"The City within the City, the Arcadius Business Center boasts more AAA hedge funds, smoothie bars and executive suicides per square foot of office space than any other building in the business district. Welcome to the cutting edge."
Dynasty 8 Executive description

The Arcadius Business Center is a skyscraper in Grand Theft Auto V, located on Alta Street, San Andreas Avenue and Las Lagunas Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.


This office building is easily recognizable for its unique circular design with interconnected towers, and features a helipad on its roof. It is located just right next to the Union Depository, connected by a bridge. It is based on the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, a 367-foot (112 m) tall, 35-story skyscraper in Los Angeles, California.

On top of the building is a helipad. Roof access is present but only accessible in the enhanced version of GTA Online.

It plays a major role in the enhanced version of GTA Online, where it serves as an Office for Organizations. It can be expanded with an Office Garage, allowing access to the garage door located on the side of the ground floor. It is purchasable on the Dynasty 8 Executive website for $2,250,000. The player can then set up the SecuroServ network and begin Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo and launch Special Vehicle Work. The office's helipad allows the player to quickly select an aircraft and immediately spawn mid-air above the helipad, or select a ground vehicle to be delivered outside, without the need to exit the building on foot.

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  • The Westin Bonaventure Hotel (the building's real-life counterpart) has 4 cylindrical towers, whereas the Arcadius Business Center only has 3.
  • The Westin Bonaventure Hotel bears the number 10 on its helipad, where as in-game it is 11.
  • The triangular logo on the building is identical to the player icon on the minimap in the HD Universe.
  • A building complex with the same design as the Arcadius Business Center is featured in GTA San Andreas, located next to the Atrium.

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