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Apartments are purchasable Safehouses in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Like the safehouses in Grand Theft Auto V, all Apartments also come equipped with garages for vehicle storage.


Apartments can be purchased by the player via the Dynasty 8 website, or by interacting with property sale signs outside their respective buildings. If configured to show in the Interaction Menu "Hide" options, an Apartment available for purchase will show on the map with Blips-GTAV-350-PropertyForSale.

Previously, apartments could only be purchased after the player has reached Rank 5[1]. However, as of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, this requirement has been removed. The majority of Apartments are located in Los Santos; however, a select few medium and low-end properties are available in Blaine County.

Originally, the player was only able to own one property in total. This limit was gradually expanded upon in various updates to a grand total of 10 properties as of The Criminal Enterprises update. This amount is shared between Apartments and stand alone garages, but other properties like Businesses do not contribute to this total.

When purchasing any additional apartment, the player is given the option to trade-in an existing property or use an empty slot if they still have less than ten. Trading in refunds 50% of the original purchase price.

Player-owned Apartments will appear as Blips-GTAV-40-Safehouse, unless the player has a Heist active in a High End property, when all High End properties will appear as Blips-GTAV-40-Safehouse-Green.

Friend-owned Apartments will appear as Blips-GTAV-40-Safehouse-Blue.

Apartment Tiers[]

The Dynasty 8 listings are divided into three tiers of purchasable Apartments; low-end, medium and high-end.


Low-end apartments have a basic one-level interior, which is relatively untidy, and basic furnishing and appliances. They are reminiscent of a small ghetto-style house, with cheap furniture and low lighting, re-using interior props from the Clinton Residence and the layout of Harvey Molina's apartment. They feature a medium living room with an open kitchen and a small messy bedroom and bathroom. They do not include any sort of window view. Low-end apartments also come with two-car garages, where the player can also store one bicycle. Three standalone houses were added in the Independence Day Special DLC in 2014.

List of Low End Apartments
Address Price Notes
0232 Paleto Boulevard $121,000 DLC
140 Zancudo Avenue $120,000 DLC
1893 Grapeseed Avenue $118,000 DLC
2143 Las Lagunas Boulevard, Apt 9 $115,000
0069 Cougar Avenue, Apt 19 $112,000
1237 Prosperity Street, Apt 21 $105,000
1561 San Vitas Street, Apt 2 $99,000 FREE (with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)
1115 Boulevard Del Perro, Apt 18 $93,000
2057 Vespucci Boulevard, Apt 1 $87,000
0112 South Rockford Drive, Apt 13 $80,000


Medium apartments have a one-level interior with more appealing furniture, cleaner interiors and brighter lighting when compared to the low-end apartments, re-using props from Floyd's Apartment. They include a medium-sized bedroom and living room with an open kitchen and a small bathroom. They feature six-car garages, where the player can also store two bicycles. Four standalone houses were added in the Independence Day Special DLC in 2014.

List of Medium Apartments
Address Price Notes
4 Hangman Ave $175,000 DLC
4401 Procopio Drive $165,000 DLC
4584 Procopio Drive $155,000 DLC
0115 Bay City Avenue, Apt 45 $150,000
0184 Milton Road, Apt 13 $146,000
12 Sustancia Road $143,000 DLC
0504 South Mo Milton Drive $141,000
0325 South Rockford Drive $137,000
Dream Tower, Apt 15 $134,000
1162 Power Street, Apt 3 $130,000
0605 Spanish Avenue, Apt 1 $128,000
0604 Las Lagunas Boulevard, Apt 4 $126,000
The Royale, Apt 19 $125,000


High-end apartments are more similar to that of 3671 Whispymound Drive, as they can have multi-level interiors with modern furnishing, colorful decorations, and good lighting. They feature a big living room with an open kitchen, a big bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, and a medium bathroom. They also have a large panoramic window view that allows the player to see the surrounding area. High-end apartments also have a small office/studio near the entrance, which was transformed into heist planning room with Heists DLC. They feature ten-car garages, where the player can store three bicycles.

Original High-End[]

There are seventeen apartments located in seven different high-rise apartment buildings.

