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Arcades are a business venture introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update.


Arcades are introduced to the protagonist after meeting Lester Crest at Mirror Park.

OK. Found something perfect. There are sum old arcades on Maze Bank Foreclosures that'd be perfect for the Casino job. If ur in I am 2!
— Lester's followup text
Go to to purchase an Arcade. This gives you access to The Diamond Casino Heist planning area as a VIP, CEO or MC President.
I'm getting antsy. U wanna do this Casino job or not?! If you do get yourself on Maze Bank Foreclosures and purchase an Arcade property!!
— Lester's second text
Go to to purchase an Arcade. This property allows you to access The Diamond Casino Heist and own new arcade games.

The player can purchase any one of six locations from Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Upon purchase, the player will receive a free T-shirt with the logo of whatever arcade was bought.



Map of all locations

Location Image In-game description Base Price
Warehouse - Davis

Formerly: Auto Fix Factory

Don't let the economic turmoil of Davis put you off this one-of-a-kind property. The Auto Fix Factory once made great business here, before going under. And Warehouse lasted at least a week before it went bust. But you know what they say. It's not the business. It's the owner. And, after this one, you won't be making the same mistakes. $2,135,000
Videogeddon - La Mesa

Formerly: Unnamed warehouse at 744 Popular Street

In the charming industrial district of La Mesa, where dreams of gentrification are few and far between, we present this bargain property. Before closing down, Videogeddon was a hive of heavy metal gamers who played for days at a time, only breaking to do another line. New carpets are recommended. $1,875,000
Eight-Bit - Vinewood

Formerly: Vinewood Records & DM Pets

As far as renovations go, the Eight-Bit has all the grit and grime needed to be the perfect hangout. This one-time record shop and three-time drug front couldn't feel trendier, Plus, the West Vinewood location guarantees a herd of cold brew drinking hipsters will swarm for retro gratification. $2,530,000
Insert Coin - Rockford Hills

Formerly: Fruit of the Vine

We don't need to convince you of the charms of Rockford Hills, but the residents may need convinced by an arcade's charms. Luckily for you, the musty smell of the wine shop previously on this site adds a touch of class to the ambience. $2,345,000
Wonderama - Grapeseed

Formerly: Grapeseed Supermarket

Back in the 80s, Wonderama was the greatest night out in Grapeseed. Ten-pin bowling, soft play, kids' parties and parties of kids running feral for days. You name it, they had it. But it just takes one health inspector and an infested ball pit and suddenly you're out of business. Bad luck for them. Good luck for you. $1,565,000
Pixel Pete's - Paleto Bay

Formerly: Helmut's European Autos

Pixel Pete's Fun Time Arcade was a legendary dive, run by a hero who loved games so much three heart attacks couldn't convince him to take more breaks. Features hand painted details by Pete's own nephew. It's remarkable that we do not charge extra for this characterful addition. Buy now before we change our mind. $1,235,000*
  • Property is free for players who linked their Social Club account to their Twitch Prime account.


Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Style 3 schemes $0-$470,000
Total Focus
Take a Shine
Exposed Hipster
Mural 9 schemes $0 - $107,500
Pixelated Thought
Racing Stripes
Spray Forever
So Kawaii
Another Realm
All The Colors
O Edgy
Floor 9 patterns $0 - $165,000
The Lab
Scale Up
Yay Rainbow
Understated Stars
Super Fun Playthings
Prim and Proper
Neon Art 9 styles $0 - $320,000
Crotch Rocket
Game Over
Mighty Sword
LS Nights
Adult Content
Personal Quarters Can't stop gaming? Then make yourself at home with a bed, gun locker and wardrobe in your own personal quarters.
High Score Screens High Score Screens encourage two things: rage quits and addiction. Add them to your arcade to track the top players and enjoy watching them lose their minds.

Please note: Arcade cabinets and games can be purchased using the laptop inside your property.

Garage You can game for days in confidence knowing up to 10 vehicles are securely stored in this garage.
* Set by default on the initial purchase. Only charges when switching back during the renovation.
Some of your chosen options will appear when the Arcade has been fully set up.


As with other businesses, the player must first conduct Setup work to start up this business. Setups contribute to the advancement of the business, as the site was largely abandoned and, therefore, not ready to operate at full capacity.

Setup: Equipment[]

The player needs to collect equipment to be used at the Arcade. Initially, the player is tasked with going to a semi-random location, such as the GoPostal Building, Post OP Depository or The Secure Unit. Once they arrive, it turns out the personnel have been killed, with no sight of the required equipment. Eventually, Lester starts locating the equipment and once he finds it, the player has to collect it by finding a Flatbed, killing the driver and driving the truck back to the business. Enemies will start to appear, attempting to take the player out, so one has to be careful.


After collecting the equipment, players are able to access the Arcade, but it is not completely ready, so they need to complete the Setup: Casino Scoping mission. With said mission done, the Arcade becomes fully operational. If the player decides to switch arcades at any time afterwards, any purchased arcade cabinets and chosen layouts will still carry over to the new location, this also includes any optional heist tools and storage. (Only the personal living quarters will have to be repurchased.)

