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Mike: "King, I'm not here to listen to any of your lies. I know you've sent men to kill me. Now the tables are turned and you're going out in a body bag."
King Courtney: "You think me craven, mon? No matter. I'm going to ease your stress for good!"
Mike and King Courtney's final showdown

Assault Joint is the penultimate mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, and the final mission given to protagonist Mike from Asuka Kasen.


Mike is looking for King Courtney, and according to Asuka, he is in a warehouse in Cedar Grove. Mike drives to the warehouse an confronts King Courtney, who launches an assault on Mike. Mike wins the gunfight and has a quick talk with King Courtney, but he launches more assaults on Mike. Although King Courtney launched several assaults on him, Mike remained the winner of every gunfight. After taking down all of his men, King Courtney admits defeat and Mike can now get out of Liberty City with money and never look back. The mission is passed and the next one starts immediately.


At a parking lot in Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale.
Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, it's good to see you. You've made quite a few enemies since last we met and there's one in particular I'd like to help you with. King Courtney is pushing his gang into my area and I want him eliminated. I'm prepared to assist you.
Mike: I need to know where King Courtney is hiding out and how many men he has.
Asuka Kasen: He's in a walled compound northwest of here off the highway. A frontal assault would be suicide but my sources say there may be another way in. I'll send a few men to assist you in the assault.
Mike: You're not doing this because you love me, are you?
Asuka Kasen: My dear Mike-san, what happens between the sheets and in the real world are two different matters. In both cases, you are a means to an end. Goodbye, Mike-san.
Mike: Life's been no bed of roses for me but I thought we had something special. I was just a fool though... This really is goodbye. Sayonara, Asuka.
Asuka leaves and the Mafia ambushes Mike.
Mike: Damn, the Mafia finally caught up to me! Looks like Asuka got out of here just in time... I'll take care of these guys and then deal with King Courtney.
Mike kills everyone in the ambush
Mike: Damn, that ambush seemed to be too much of a coincidence for Asuka to not know about it. I better not turn my back on her men if they show up.
Outside King Courtney's Warehouse
Yakuza member: Asuka sent us to help you out, Mike-san. We'll give you a few seconds to get into position and then we'll attack from the front entrance.
Mike: Sounds like suicide to me but I welcome the company if we're all going to hell. Good luck.
Mike confronts King Courtney
King Courtney: Hey mon! You're doing me a great injustice. You come blazing in here without any reason.
Mike: King, I'm not here to listen to any of your lies. I know you've sent men to kill me. Now the tables are turned and you're going out in a body bag.
King Courtney: You think me craven, mon? No matter. I'm going to ease your stress for good!
After killing the first wave of Yardies.
King Courtney: I'm sending you to the other side, mon.
Mike: We'll see about that, King. Time to bring out the big guns.
After killing the second wave of Yardies.
King Courtney: Tribulation! You're a nasty one! Stay still and let me shoot you!
Mike: Keep your thugs coming, King. They're no match for me.
After killing the last wave of Yardies.
King Courtney: It's time, mon. Prepare to meet your maker.
Mike: I'm putting you down for good.
Mike defeats King Courtney.
King Courtney: Stay, Mike, stay! I'm all stressed out and there's no fight left in me. You're the victor, mon.
Mike: Damn, it's finally over. I can get out of this city with the money I have left and never look back. There's nothing but bitter memories here.



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