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I used to be lost. Now I'm the most powerful person in existence. Last night I went to forty seven thousand places, at the same time.
Marnie Allen

Assuming the Truth is a Stranger mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program. It is the third mission in the Truth mission series. The location is Grapeseed.


All 5 Assuming the Truth car locations.

When Michael arrives, he sees Marnie who tells him that his name is actually Zolag. She goes on telling him about the things she has done, she then goes on to speak about how some actors and musicians are members of the Epsilon Program. She then tells him that the "spirits" will contact him with details. The mission ends once Michael leaves the area.

Michael will then receive an email with a list of five cars he needs to deliver to a house on Hillcrest Ridge Access Road in Vinewood Hills:

When all the vehicles are delivered, Marnie will email again to acknowledge this. Soon a new Epsilon symbol will appear on the map, allowing Michael to proceed to the next mission.


Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Epsilon Program 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough



  • Michael will always say a sarcastic phrase related to the Epsilon Program after delivering one of the vehicles in the garage:
    • "Enjoy that ride in the tenth paradigm."
    • "Oh Brother-Brother."
    • "Kifflom, baby."
    • "Zolag, don't be an antithesis."
    • "Kifflom, Zolag. Good boy."
    • "Well done, Zolag. Well done. This is the work of a truth thesis"
    • "46 places at once, and I'm still stuck on the Olympic Freeway. Kifflom"
  • Although the player can get the cars in the specified locations, they can also deliver one that has been procured through other means (such as purchasing the vehicles in Vehicle Websites, by random spawning, or, in the case of the Vacca, obtaining it in the missions it spawns in).
    • It is also recommended if four of the vehicles have been obtained and stored inside Michael's Vinewood Hills garage before this mission in order to save driving time.
  • There is a rare glitch on the Xbox One version where the Surano will always spawn, but the mission will not trigger when Michael gets in it and the vehicle is unable to be delivered to the garage.
    • Due to the fact that there is no known fix to this bug, this mission can't be completed and the other Epsilon Program missions will be unplayable.