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Auto Eroticar is an automobile dealership located in Alderney City, located at the intersection of Lockowski Avenue and Keneckie Avenue in Grand Theft Auto IV. Based on the events of the mission Payback, it appears to be owned by the Pavano Family.


The game's nicer vehicles often spawn here. This is an interesting choice for those who want to earn the "Chain Reaction" achievement for destroying ten cars. Its name is also similar to "auto erotica", which means self-pornography and masturbation. The company's slogan, "Do you LOVE yourself enough?", also alludes to this. The company's logo also resembles a penis.

Judging by the multiple posters and signs on the walls, they sell vehicles like the Karin Dilettante, the Bravado Buffalo (that only appers in TBOGT, not in GTA IV) or the Benefactor Schafer, and work with several automobile brands: Vapid, Mammoth, Pegassi, Maibatsu, Invetero, Dewbauchee and Vulcar.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

After the Pavano's attempt to kill him, Jimmy Pegorino has Niko Bellic follow a Pavano vehicle from a diner in Alderney. Pegorino believes they are going to meet with other members of the Pavano family about their Alderney bookmaking operation. Niko follows the Pavanos to Auto Eroticar where he wipes out all of the assembled Pavano goons.


The business have an interactive website in GTA IV. The website is available through the homepage website, under "Autos".

The website features a list of used automobiles, mostly luxury and exotic, with either prices or phone numbers underneath their pictures. However, none of these cars can actually be purchased by the player, and only one of the two phone number vehicles (the pink Feltzer) can actually be called, but not until a certain mission. Contrary to many people's beliefs, Brucie Kibbutz is not affiliated with the AutoEroticar website, although he does have an advert there for his website.

According to the website:

AutoEroticar was set up in 2007 to cater to a very special market; people who are smart enough to realize the important connection between sexual drive and the car you drive.

The theme of vanity is continued with a list of personal qualities of an AutoEroticar customer:

  • "You shave with the Excelsior Extreme 9 razor".
  • "You consume only the most heart-palpitating energy drinks".
  • "You don't trust anything that wasn't created today for the world of tomorrow because you're always in the driving seat".
  • "Everything you do says 'sleep with me' and you know your car should be no different".
  • "We know that when your hand's on that stick, anything could happen - let's make it happen together".

Car profiles

The website has a total of seven cars for sale (although these cannot actually be bought by the player). They are as follows:

4 Doors, Manual, 26,000 miles, Metallic Turquise,
12 months parts and labor warranty. Insurance.
0% Deposit finance available. Ask Derek for full quotation.
Licensed credit broker. Written details available.
CALL - 265-555-2423
2 Doors, Manual 5 Speed, Petrol, 26,000 miles, Rosso Red,
Adjustable seats, Alloy wheels, CD Player, Central locking,
Electric windows, Cream leather, Rear spoiler and ABS.
- $130,995
Air conditioning, Alarm, Body colored bumpers, Driver's airbag,
Electric door mirrors, 1 previous owner, CD/cassette, mint condition,
All inquiries / viewing must be between 8am and 9pm.
CALL - 662-555-0147662-555-0147
Taken by Stevie
  • 2001 Banshee 300ci V8 Twin Turbo GT
Adjustable seats, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels,
CD player, Central locking, Electric mirrors, Electric windows,
Full Service history, Leather upholstery, Immobilizer.
CALL - 265-555-2423
Stunning black metallic, alloys, front driving lamps,
Full electrics, CD player, Central locking,
Exceptional condition throughout.
- $42,999
Automatic, 37,000 miles, Metallic Silver,
Air-Conditioning, ABS, Alloy wheels, Cruise control,
Full service history, Leather seats.
CALL - 265-555-2423
Automatic, Diesel, 8,000 miles, Metallic Silver,
Leather seats, ABS, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels,
CD multichanger, Cruise Control, Heated seats,
Multi function steering wheel, Navigation system,
Park distance control.
- $62,995

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

An Auto Eroticar membership card found in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Although Alderney is not present in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Auto Eroticar is mentioned on a mission. The Midtown Gangsters killed in the mission By Myriads of Swords carry what appear to be membership or business cards for Auto Eroticar.


  • The name of the website and the company it represents come from autoerotica, meaning to get sexual pleasure from one's self i.e. masturbation. In keeping with this trend, the website uses many sexual innuendos and appears to appeal to the extremely vain of the car buying public.
  • The car on the top-right side of the webpage resembles a penis.
  • Money sometimes spawns on the car lot as well as inside the showroom, and the player receives no penalty for collecting it.
  • On the Auto Eroticar website, super cars and sports cars are posted for sale, including the Turismo, the Coquette, the Banshee and Gracie Ancelotti's Feltzer, but none of these are ever physically at the lot. The mentioned cars can spawn at the dealership, but not with the paintjobs seen on the website.
  • If you park a vehicle in the dealership and get back in it, you will receive a one-star wanted level.
  • Similarly, if the player has a wanted level of four stars or higher, it shall be reduced to three stars by taking a car from the lot. This is particularly useful if the player needs to switch vehicles during a getaway.
  • If the player breaks the window on every car in the lot, they will receive a one-star wanted level, which will disappear after entering a car.
  • The radio tuned inside the dealership is The Journey in GTA IV and Self-Actualization FM in Episodes from Liberty City.
  • The flyers and business hours schedules are incorrectly placed on the doors; they are on the inside of the business rather than the outside.