Anvil is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars thay plays metal music


The station is named after the band of the same name and plays solely their music. It's only available on the PSP, iOS & Android versions of the game.

This is the favorite radio station of the Angels of Death.


Note: The songs played in-game are instrumental versions.

Song: Preview:
"Winged Assassins" by Anvil (1983)
"666" by Anvil (1982)
"Forged in Fire" by Anvil (1983)
"March of the Crabs" by Anvil (1982)
"Metal on Metal" by Anvil (1982)
"School Love" by Anvil (1981)
"Thumb Hang" by Anvil (2007)
Not available on Spotify.

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