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The Armenian Mob is a criminal group featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Not much is known about them. The Armenian Mob operate from the Rogers Salvage and Scrap in La Puerta. They can easily be identified with their brown leather jackets, dress suits, gold chains and thick accents. Simeon Yetarian, a car dealer in Los Santos and employer of Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, presumably has connections with them, as they provide him protection, as seen in his random encounter in Grand Theft Auto V.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, they spawn in at least three Gang Attacks: The Hobo Encampment north of Mount Chiliad, the projects in southern Rancho, and the farm north of La Fuente Blanca though these may also spawn either Triads or Professionals as well. It is odd that they spawn in a gang attack in southern Rancho considering that it is Vagos territory.

If the Armenian Mob is defeated five times in a Gang Attack, the player will receive a threat message from an unknown person saying "Fuck you. We will kill you" and a bounty will be placed on the player's head.

In GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist, the Armenian Mob is one of the potential buyers that the players can choose during the final preparation of The Diamond Casino Heist.

In the Los Santos Tuners update, the Armenian mob appears in the The Bank Contract finale as "dry cleaners" as provided by the client. The player delivers them marked bills that were stolen from the 6 Fleeca banks for an exchange of unmarked bills.

In GTA Online: The Contract the Armenian mob takes over the Vanilla Unicorn in a Recover Valuables mission. The player is required to fight their way through the strip club and recover a stolen watch in the safe.


They are possibly based on the Armenian Power gang, an Armenian street gang and crime syndicate in Los Angeles. Some of them dress in typical cholo style, making them even more similar to Armenian Power, as they often mimic the local Sureno gangs in style. This is further mirrored by the fact Armenian Power is allied with the Mexican Mafia.

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