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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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I'll do anything as long as it's legal...ish.
— The Assistant to the player.

The Executive Assistant is a supporting character (male or female, player's choice) introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.


Acting as the protagonist's personal assistant in running their organization, The Assistant offers objectives and feedback during the buying and selling of crates, as well as offering services through the phone or through the Organization office menu, such as snacks, luxury helicopter services, delivering a personal vehicle straight from the impound, or even facilitating Pegasus services.

As of the GTA Online: Import/Export update, the assistant takes a more prominent role, where they brief the player upon the first purchase of a vehicle warehouse and usually guide the player in every Special Vehicle Work mission (being usually from SecuroServ clients).

Background and Personality

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Appropriate for their role in the game, the player's assistant does what they can to be helpful to, and patient with, the player. Whenever one enters their office, or walks towards their assistant from a different part of the room, they will almost always greet the player, occasionally complimenting their current outfit or them in general, as well as greeting them with a wave. The assistant will also usually compliment the player contextually when scrolling through the menus that can be accessed by talking to them, such as when choosing a personal vehicle or stocking up on snacks.

When out of their assistant's view, such as at the computer in the back, one can often overhear their assistant talking on the phone, either to other companies (in which case they're usually threatening whoever's on the other end to make good on a deal on time), or telling someone personal about their job.

Under most circumstances, the player's personal assistant is heavily loyal to them. In addition to consistently greeting and complimenting them around the office, they will call and congratulate the player upon successfully stealing and delivering special and vehicular cargo, as well as apologize consolingly to the player when they fail at either. The only time the player's assistant becomes truly agitated with them is whenever they walk behind their desk and bump into them in their office, which often causes them to comment on the action with irritation or discomfort.

The personalities for both genders of assistant differ slightly. While the male assistant is more casual and friendly in dialogue towards the player, and seems to be more social in life outside their job (often mentioning yoga when on the phone), the female assistant is generally more straightforward and professional in behavior and speech. The male assistant almost always speaks formally and regards the CEO as a "Boss" at all times, and also seems to think highly of the CEO, including mentioning that they are an inspiration more than a Boss to them. The female assistant will also refer to the protagonist as "Boss", as well as occasionally "the General."

These differences are all cosmetic however, as they both perform identical functions.


  • Former stock trader
  • The male Assistant likely has a Spanish background, as he will sometimes comment "Dios!" and "Loco!" if the Office is attacked by an enemy player or vehicle from outside.
  • Claims to have moved to Los Santos to benefit his resume and start a potential career.


  • If players bump into the assistant, they will express an angry response.
  • Seems to put his job first, claims to have circumvented a funeral due to his work.
  • Very apologetic.



  • If the player gets too close physically while she is at her desk, she will react negatively, implying the player was attempting to engage in sexual harassment.
  • Ambitious: frequently asks the protagonist about receiving shares in the company.


Both the male and female executive assistants have the same number of quote variations for each interaction and request. They also have a variety of dialogue that can be heard while in the office, including talking to other people over the phone, or talking to a Bodyguard or Associate if they are nearby.

When the Office is attacked from outside, the Assistant may comment on it, often showing fear. They will also show shock when the player bumps into them.


Phone services

Service GTA Online Description In-Game Effect Cost
Recover vehicle from Impound Tell the Executive Assistant to retrieve your vehicle from impound. Will bring impounded Personal Vehicle directly to you. The vehicle will also be fully repaired. $1000
Request Luxury Helicopter Tell the Executive Assistant to send a Helicopter to your location. A private helicopter will pick you up, allowing you to quick travel to your Office or Warehouse of choice. $5000

Office services

Service GTA Online Description In-Game Effect Cost
Pegasus Concierge Request a Pegasus vehicle to exit the office with. Automatically spawns player inside selected Pegasus vehicle outside the office $200 - $4,000
Personal Vehicle Selects a Personal Vehicle to exit the office with. Automatically spawns the player with their Personal Vehicle outside the office. Free
Snacks Allows the player to refill their snack inventory at no cost Free
Buzzer Brings any character buzzing the player's office inside. Free

Note: All Assistant services are unlocked at level 1.


The Assistant's attire and hair style will change depending on the office decor. When changed, the assistant will compliment the office decor and comment on their new attire.