Assets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are properties that can generate income for the player. There are three properties that the player can purchase and six properties which you acquire assets for during or upon completion of specific missions. After acquisition of the property, the asset will generate an income until reaching the maximum in a day.

List of Assets

These assets are available to purchase or acquire in the game.

Property Price($) Available Acquisition Profit
The Johnson House -N/A- Doberman, Home Coming Completing the mission Doberman, yet becomes inaccessible after The Green Sabre until the completion of Home Coming $10,000*
Zero RC $30,000 Wear Flowers In Your Hair Completing the mission New Model Army $5,000
Wang Cars $50,000 Driving School and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom Completing the mission Puncture Wounds $8,000
Verdant Meadows Airstrip $80,000 Verdant Meadows Completing the mission Green Goo $10,000
RS Haul -N/A- Tanker Commander Completing all Trucking missions $2,000
Vank Hoff Hotel -N/A- 555 We Tip Completing the mission 555 We Tip and completing all Valet Missions $2,000
Hunter Quarry -N/A- Explosive Situation Completing all Quarry missions $2,000
Roboi's Food Mart -N/A- Completing all Los Santos courier mission $2,000
Hippy Shopper


Completing all San Fierro courier mission $2,000
Burger Shot -N/A- Completing all Las Venturas courier mission $2,000
*The Johnson House's profit depends on the number of hoods taken over by the Grove Street Families. The maximum profit is $10,000 (unless the player uses the territory glitch).

Asset Missions

These are the missions that are unlocked once the corresponding property is bought. All missions must be completed in order for each property to produce income for pickup.

Wang Cars

  1. Zeroing In - Pinpoint a target vehicle using a satellite cellphone tracker made by Zero.
  2. Test Drive - Steal two cars from a dealership and have a joyride around San Fierro.
  3. Customs Fast Track - Steal a car down at the docks.
  4. Puncture Wounds - Hijack a car by laying spike strips in front of it.

Zero RC Shop

  1. Air Raid - Shoot down miniature planes from Zero's roof.
  2. Supply Lines... - Berkley's trucks get attacked by a miniature plane, with guns.
  3. New Model Army - The final battle between Zero and Berkley.

Verdant Meadows Airstrip

  1. Learning to Fly - Pass the nine tests at Flight School and gain access to all airports.
  2. N.O.E. - Fly under the Radar to Angel Pine and back to drop supplies.
  3. Stowaway - Destroy a plane... in flight.
  4. Black Project - Infiltrate Area 69 to steal the secret "Black Project."
  5. Green Goo - Rob a train to steal some alien looking stuff for The Truth.

The three missions for Zero RC Shop, while necessary for 100% completion of the game, are not necessary for completion of the game storyline.

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