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Compete to steal and deliver the most high-end vehicles within the time limit.
Challenge description.

Auto Buyout is a CEO/VIP Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.


Auto Buyout consists of Associates competing to deliver the most high-end vehicles within the time limit.

The Associates need to find any vehicles on the streets and deliver them to the various drop-off points scattered across the map. The vehicles in question all have varying amounts of value, and this value decreases if the vehicle is damaged during its delivery. After some time, the player will get a Wanted Level for stealing the vehicles. This will not prevent the player from delivering vehicles though, but the vehicle may get damaged during the process, lowering its value.

The player who earns the most money from delivering the vehicles wins the Challenge.

Instructional Messages

The Auto Buyout Challenge has started. Compete against your Organization to earn the most money from delivering vehicles to earn cash and RP.
The value of each vehicle you deliver will be added to your total upon delivery to one of the drop-off locations. After entering a suitable vehicle a GPS route will guide you to the closest drop-off.
The value of the vehicles you deliver is adjusted for damage. Deliver vehicles in the best condition possible.