"Insurance company primarily focused on automobile coverage, known for its incredibly active billing department and incredibly inactive claims department."
― Description at LCN.com.

Augury Insurance is an insurance company in Grand Theft Auto V.


It has its own office in Los Santos, located on Dorset Drive, Rockford Hills. The building is based on the Flynt Publications Building in Los Angeles. Players can buy the company's stock on the website Lcn-exchange.com. Strangely, the online protagonist uses Mors Mutual Insurance even though Augury covers automobile insurance.


Upon completion of The Third Way, with the theft of four tons of gold bullion wreaking havoc on financial markets, the value of Augury stock will rise by an approximate 101.49%. Having all three characters load up on this stock before starting the mission can result in huge profits.


It is based on Mercury Insurance, an automobile and insurance company headquartered in Los Angeles.


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