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We were moving around safehouses in rat-hole hick towns where no one comes looking.
— Antonia Bottino

Antonia Bottino is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the Random Event - Burial.


Antonia is the daughter of former Gambetti crime family underboss, Sammy Bottino. According to her, in 2007, a murder charge was pinned on her father, so she and her family went into hiding out west. She says that they were "...moving around safehouses in rat-hole hick towns where no one comes looking." Her father was eventually arrested and became a snitch in 2011 as part of a plea bargain. Due to this deal, she says that her father made a lot of enemies and because of this, she became a target to people who wanted to take revenge on her father.

Events of GTA V

Antonia is encountered when she is about to be buried alive by some enemies of her father, in a dirt track, in North Point north of Paleto Bay. She is saved by one of the protagonists and then asks the character to drive her to Vinewood Hills, she also calls a man named Beppe to come pick her up.

Along the way, she reveals her past to the protagonist, and each of them has a different reaction:

  • Franklin is very nice with Antonia at first, when she asks him to take her to Vinewood Hills, he instantly accepts saying that he "can't leave her alone in this place". However, he gets a little concerned when Antonia asks his name, only revealing his first name and when she says that her father will reward him, he only answers with "sure, whatever you say".
  • Trevor is much more relaxed around Antonia, even making jokes about her almost being buried alive. When she asks for his name, he reveals his full name also asking if he is in her father's hit list, when Antonia says that her father will reward him, he only answers with "whatever the code dictates".
  • Michael is also friendly with Antonia and when she is talking about her life in the "rat-holes", Michael says that he can relate with her in a reversed way. When she asks for his full name, he also gets concerned and asks if he is gonna find a horse head in his bed in the morning.

Shortly after being dropped off, her father had $60,000 transferred into the account of whoever saved her.


  • She calls the player after her rescue from the phone number 611-555-0182. After the call, the number is busy.
  • If playing as Trevor, the player can deliver Antonia to the Altruist Cult after rescuing her, however taking this option will be much less profitable.
  • You may still receive your payment even if you kill Antonia after the rescue is complete.
  • When the $60,000 is transferred into the player's account, Antonia states that her dad wanted to make sure that they were looked after, suggesting that he was the one who transferred the money; however, the name of the donator is given as "Dario Bottino" on their bank statement. It is unknown whether this is a fake name used by her father or another member of the Bottino family.
  • If playing the random event as Michael, he asks Antonia if he is "not gonna find a head of a horse in my bed, am I?", which is clearly a reference to the movie The Godfather and the famous horse head scene in the film. This further evidences Michael's love for classic films, even though The Godfather is not even mentioned otherwise in the game.
  • Karen Gravano, the daughter of former Italian mafia underboss Salvatore 'Sammy the Bull' Gravano, has sued Rockstar Games for 40 million dollars, claiming that Rockstar has used her likeness and story to create Antonia Bottino and her random event mission.[1] Rockstar have since disputed these claims[2], stating that "creative works of fiction and satire like GTA V are categorically protected against Section 51 claims".[3] On 1 September 2016, Gravano's lawsuit, along with that of Lindsay Lohan's, was dismissed.[4]
  • She shares her character model with Miranda Cowan’s assistant in GTA Online.