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We gotta torch those fields. I only hope Gaia can forgive us!
— The Truth

Are You Going to San Fierro? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by The Truth from his farm in the Leafy Hollow area of Flint County, San Andreas.


After the completion of Farewell, My Love..., Catalina gives Carl a deed to an old Xoomer garage in Doherty, San Fierro. The Truth calls, stating that the weed is finally ready, and asks Carl to come see him. Carl meets the Truth at his farm, pays him for the weed, and prepares to leave in the Truth's Mothership when the two hear a police helicopter outside. The Truth panics, realizing that Tenpenny set them up and that they must destroy the weed; he takes two flamethrowers, gives one to Carl, and the two torch the farm. After the weed is destroyed, the Truth gives Carl a rocket launcher, which he uses to destroy the helicopter, since they cannot escape it. Carl and the Truth get into the Mothership and drive to the garage in Doherty. After arriving at the garage, they realize that it is derelict, much to Carl's frustration.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go and help The Truth destroy the weed
  • Go and speak to the Truth
  • Take out the chopper
  • Get inside the mothership
  • Drive the mothership to the garage in San Fierro


The reward for this mission is increased respect. The mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair is unlocked, the safehouses in San Fierro are purchasable, and Carl can buy clothing from Zip. The wanted level capacity is increased up to 5 stars.


CJ meets The Truth at his farm in Leafy Hollow.
The Truth: Peace. I've got everything you need, lone traveler. It's in the Mothership back there.
CJ: Thanks, man. Look, here go your paper.
CJ places the suitcase near The Truth.
The Truth: Ah, the karmic circle closes. All is at it should be. Back to the egg. Oooommmmmm.
While The Truth is meditating, CJ looks inside the Mothership.
CJ: Damn, man, there must be two tons of that stuff back there.
The Truth: Threeeee. Ramayanaaaaa....
The sound of a helicopter alerts Truth and CJ.
The Truth: What the fuck's that noise?
CJ: Hey, that sounds like a chopper.
The Truth: Oh man, narcs! You fucking rat.
CJ: Dude, don't put that on me! You're the one that deals with Tenpenny!
The Truth gives CJ a flamethrower.
CJ: What's all this?
The Truth: Calm, brother; panic paves the way to bad karma.
CJ: Man...
The Truth: We gotta torch those fields. I only hope Gaia can forgive us!
CJ and the Truth head out to torch the fields, while a police helicopter is flying above them. Once half of the field is burnt, CJ starts inhaling the smoke.
The Truth: Assholes! Right-wing assholes!
CJ: I don't, I don't feel too good...
The Truth: It's a crying shame, ain't it.
CJ: No I mean I think I'm gonna black out!
The Truth: Fight the ocean and you will drown, brother! Carl, man, we'll take the mothership and get our shit out of here!
CJ: Go get her fired up! I'll finish burnin', and I'll follow you!
While the Truth goes to the Mothership, CJ burns the rest of the field, and then goes to talk to the Truth.
CJ: We got a chopper on our tail, we'll never shake 'em now.
The Truth: Hold on, I got a little something back here I was saving for a rainy day.
CJ: Holy motherfucker! Where'd you get that?
The Truth: Found it in a bail of Thai sticks. Shame really, I was going to make it into a lamp.
As the Truth drives off, CJ shoots down the helicopter with another of The Truth's weapons. Suddenly, the Truth stops the Mothership, forcing CJ to take the driver's seat. They drive to San Fierro.
CJ: What you pull over for?
The Truth: You better drive. I haven't driven in 15 years.
CJ: You was doin' alright.
The Truth: Yeah, then the fear hit me. Now I'm rolling a number to calm the waves!
CJ: Shit, I better call Cesar!
CJ calls Cesar.
CJ: Hey Cesar, no time to talk, man! I'm on my way to San Fierro, OK, I'll meet you and Kendl at that garage I won at that races. Holla at y'all later!
The conversation resumes after some time.
NOTE: The conversations from here between the two of them during this journey are randomized until they reach San Fierro, thus, any conversation can start first.
CJ: Jesus, we're screwed. When'd you get this?
The Truth: 1967.
CJ: How'd you get around if you don't drive?
The Truth: I have an astral goat called 'Herbie'. She's faster than most, but gettin' old...
CJ: Yeah, whatever man, you talkin' shit.
The conversation continues.
CJ: Hey, this thing go any faster?
The Truth: Man, we got 3 tons of grass on board, the engine block is held together with a macramé hammock, and it's running on 15-year-old cooking oil.
CJ: Shit. Can you shoot?
The Truth: Shoot? I'm a hippy! The only thing I've shot is acid. I heard about this dude who snorted it once. Thought his nose what a kangaroo and the moon was a dog. Whooo!
The conversation continues.
The Truth: Hey, you want a hit on this? A little Temple Charas in a cocktail with some Nepalese munga munga.
CJ: Put that thing out, man, I can't see.
The Truth: Hey, mellow out, brother. It's good shit.
CJ: Put it out, motherfucker, I'm warning you!
The Truth: Wooah, chill the fuck out! Firstly, you are a real buzz killer, amigo. And secondly, I never made love to my mother. She wouldn't. And thirdly, we're in this together, so be cool.
CJ: Sorry, man, I just don't drive when I'm faded.
The conversation continues.
CJ: What's with all the aluminum foil, man?
The Truth: Protection from mind control, dude.
CJ: Mind control?
The Truth: Induction of images, sound or emotion using microwave radiation. D'you know how many government satellites are watching any citizen at any moment?
CJ: No.
The Truth: Twenty three. Do you know how many religious relics are kept at The Pentagon?
CJ: No, I don't.
The Truth: Twenty three. You see a pattern emerging here, man?
CJ: Man, I'm seeing patterns all over the place! Get that smoke out of my face!
The duo arrive in San Fierro.
The Truth: There she is, brother; San Fierro: the City of Psychedelic Wonders!
CJ: Man, I can't believe I haven't been here before.
The Truth: There ain't a better place to escape the man, man.
CJ: OK, Mr. San Fierro, where the spot at?
The Truth: It's in Doherty on the East side of Fierro, between Garcia and Easter Basin.
The duo arrive at the garage in Doherty. CJ is left disappointed once he takes a closer look at the place.
The Truth: This is the place. Whoa, Jesus dude, looks like you've been fed a bummer.


