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Casino Manager: "I'm sorry, Sir. You must have white gloves in order to play the pachinko machines."
Mike: "I'm not here to play games, guy. Asuka sent me to collect the money you owe her."
Mike encounters the owner of the casino

Ante Up is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from her mansion in Bedford Point on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Asuka Kasen is having problems with a casino owner who is not paying his protection money. Asuka tells Mike to either collect the protection money or to torch the casino. Mike drives to the casino in Torrington and meets the casino owner, who explains that he can not afford to pay both Asuka and a corrupt police officer. Mike is then left with two choices: to torch the casino or kill the police officer.

If Mike decides to torch the casino, he is paged by Asuka to lose the pursuing police officers. Mike then goes to Pay 'n' Spray and gets his car resprayed. He is then paged by Asuka, who regrets that Mike had to torch the casino.

If Mike decides to kill the corrupt police officer, Mike drives to the officers location and kills him, before using Pay 'n' Spray to lose the pursuing police officers. He returns to the casino and the owner hands over the protection money. Mike drives back to Asuka's and delivers the money, with Asuka pleased the casino was not torched.


The reward for completing the mission is $5,000. If you choose to kill the corrupt police officer. You will get $10,000. The mission Two-Hand Toss is unlocked by completing the mission.


At Asuka's mansion in Bedford Point.
Asuka Kasen: Hello, Mike-san. You behaved above normal male ability, haven't you? I want you to play mean with a naughty casino owner who hasn't been paying his protection money. Either get the money or light up his place.
Mike: I didn't realize you have such a hard streak in you, Asuka.
Asuka Kasen: Ahh, you haven't seen me at my naughtiest yet. Don't disappoint me and you won't be punished.
Mike: I'll try. Say hi to Yuka for me.
Mike drives to the casino in Torrington.
Casino owner: I'm sorry sir, you must have white gloves in order to play the pachinko machines.
Mike: I'm not here to play games, guy. Asuka sent me to collect the money you owe her.
Casino owner: That she-devil! She's wearing me dry! I can't afford her and the cops that are taking a piece of my action. I tell you what, you take down this cop that's been shaking me and I'll pay Asuka what I owe her. Is it a deal?
Mike: I'll give it some thought. Better have the money when I get back. Should I take out the corrupt cop like this guy wants? Might just be easier to blow the place...

Mike torches the casino.
Mike: Burn, baby, burn! Sorry chump, but I work for Asuka, not you.
Asuka Kasen (pager): Mike-san, better outrun the cops for a while. Ato de. Asuka.
Mike loses the wanted level.
Asuka Kasen: It's a pity he wouldn't listen to reason and you had to torch the place. However, it sends a cautionary message to the rest who are under my protection. Thank you, Mike-san!

Mike locates the corrupt police officer.
Corrupt officer: Hey, mister! You made me spill my coffee all over my donuts! I'd write you a ticket but I've already met my quota for the week... Okay, mister. You've got some explaining to do down at the station. You're coming with me.
Mike kills the police officer.
Asuka Kasen (pager): Better hide your scent by getting your car painted, Mike-san. Gonbatte! Asuka.
Mike loses the wanted level.
Mike: Time to collect from the casino owner. That bastard better pay up.
Mike returns to the casino to collect the protection money.
Casino owner: I heard all about over the local news! Here's the money for Asuka and some for you for helping me out.
Mike: Just keep the balls polished and the money flowing at a regular rate, guy. Asuka's going to be pleased that I managed to get her the money without blowing up the place. Better grab the briefcase and get back to her.
Mike delivers the money to Asuka.
Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, you've done very well. I hope it wasn't too difficult? Next time don't be so nice though. I want you to take firmer actions. Yes, firm...
Mike: Don't worry about my ability to play hard when I have to. See you around.



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