The Asukamobile is a 2-door sports car in Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Grand Theft Auto Advance

The Asukamobile is a two door sports car, being a variant of the pre-existing Yakuza Stinger, which itself is based on the regular Stinger. The Asukamobile has a unique metallic blue color, however, if the player gets the car to Pay 'n' Spray, it will lose it's unique color.


Grand Theft Auto Advance

The Asukamobile handles much better than the normal Yakuza Stinger. It is also the second fastest vehicle in the game along with the FBI Car.


Grand Theft Auto Advance

In Grand Theft Auto Advance the player can receive Asukamobile in the mission Down The River, where it belongs to Asuka Kasen. To get the car, the player needs to complete the mission with at least 19 Mafia thugs. It also should be noted that it is impossible to store the vehicle until the end of the game, since the player cannot use garages to store vehicles.


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