For the weapon that is called "Assault Rifle" in the HD Universe, see AK-47.
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Assault Rifles are a class of automatic two-handed weapons characterized by their large profile and usually intended for medium or long ranges.

Assault Rifles are usually favored due to their accuracy, firepower and large magazines that allow them to take multiple enemies at one (usually 30 rounds). However, due to the recoil produced by constant firing, they will miss the targets, especially at long ranges. Also, while their profiles will make them unsuitable for drive-bys in most land-based vehicles or at close ranges, these weapons can be used freely while on helicopters or boats (as both will have no restrictions in terms of space). As a result of these facts, the assault rifle is widely considered the primary option for any character in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Although Assault Rifles are capable of select-fire to either semi-automatic or fully-automatic, they are restricted to the latter, as this mechanic does not exist.

List of weapons

Image Name Description First Appearance
Assault Rifle The Assault Rifle, better known as the AK-47, is the basic rifle featured in the series, serving as an upgrade over handguns and submachine guns. Grand Theft Auto III
Assault Rifle Mk II The Assault Rifle Mk II is an upgraded version of the Assault Rifle, being a bit more powerful. Grand Theft Auto Online (Gunrunning)
Ruger The Ruger is a standard rifle that appears as a replacement of the AK-47 from other games, having a lower damage and fire rate, but remains fairly useful for long ranges. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Bullpup Rifle The Bullpup Rifle is a rifle that has lower accuracy and decent damage, but compensates for its higher fire rate. Grand Theft Auto V (High Life Update)
Bullpup Rifle Mk II The Bullpup Rifle Mk II is an upgraded version of the Bullpup Rifle, being a bit more powerful. Grand Theft Auto Online (The Doomsday Heist)
Compact Rifle The Compact Rifle is a small rifle with good damage and can be used while on motorcycles, but has high recoil and low fire rate. Grand Theft Auto Online (Lowriders: Custom Classics)
Carbine Rifle The Carbine Rifle, known as the M16 and M4, is a weapon that is usually more advanced than the AK-47 and is widely used by law enforcement agencies and the Military. It is normally considered as a step-up over the AK-47 in terms of damage and range. Grand Theft Auto III
Carbine Rifle Mk II The Carbine Rifle Mk II is an upgraded version of the Carbine Rifle, being a bit more powerful. Grand Theft Auto Online (Gunrunning)
Advanced Rifle The Advanced Rifle is a weapon that has lower accuracy and effective range, but makes up for its high damage and fire rate. Its compact size also allows for easy usage. Grand Theft Auto V
Special Carbine The Special Carbine is a weapon that offers good damage and accuracy, although its effectiveness at longer ranges is limited. Grand Theft Auto V (Business Update)
Special Carbine Mk II The Special Carbine Mk II is an upgraded version of the Special Carbine, being a bit more powerful. Grand Theft Auto Online (The Doomsday Heist)


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