"An old army buddy of mine runs a business in Rockford. We saw action in Nicaragua, back when this country knew what it was doing. Anyway, some Cartel scum roughed him up yesterday and said they'd be back for some more of his stuff today. He's gonna need some back up..."
Ray Machowski

Arms Shortage is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given by LCPD police officer Ray Machowski to protagonist Claude from the toilet block in Belleville Park, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to see Ray in the toilet block in Belleville Park. Ray informs him of an old friend, Phil Cassidy, being in trouble with the Colombian Cartel and needs someone to back him up. Claude drives to Phil's Base in Rockford. Phil says the Colombians will arrive any minute and Claude then picks up everything he needs for surviving the shoot-out. The Colombians after a while arrive in Cartel Cruisers and the gunfight begins. Phil and Claude manage to clear out the wave of Colombians and Phil tells Claude that he can come back any time to get upgraded military weapons.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Drive to Phil's Base
  • Clear out the attacking Columbians
  • Go and check on Phil


  • Take full advantage of the mission and collect the weapons on top of the containers. Jump over a van like the Moonbeam to get there.


Upon completing this mission the player gets $10,000 and the mission Evidence Dash is unlocked. The player is also granted access to purchase military-grade weapons from Phil's Army Surplus, like the Shotgun, the M16 and the Rocket Launcher.




  • Phil Cassidy also lied about why he is missing his arm, stating he was in Nicaragua, though this is very likely due to the fact that he was drunk and hallucinating that he was in Nicaragua.
    • Furthermore, his right arm was shown missing in Boomshine Saigon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, although at the end of this mission, his right arm is shown intact whereas his left arm is shown missing (this could just be an error in the developer team's side).
  • The Colombian Cartel also carry weapons that aren't normally in their arsenal, these weapons include: Molotov Cocktails, Grenades, and Pump Action Shotguns.
  • The mission's name might be a pun on Phil's missing arm, since this is the first time Claude encounters Phil and he explains why he lost it.
  • If the player fends off all the Columbian Cartel using a tank cannon, a mysterious shotgun shot will be heard and Phil will die, leading to the failure of the mission.
  • It's possible to obtain the Rhino during this mission by blocking both its doors and attempting to enter it. Claude will be teleported inside the tank and can drive it. Keep in mind that the doors are still locked, so keep the doors open during exiting. A video of this can be seen here
  • The Rhino in this mission is not explosion proof, do not ram other cars as that can cause the Rhino to burst into flames. Saving it in a garage will make it explosion proof like any other Rhino.
  • After the player is done talking to Phil, the player should see a Barracks OL parked there which is Bulletproof, and may come in handy for future missions. Also take note that it will only be bulletproof during and after the mission, otherwise the Barracks OL isn't bulletproof.

Video Walkthroughs

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