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A SecuroServ client's supply chain has been seized by police. Smash through the red tape and take back their product using a modified Big Rig.
— Brief.

Asset Seizure is a Special Vehicle Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Import/Export update.


The crew is instructed to go to the La Puerta Salvage Yard and collect a SecuroServ modified Phantom Wedge. The assistant explains that some SecuroServ clients were victims of having their supply chain seized by corrupt LSPD officers after refusing to pay kickbacks, and they are contracted to seize them back. All players are provided with duffel bags.

The first drug bust location is on Elysian Island, where the assistant warns the crew of a large law enforcement presence in the area. The road leading to the drug bust is guarded by two roadblocks, composed by Interceptors, Sheriff SUVs, and a Police Riot. The truck driver must breach these roadblocks while the other occupants provide defense with their weapons. There are two trolleys, each one with enough packages to fill a single duffel bag, so two players must take care of them while the other two provide defense from oncoming law enforcement units.

Once the packages are collected, the crew gets back in the truck and move to the Auto Exotic garage located in East Los Santos, again while having to breach through roadblocks and more police cars. Players have to be careful, as the area is surrounded by another roadblock and more police units coming from the streets, including a Police Maverick spawning airborne. One player has to take care of the trolley with the packages while the other three provide protection.

After securing the packages, the crew gets back in the truck again and moves to the Senora Freeway, where another drug shipment has been intercepted and is guarded by the police. Again, they have to take care of more police cars and roadblocks to get to the destination and repeat the same process of taking all the drugs from a single trolley while the others fight against oncoming police units, as well as two Police Mavericks.

After securing all of the product, the crew gets in the truck and moves to the McKenzie Field Hangar. When approaching the drop off, police will no longer pursue the team, so they are safe to retrieve the drugs and complete the mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Phantom Wedge.
  • Get in the Phantom Wedge.
  • Wait for your team to get in the Phantom Wedge.
First Location
  • Go to Elysian Island.
  • Smash your way into the drug bust.
  • Grab the drugs from a trolley.
  • Protect your team while they grab the drugs.
Second Location
  • Go to the Auto Exotic Garage.
  • Grab the drugs from the trolley.
  • Protect your team while they grab the drugs.
Third Location
  • Go to the Senora Freeway.
  • Grab the drugs from the trolley.
  • Protect your team while they grab the drugs.
  • Deliver the drugs to the McKenzie Airfield.

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Import Export - Special Vehicle Work 4 - Phantom Wedge (Asset Seizure)


  • The text message received after failing the mission will misspell "LSPD" as "LCPD".