDJ and Sessanta.
Yo it's K. Moodymann. Remember, if you serious about goin' into business with me and Sess, get yourself an auto shop.
— KDJ's text


Whaddup though! Lil' birdie told me you got a mod shop. We in business, fool. Come on through.
— KDJ's call
Visit your Auto Shop Blips-GTAO-779-AutoShopProperty to set up the property and begin the new jobs for KDJ and Sessanta.
Your Auto Shop also acts as a legitimate business front that allows you to modify customer cars to their specification and deliver it to them to earn additional cash.
'Ey you ready to use that mod shop? Let's talk, motherfucker.
— KDJ's text

Upon entry, the Online protagonist takes a quick look around the shop floor, finding an abandoned open-end wrench on the floor and twirling it, heads up the stairs to the mezzanine. Kenny Dixon Jr. and Sessanta then enter, pleased with the space but not seeing their new business partner, begin flirting heavily until the amused player announces their presence by ringing the wrench on the steel stair railing.

Heading upstairs and recalling meeting the player at the LS Car Meet, Sessanta express doubt that their new partner looks much like a driver. Kenny explains how he watched Sessanta do impressive engine work on a V6 and an inline 8, and also trusts her first impression with people: the player will need to impress the pair and they just so happen to have the perfect job. The player is required to complete the setup mission Setup: Impounded Car, which involves retrieving Sessanta's Tailgater S, that she was driving at the meet, from the police and bring it back to the shop. Players must be registered as a VIP, Organization CEO or MC Club President to activate the setup job, although a Public Free Mode Lobby is not required. If the player is the driver they claim to be it should be easy, but if not, the two will just take their business elsewhere.

Once the car is secured and delivered, after another cutscene, the player needs to examine the Contracts Job Board (but does not need to immediately undertake a Contract) before the property becomes fully functional, with access to all features and customizations bought by the player upon purchasing the property.

Shop Floor[]

The main work area where customer cars are delivered over time, which are placed in a hydraulic lift near the entrance (plus a second one if the player bought it). Under the stairs, there is some comfortable seating with a small table that the player can interact with to replenish their snacks from a bowl, as well as a free Race and Chase arcade game further along the wall if the player logged in during the week Los Santos Tuners came out, which can be changed through the property management on the Interaction Menu. There is an inaccessible spray paint booth on the right where Sessanta's car is stored (though it can be occupied by either Lil' Dee's Remus after completing the planning work Inside Man for The Prison Contract, or a Barrage after completing the planning work Safehouse Location for The Data Contract.


A small workshop area with no interactivity. Various tools and toolboxes are seen along with vehicle parts. Houses the optional second customer vehicle lift if it is purchased.


This garage space can be used for storing Personal Vehicles after completing the Auto Shop setup.

A 10-car garage is provided for storage of the player's Personal Vehicles to the left of the work area, with the option for customization in a personal shop with a reduced price for all items, as well as free classic paintjobs and Crew emblems/colors. As usual, a Vehicle Management Corona provides access to a keypad which can be used for rearranging personal vehicle parking spaces.


Upstairs there is a recreational area where the players can sit or buy cans from the vending machine near the stairs. Further along the left side there is a green juice available on top of a tool cabinet. There are two small rooms to the right of the stairs; the owner's personal quarters (if purchased - a storeroom otherwise) and a small office where one can use a laptop or the security cameras showing multiple views of the inside and outside entrance to the building. After completing their first contract, the Exotic Exports blackboard will be unlocked and appear on the wall between the two rooms. There is also a playable QUB3D arcade machine.

In the corner of the mezzanine, there is a Blips-GTAO-783-CarRobberyBoard Job Board for Contracts, which displays the type of job and the potential rewards.

Daily Fees[]

Owning an auto shop will incur a standard daily fee of $250.


Interaction Menu[]

Legitimate repair business[]

Main article: Auto Shop Service

Players will occasionally be tasked with repairing and modifying customer cars to their requested specification. Players can then choose to deliver the modified car back to the customer themselves, or send shop staff to do the delivery for them to earn reduced rewards.

Optionally, the player may choose to purchase the customer car for themselves, with any customization options added by the player included. The purchase price for these customer cars were originally purely the stock retail price of the vehicle, making the customizations essentially free. However, with the 1.59 update to Grand Theft Auto Online, the customization charges are now included in the purchase price.

Mod Shop[]

Players can modify their own vehicles in their Auto Shop. Crew Emblems, Classic and Crew paint is free, and other modifications have a 5% discount. All locked modifications are unlocked for the shop owner in their own Auto Shop, but still need to be unlocked to be applied at other modification garages.

