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This page contains all artworks from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The artworks listed in this page were illustrated by Rockstar Games' artist Stephen Bliss and were used for the game's promotional campaign and loading screens.




10th Anniversary


  • The artwork of Ken Rosenberg is mislabelled as being of Ken 'Rosenburg' on Stephen Bliss's official website portfolio. Whether this is just a typo or a beta name is unknown.
  • Several artworks are mislabelled on Rockstar Games' official website. The Infernus is labelled 'Emotion', Ricardo Diaz is labelled 'Espantoso', Sonny Forelli is labelled 'Fever', one of the twins is labelled 'Flash', the Squalo is labelled 'V-Rock', and two artworks of palms with the logo of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are labelled 'Wave' and 'Wildstyle' respectively.


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