Main Floor[]

The entrance is a large room where all the arcade machines are located. On the left side of the entrance, there is a large TV screen displaying the name of the Arcade on it when not used. On the right side, there is a bar where players can drink, buy snacks, and a jukebox to play music. This jukebox can play a selection of in-game radio stations, but with the ads and DJ intermissions removed. Changing the station costs $1 and can only be changed by the Arcade owner.

List of stations available[]

Next to the bar, there is the manager's office; this is where the owner manages the business. A Pixel Emporium laptop is provided to purchase arcade machines. There is also a safe in the office that stores the player's daily Arcade income, which is dependent on the number of arcade games taking up floor slots inside the arcade. Maximum income is $5,000 per in-game day, and the maximum capacity of the safe is $100,000 ($50,000 prior to The Contract update) before it has to be emptied in order for it to accumulate more.

Once an arcade machine is owned, the player can use Arcade Management in the Interaction Menu to place up to four copies of the machine around the main floor in any slot that is large enough to accommodate the machine or group of machines.


The basement is where the rest of the features are located. It is accessed through the manager's office and serves as the starting point of the business before it is set up.

There is also a Pixel Emporium laptop provided for the initial purchases of the arcade machines, the Master Control Terminal, and the Drone Station. It is located at the center of the basement.

The Master Control Terminal is located on the left side from the entrance, used for management of all other businesses (Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, Motorcycle Club businesses, Supplies, Air Freight Cargo, and Nightclub businesses). Players can check the supplies' level for all applicable fronts, plus popularity for the nightclub.

The Drone Station is available right behind the desktop with the aforementioned laptop, where players can make use of drones intended for observation of the building. They work in the same manner as those from the Terrorbyte, but they have a seemingly infinite range.

The player can purchase certain extras to help prepare for The Diamond Casino Heist, as follows:

Item Description Cost
Door Security A replica secure keypad to practice getting through locked doors inside the Casino. $425,000
Vault Door A replica vault door to practice getting into the vault with the drill or laser. $900,000
Casino Model A model of the Casino exterior that highlights potential access points. $130,000

The Vault Door can be made available to purchase if the player takes an image of the Vault blueprints in Agatha Baker's Office.

A heist planning section is located in front of the desktop, which is where all The Diamond Casino Heist missions take place. Players may trigger the setups as freemode challenges, similar to resupply missions or Preparations.

On the right side, there are four slots for the getaway vehicles, which the arcade owner can retrieve in the preparations, and can be further upgraded with the following:

Upgrade Features Price
Level 1
  • Bulletproof Tires
Level 2
  • Race Brakes
  • Race Transmission
  • EMS Upgrade Level 4
  • Level 1 upgrades
Level 3
  • Turbo
  • 100% Armor
  • Level 1 and 2 upgrades
  • Vehicles have a respray option, which only allows the removal of liveries and the change of the main color, with a small range of 25 colors, for $100.

Upon choosing optional support crew for the heist, these individuals will be thereafter found milling about in the basement. A Weapon Workshop station will also be added to one of the bays once a gunman is chosen.

A garage is located on the left side of the main room, where all personal vehicles are stored. A control panel with the blue corona can be seen in the middle, where the position of each vehicle can be managed, in a similar way to other garages. If not purchased, however, brick walls block the access points of the same.


Official Screenshots[]


Animated Logos of the Arcades[]

After the player purchases an arcade, its logo will be displayed on the TV screen inside.


Neon Arts



  • The girl featured in the mural art of O Edgy and Adult Content is derived from one of the pictures that can be seen inside the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • The Japanese katakana in the LS Nights neon art (スタート/sutāto) literally translates to "Start".
    • The neon art can also be seen inside the player's Auto Shop if the "Super Chibi" style is applied.
  • The Japanese in the Wireframed murals translate as follows:
    • レベルUP (reberu appu) = Level Up
    • ポテト (poteto) = Potato
    • ゲームオーバー (gēmu ōbā) = Game Over
    • ボーナスステージ (bōnasusutēji) = Bonus Stage
    • 準備完了? (junbi kanryō?) = Ready? (lit. Preparations complete?)
  • Like most purchasable properties, where their interiors are scattered through the map and hidden underground, the Arcade interior is located near the NOOSE Headquarters.
    • This is reinforced by the money safe icon while in the office room. If one pauses the game and checks the main map, the same money icon will be there.
    • In addition, when the arcade's drone is activated, an icon will appear on the map near the NOOSE building location.
  • The bathroom is labelled "WC" (water closet) as in the UK, not North America.
  • Unlike Nightclubs, where access to parts of the building can be restricted to friend/associate access only, no such restriction is possible with Arcades without limiting access to the entire property to friends/associates. If arcade access is left public, other players can freely enter the office and basement areas.
  • The Master Control Terminal may be used to launch sell missions for MC and CEO businesses and the Nightclub; however, depending on the nature of the mission, the player will still need to travel to the business, nightclub, bunker, etc. to retrieve the product to be sold, while the mission timer continues to tick down. Depending on the distance between the arcade and business, this may render some sell missions difficult-to-impossible to complete within the time limit unless other team members are waiting at the business.
  • Some games, due to their size, only have a limited number of placement locations. As a result, it is not possible to have one of every type of machine; in particular, there is room for only two of the three Race and Chase games if other large-format games are installed.