List of Original High-End Apartments
Address Price Notes
Eclipse Towers, Apt 31 $400,000
Eclipse Towers, Apt 40 $391,000
Eclipse Towers, Apt 5 $382,000
Eclipse Towers, Apt 9 $373,000
Weazel Plaza, Apt 101 $335,000
Weazel Plaza, Apt 70 $319,000
Weazel Plaza, Apt 26 $304,000
Tinsel Towers, Apt 29 $286,000
Tinsel Towers, Apt 45 $270,000
Richards Majestic, Apt 51 $253,000
4 Integrity Way, Apt. 35 $247,000
Richards Majestic Apt. 4 $241,000
4 Integrity Way, Apt. 30 $235,000
3 Alta Street Tower, Apt 57 $223,000
3 Alta Street Tower, Apt 10 $217,000
Del Perro Heights, Apt 20 $205,000
Del Perro Heights, Apt 7 $200,000

Updated Interiors[]

An updated version of the high-end interior was made available with the High Life Update. This interior is slightly more traditional while retaining modern features. These apartments feature slightly less lighting and open space than the original high-end apartments, but still as luxurious in decoration. They feature a slightly smaller living room and kitchen but a larger entrance hallway. The layout is also different.

One apartment with an update interior is available in five of the high-end apartment blocks. Weazel Plaza and 3 Alta Street do not have one.

List of Updated Interior High-End Apartments
Address Price Notes
Eclipse Towers, Apt. 3 $500,000
Tinsel Towers, Apt. 42 $492,000
Richards Majestic, Apt. 2 $484,000
4 Integrity Way, Apt. 28 $476,000
Del Perro Heights, Apt. 4 $468,000

Stilt Houses[]

Ten Stilt houses were added in the Executives and Other Criminals update.

These new houses are distinct with their city vista from the main window as all of the stilt houses are located in Vinewood Hills. Stilt houses are three-story houses with two different interior models, which cannot be changed.

List of Stilt House High-End Apartments
Address Price Notes
3655 Wild Oats Drive $800,000
2044 North Conker Avenue $762,000
2045 North Conker Avenue $727,000
2862 Hillcrest Avenue $705,000
2868 Hillcrest Avenue $672,000
2117 Milton Road $608,000
2874 Hillcrest Avenue $571,000
2866 Hillcrest Avenue $525,000
3677 Whispymound Drive $478,000
2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive $449,000

Custom Apartments (Penthouse Suites)[]

Three Custom Apartments were also added in the Executives and Other Criminals update. Befitting their status as the most expensive residential properties at the time, they feature top quality fixtures and furnishings and, as they are located on the upper floors of Eclipse Towers they feature views over the city of Los Santos (Suites 1 and 3) or the Vinewood Hills (Suite 2).

You have the ability to change the interior style of this Apartment. Select Apartment Style in the Interaction Menu to preview and purchase new looks.

Custom penthouse suites feature eight different customizable interior styles: Modern, Moody, Vibrant, Sharp, Monochrome, Seductive, Regal, and Aqua. These can be changed at any time after purchase via the Interaction Menu while inside the apartment.

List of Custom High-End Apartments
Address Price Notes
Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 3 $1,100,000 South facing city view
Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 1 $985,000 South facing city view
Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 2 $905,000 North facing hills view


You can watch TV and view CCTV while in your Apartment. You can also have a shower to wash the blood away.
You will spawn in your Apartment when joining GTA Online. This can be changed in the Pause Menu.

Interiors feature plenty of activities and interactions to engage in:

  • Browse the Internet
  • Change clothes
  • Drink green juice
  • Drink beer (only in low-end apartments)
  • Drink wine (only in medium and high-end apartments)
  • Drink whiskey
  • Get into the bed
  • Look through the telescope (only in high-end apartments)
  • Sit down on a couch
  • Take a hit from the bong (only in low and high-end apartments)
  • Take a shower
  • Use the radio
  • Watch TV (including CCTV and option to spectate other players in the lobby)
  • Start or participate in a Heist (only in high-end apartments, added as part of the Heists update)





High-end (Updated Interior)[]

Stilt House 1[]

Stilt House 2[]

Custom Penthouses[]

Modern Moody
Vibrant Sharp
Monochrome Seductive
Regal Aqua




  • Players aren't able to shower if there is more than one player inside the bathroom at the time. When a player showers, the bathroom door is locked until the shower stops.
  • Occasionally, random pedestrians may spawn inside the player's Apartment, interacting with props that aren't there. They exhibit strange behavior; they may begin walking against a wall or piece of furniture, as if they don't see that it is there. A common occurrence is a pedestrian sitting at a desk typing on a computer. If the player bumps into the pedestrian, they may become hostile and try to kill the player.
    • Due to the fact that weapons cannot be wielded in Apartment, players will be unable to fight back.
  • In an interview with IGN, shortly after the release of the Freemode Events Update, Rockstar stated that they were working on apartment customization.
  • Every Festive Surprise, a Christmas Tree is placed inside the player's owned Apartments.


  1. Apartments-GTAOe-Rank5

    A failed website purchase at Rank 4

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