Australia is a country in the southern and eastern hemispheres and is a neighbor to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Indonesia. It is a member of the Commonwealth with New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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The country's OFLC rates video games in Australia, including the Grand Theft Auto series.

Australia within the Grand Theft Auto games

3D Universe

In the 3D Universe, references are made to a war between the United States and Australia. It is first referenced in Grand Theft Auto III when a caller in Chatterbox FM, Colonel James P., talks about his experience in the Australian-American War, which Lazlow claims did not happen. References appear in later GTA games, usually in Ammu-Nation commercials and radio advertisements. It can be presumed that Australia lost the war because the San Andreas Ammu-Nation radio promotions mention weapons "from when we whooped Australia's ass." Also in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a WCTR news report says that the government blames the earthquake, that was said to be the reason for the closure of the bridges connecting Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, were caused by Australians, which scientists claim is not true.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories a brand of toilet paper known as Koala is advertised on the radio and also mentions that it "sends Australia a message".

HD Universe

The HD Universe continues the references to the Australian-American War. A commercial for Babies Overnight adoption service mentions " Australian baby, which loves to play war but always loses." On the website "" If the war was really still going on in GTA IV, then that would mean (because of it being first referenced in 1992, the setting of GTA San Andreas), that it has or did go on for at least 16 years, being far longer than World War 1 or World War 2. However, the 3D Universe is not canon with the HD Universe. During Conspire on the Lost and Damned WKTT Radio, a woman mentions she has been around the world except for Australia because it's "fucked".

Many Cheval vehicles are based on an Australian car manufacturer, Holden.

Air Emu, one of the airlines in operation at Los Santos International Airport, is based on the Australian flag carrier airline, Qantas.




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