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Arrow Gasoline is a petroleum and Gasoline company featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Arrow Gasoline made its first appearance in the Smuggler's Run update for Grand Theft Auto Online, where it is seen on the "Old School Racer Livery" for the Rapid GT Classic. Not much is known about the company, as it does not own a building or gas station in San Andreas.

Arrow Gasoline is seen on liveries on vehicles as sponsors in Grand Theft Auto Online, prominently seen on racing liveries in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update and on most of liveries for the Jester Classic.


Arrow Gasoline is a parody of Sunoco. It uses a blue-yellow color scheme and a visually similar arrow design in its logo which closely resembles the Sunoco logo. It is also heavily involved in the racing industry with its logo seen on multiple race cars in-game suggesting that the company sponsors racers.

It also appears to be based on Flying A Gasoline as it shares very similar logos with Arrow.

The company does not appear to operate any retail gas stations in San Andreas. This reflects the way that Sunoco does not yet operate any gas stations in California or indeed on the west coast.

The alternative wider Arrow logo is likely based on the DX oil brand which was owned by the Sunray DX Oil Company until it was merged with Sunoco in 1968, and was still used by Sunoco until the early 90s when all DX stations were rebranded to Sunoco.



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