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The Liberty Memorial Coliseum in Grand Theft Auto III.

Aspatria is a district in Staunton Island, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is bordered by Rockford and Liberty Campus to the east, Belleville Park to the south, and an unknown body of water to the north and west.


Aspatria is the northwestern most district in Staunton Island, being a coastal district with a scenic shoreside path along its western and northern edges. The incorporates a mixture of conventional commercial and residential buildings, as well as recreational locales, such as the aforementioned shoreside parkway and, most prominently, a stadium, Liberty Memorial Coliseum, home to the Liberty City Cocks and the Liberty City Beavers. The commercial and residential buildings, as well as the Coliseum's carpark, are situated to the south, while the stadium occupies much of the district towards the north.

Places of Interest

Aside Liberty Memorial Coliseum and the coastal path, Aspatria does not boast any other prominent landmarks. Another attraction besides the stadium, is a waterfront park along its coastline, similar to Riverside Park in Manhattan.

Aspatria also houses a compound which was owned by the Yakuza in GTA Liberty City Stories and the Colombian Cartel in GTA III. In 1998, Toni Cipriani enters the compound in order to steal a Rhino. Aspatria is taken over by the Colombian Cartel in 2000, with their leader, Cisco having a mansion here. In 2001, Claude enters the compound to rescue the Oriental Gentleman from the Cartel. In both cases, the player must obtain a car associated with the relevant gang in order to enter the compound for the mission (Yakuza Stinger and Cartel Cruiser respectively). The compound can be entered outside of the two missions, but interestingly a Cartel Cruiser is required to enter the compound in GTA Liberty City Stories, despite the fact that it is controlled by the Yakuza at that time.