Asahara Road is a street located in Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV. The street connects with the Booth Tunnel which connects Alderney with Algonquin. It also connects Alderney City with the Plumber's Skyway.

The street is also near Niko Bellic's safehouse given to him by Ray Boccino after Derrick McReary's mission Smackdown or Phil Bell's mission Truck Hustle.


Location Type Road Direction
Alderney City Road begin Boyden Avenue, Koresh Square & Plumbers Skyway n/b toward Lyndon Avenue & Jonestown Avenue
s/b toward Rand Avenue & Hickey Bridge
Continuation of Koresh Square from Boyden Avenue
Road crossing Roebuck Road s/b toward Fulcrum Avenue & Tinderbox Avenue
Road crossing Jonestown Avenue n/b toward Myung
Road end Booth Tunnel & Rand Avenue n/b toward Hubbard Avenue
Continues as Booth Tunnel toward Frankfort Avenue



  • Like others streets in Alderney City, Asahara Road is named after a cult leader, Shoko Asahara.


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