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Retro, arcade-style video games can be found in various homes, bars, restaurants, 24/7s and clothes shops in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (but unplayable), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Arcade games provide the player with minigames that are usually based on real-life arcade video games. They feature basic objectives, simple graphics, and a high score list that the player can get on.

The high scores of playable games will be saved to every machine of the same game, even though this usually wouldn't happen in real life, unless the arcade machines are connected to each other through their own proprietary network.

List of Arcade Games[]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City[]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[]

Image Name Type/genre Developer Gameplay Parody of
GTASA-GoGoSpaceMonkey Go Go Space Monkey Action
Shoot 'em up
Pixtro (HD Universe) GoGoSpaceMonkey-GTASA-gameplay Galaga
Star Fox
GTASA-LetsGetReadyToBumble Let's Get Ready to Bumble (Alternate title: Bee Bee Gone) Platform Rockstar North Let'sGetReadytoBumble-GTASA-gameplay Bomb Jack
GTASA-Duality Duality Shoot 'em up Unknown Duality-GTASA-gameplay Asteroids
GTASA-TheyCrawledFromUranus They Crawled from Uranus Shoot 'em up Unknown TheyCamefromUranus-GTASA-gameplay Gyruss

Grand Theft Auto IV[]

Image Name Type/genre Developer Gameplay Parody of
QUB3D-GTA4-menu QUB3D Tile-matching puzzle Unknown QUB3D-GTA4-gameplay Tetris
Puyo Puyo

Grand Theft Auto V[]

  • QUB3D (unplayable)

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Image Name Type/genre Developer Gameplay Parody of Price*
DontCrossTheLine-GTAO-FAIFAF Don't Cross the Line Snake
Degenatron DontCrossTheLine2-GTAO-FAIFAF 1982 Tron arcade game N/A
Invade&PersuadeII-GTAO-Boxart Invade and Persuade II Run and Gun Degenatron InvadeandPersuadeII-GTAO-Gameplay Blaster Master
Metal Slug
Heavy Weapon
StreetCrimes-GangWarsEdition-GTAO-CoverArt Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition Top-down multiplayer shooter Degenatron StreetCrimeGangWars-GTAO-Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto
Ghostbusters (layout)

BadlandsRevengeII-GTAO-Boxart Badlands Revenge II Western
Shooting gallery
Pixtro BadlandsRevengeII-GTAO-Gameplay Sunset Riders
Lethal Enforcers
Custer's Revenge
SpaceMonkey3-GTAO-Boxart Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad Action
Shoot 'em up
Pixtro SpaceMonkey3-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Galaga
Star Fox
TheWizard'sRuin-GTAO-Boxart The Wizard's Ruin Action
Pixtro TheWizardsRuin-GTAO-Gameplay Knights of the Round
Ghosts 'n Goblins
Golden Axe
DefenderoftheFaith-GTAO-Boxart Defender of the Faith Scrolling shooter Degenatron DefenderoftheFaith-GTAVC-gameplay Defender $152,500
Monkey'sParadise-GTAO-Boxart Monkey's Paradise Scrolling shooter Degenatron Monkey'sParadise-GTAVC-gameplay Pitfall!
Donkey Kong Jr.
Penetrator-GTAO-Boxart Penetrator Tube shooter Degenatron Penetrator-GTAVC-gameplay Tempest $101,500
MadamNazar-GTAO-Livery Nazar Speaks Fortune teller Zoltar Speaks $315,000
RaceAndChaseCrotchRockets-GTAO-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets Racing AKEDO RaceAndChaseCrotchRockets-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Hang-On $385,000
RaceAndChaseGetTruckin-GTAO-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race and Chase: Get Truckin' Racing AKEDO RaceAndChaseGetTruckin-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Unknown $369,500
RaceAndChaseStreetLegal-GTAO-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race and Chase: Street Legal Racing AKEDO RaceAndChaseStreetLegal-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Out Run $410,000
ShinyWasabiKittyClaw-GTAO-Logo Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw Claw machine $295,000
TheLoveProfessor-GTAO-ArcadeGameLogo The Love Professor Love machine $261,500
AxeOfFury-GTAO-Logo Axe of Fury High striker/Strength tester $666,000
QUB3D-GTAO-Boxart QUB3D Tile-matching puzzle Pixtro QUB3D-GTAO-Gameplay Tetris
Puyo Puyo
Camhedz-GTAO-Boxart Camhedz Horror
Shooting gallery
Pixtro (ROM hack) Camhedz-GTAO-Gameplay Revolution X $362,500
* Refers to the Arcade property upgrade price on Pixel Emporium. Once ordered, a game can be placed on several spots for no extra charge.