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Someone has proof that an UFO crashed in Sandy Shores next to Omega's cabin. And now the FIB and LSPD fight against the military because both sides want to get the case. To get some extra cash from the government.
— Description

Area 53 is a user-created deathmatch by giuli0207 in Grand Theft Auto Online, and was published as a Rockstar verified job on April 17, 2014. It takes place at Beam Me Up, which is an art installation painted in the side of a hill in Blaine County, San Andreas. This map consists of close and medium range combat, involving large amounts of cover for players to use.


This map takes place in a secluded area located on the side of one of the many hills in Blaine County. This hill has been painted over with art dedicated to aliens by hippie alien enthusiast. Several wrecked vehicles are present, granting players multiple angles of cover while battling around the hill. Helicopters are available, although they are distant from the main section of the map. A variety of weapons capable of taking down helicopters are distributed around the map for players to acquire.