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  • In the mission Short Trip - Fire It Up in The Contract update for Grand Theft Auto Online, Franklin references this mission after burning the second weed farm, saying that "This is like that shit that happened in Flint County back in the day", meaning that a similar event has happened in Flint County in the HD Universe.
  • The mission's name (and the mission unlocked by it) are references to the Scott McKenzie song San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair).
  • Although Carl pays The Truth for the weed, his balance is not decreased.
  • Unlike those that spawn during regular pursuits, the Police Maverick the player is required to shoot down actually has a pilot. He is a standard Rural Police officer and, once the chopper crashes, he might occasionally drop a Pistol and a Nightstick.
  • The helicopter's search light is in the middle of the helicopter and is wider than the helicopter.
  • The host of K-DST mentions this mission: "Great to hear about that weed farm going up in smoke. Just wish I'd been in the neighborhood with a good pair of lungs."
  • Sage, the host of Radio X expresses sadness in the fact that The Truth's weed farm had been burned, saying that they'll "Have to go back to the hard stuff".
  • A correspondent for WCTR gets high while reporting the mission.
  • If the helicopter was destroyed by other means before The Truth's weed are all destroyed (and when he's supposed to hand Carl the RPG), likely with a Sniper Rifle, the game skips to the part where Carl gets in in the Mothership and drives to San Fierro.
  • It's possible for the player to obtain The Truth's Mothership Camper by killing him while torching the weed thus failing the mission. The other way is on the mission Black Project and Riot.
  • The mothership, before the helicopter is destroyed, seems to be invulnerable to explosions and flames from sources other than the RPG carried by CJ (accidently had the helicopter fall and crash very close to it and then explode on the ground on the PS2 and Xbox (X360) version).
    • The reason why is probably simply the Truth will stop the Mothership directly at the entrance to Truth's Farm, which will also cause the Helicopter to stop directly above it. If the player then shoot down the helicopter while both vehicles are stopped in this position, the chance the falling helicopter will crash either directly on top or near the Mothership and then take it out in ensuing explosion is extremely high. This of course, will instantly fail the mission since this will most likely kill Truth instantly also.

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