They can drive and modify their vehicle only if their garage is not full, otherwise they will need to replace a car in their garage or drive into another player's auto shop.

All player-owned Auto Shops can be accessed by other players, although players can restrict access via the interaction menu. Players can repair and customize their vehicles in another players Auto Shop but don't get the discounted rates. Members of the shop owner's Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs, or their friends and crew members get their damage repairs for free.


Main article: Contracts

Contracts are a series of illegal jobs consisting of two preparations and the main job, which are executed in a similar manner to heists. These jobs consist of freemode preparations and the finale, which can only be played with either any of the vehicles featured from the update, or Sessanta's Tailgater S. Crew members can choose a custom Tailgater S for their own use as well, in case they do not own a vehicle from the same update.

Exotic Exports[]

An import/export board will be available after the player completes their first contract, where ten vehicles are listed to be stolen and delivered to the port for monetary rewards. These cars are marked with a blue dot icon on the map, located in random areas.

Auto Shops[]



Auto Shops
Auto Shop Location Image In-game description Price
Mission Row
We recommend investing in personal quarters to avoid the commute through your "characterful" neighborhood. Law abiding business owners will be pleased to know the police station is within screaming distance. You are law abiding, right? $1,670,000
"Charming, for Strawberry", "seared into my memory", "I'm physically stunned" are just some of the phrases that appeared on the Flint Autos property evaluation. $1,705,000
It's not central, it's not safe, and it's not sanitary. But it's the closest mod shop to the LSCM in all of San Andreas. If you're looking to set up shop next to your target demographic, this right here is your stop. $1,750,000
With good connections to the main roads nearby, this little auto shop packs a lot of potential. It also just happens to be in one of the state's trendiest commercial centers, not that you will have any views of the outside world. Trust us, it's better that way. $1,830,000
La Mesa
This property boasts immediate access to the highway, which is ideal for desperate drivers with damaged cars who seek shelter from the chaos of La Mesa, or desperate drivers with damaged cars who are responsible for the chaos in La Mesa. $1,920,000


Please note: your chosen [style/tint] will be installed after you complete the Auto Shop setup.
Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Style 9 interior styles $250,000 - $450,000
Concrete Chic
Nostalgia Trip
Route 68
Super Chibi
Race and Chase
Tint 9 tint colors $187,500
Emblem How can anyone condense their personality into one small representational image? Well, does your entire personality consist of custom cars? Then take your pick! $25,000-$104,500
Crew Emblem* (crew members only) $???
Hot Rod*
These days it's all about brand recognition, and the underground scene is no exception. Having your crew's name etched onto the stairs in tasteful luminous letters should do the trick. N/A $50,000 (if "Crew Emblem" is chosen)
Staff Running an auto shop is busy work, and the time will come when you're too caught up in contracts to get your hands literally dirty. Hire a member of staff or two to carry out deliveries, saving you time for the real business. $385,000 each
Staff Member 1 (male)
Staff Member 2 (female)
Extras Personal Quarters Add personal quarters, with a wardrobe, gun locker and a comfortable spot to lie down and relax to the soothing sounds of auto repairs. $340,000
Car Lift A second car lift will allow you to repair two cars at once, ready for delivery. Double the work, double the pay. $650,000
Membership (if not bought in the LS Car Meet) You might think you know cars, but are you a member of the Los Santos Car Meet? If the answer is anything other than a firm "yes" then consider your expert status "pending"... $50,000

* Set by default on the initial purchase. Only charges when switching back during the renovation.


  • Sessanta - Chief mechanic
  • Unnamed Auto Shop Staff - Optional - up to 2.


Indoor Decorations[]

Main article: /Indoor Decorations

Bugs & Glitches[]

  • After The Chop Shop update, when a vehicle in the Salvage Yard has been completely salvaged and sold, a customer car sitting in the player's Auto Shop may disappear. This results in a higher frequency of texts from Sessanta informing the player of a new customer car arriving, as the cars continuously arrive and disappear.
    • If this bug occurs, the previous car's customization requests may linger for the car that replaces it. This may result in the customer order being essentially softlocked if the replacement vehicle does not have the option or category from the previous car available (i.e. a Hermes customer car requesting a Roof modification from the previous customer car when no such option exists).[1]
    • There is also a bug when after buying the Salvage Yard and then going to the Auto Shop, it turns into "setup-state" and the player should play Impounded Car Setup again in order to finish construction.



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