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Armando Riesco (born December 5, 1977 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican film actor and voice artist. He voiced Victor Vance and Pierre La Ponce in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Jimmy Hernandez and several pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Introduction, pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Crowd of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and a parking attendant in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Other Rockstar titles include Midnight Club II in which he voiced Hector and The Warriors in which he voiced people of New York.

Aside from his roles in video games, Riesco is known for working in the independent film industry, having appeared in rather critically acclaimed films such as Pieces of April and Garden State. He has worked on major Hollywood films such as National Treasure and World Trade Center, as well as 25th Hour and Fever Pitch.

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