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Antagonists, sometimes referred to as archenemies or villains, are the polar opposite of the protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto games. The antagonist of a Grand Theft Auto game is usually a person that has betrayed or hurt the protagonist on a personal and social level or is motivated by revenge for a past action committed either intentionally or unintentionally by the protagonist, and spends the game moving against the protagonist in multiple ways. In this list the main antagonist is listed first for each game.

Description of most antagonists

In the GTA games, the main antagonist is sometimes introduced at the very beginning of the game (i.e. Frank Tenpenny), often as an ally or friend (Catalina, Sonny Forelli). Sometimes, the antagonist is the main reason that the protagonist visits the area that the game is set in (and the reason the game takes place; a perfect example of this is Darko Brevic). In most GTA games, the antagonist usually fakes a friendship or business relationship with the protagonist then eventually reveal their true intentions for the protagonist and betrays them later on, and becomes their main enemy (Lance Vance, Big Smoke, Dimitri Rascalov). This often occurs when he/she abruptly opens fire on the protagonist. The main character always hunts down and eliminates the main antagonist eventually, usually in a major battle at the end of the game.

There are both main and secondary antagonists of the game; the main antagonist is generally the one who causes the most drama to the game's story and ultimately commits the crimes that causes the most emotional anger in the protagonist. Secondary antagonists are characters who end up playing muchly the same role, but to a lesser degree. Often, the secondary and primary antagonists have some sort of affiliation with each other (Sonny Forelli and Lance Vance, Frank Tenpenny and Big Smoke, Devin Weston and Steve Haines). Grand Theft Auto Online is a notable exception to this trend because it barely has any secondary antagonists (minus Cliffford). Instead, the game's antagonists have little to no affiliation with each other and act as the main antagonists of their own individual storylines where they go up against the GTA Online Protagonist. Grand Theft Auto Online is also a progressive game with a timeline matching real-world events so some of its antagonists have made their debut as far back as 2017 while others have shown up as recently as 2021.

Antagonists usually have a gang behind them for protection. The protagonist will battle the antagonist's group and sometimes take over their gang. In all games except for Grand Theft Auto Online, the main antagonist dies (in every case but one by the protagonist's hand) and is sometimes joined by the secondary antagonist at the end of the game in a final battle, which wraps up the main storyline.

List of prominent antagonists

2D Universe

Grand Theft Auto

Unknown.png"Bald Man" Sonetti "Bald Man" Sonetti is an unseen prominent antagonist of the first two chapters of Grand Theft Auto, entitled "Gangsta Bang" and Heist Almighty". He is the leader of the Sonetti's Gang, and rival of Robert "Bubby" Seragliano from the Vercotti Crime Family from Liberty City. The GTA Protagonist spends the early part of the game working for Bubby and killing many of Sonetti's men and sabotaging their businesses, until they are warned off messing with Sonetti again by one of his men. However, the protagonist continues to work against Sonetti and eventually kills him by blowing up a building he is in before leaving the city.
Mission appearances: Heist Almighty - Cossie (Killed offscreen)
SamuelDeever-GTA1.pngSamuel Deever Samuel Deever is the protagonist's boss in the Grand Theft Auto chapter "Bent Cop Blues". He is the leader of the Vice Squad in Vice City, and once the protagonist arrives in the city, he contacts them telling he got evidence on everything the did so far in the events of the game that would put them away for life and uses it to blackmail the protagonist to do several jobs for him, ironically including collecting evidence against him from a VCPD rookie cop, some missions related to his divorce problems, and eventually killing the protagonist's former boss El Burro. Once all of his missions are done, Deever will suspect that protagonist is working behind his back, so he tells them to meet him in west Banana Grove, threatens them and tells them to stay away from him.

He is never seen physically again in the game. However, the mission "Rasta Blasta - Phone 5" from the last chapter of the game hints Samuel Deever may have died during this mission: the building which is destroyed at the end of this mission is exact the same one the player must drive Deever during "Bent Cop Blues - Phone 13".

Mission appearances: Bent Cop Blues (Boss; All missions)

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and 1961

Albert&ArchieCrisp-GTAL.pngThe Crisp Twins
(Albert & Archie)
The Crisp Twins are the bosses of London crime lords Harold Cartwright and Jack Parkinson, who are trying to become independent. Albert is considered the brains of the operation and gives instructions to the player while Archie remains silent. The final mission of GTA London 1969 leads the player to attempting to assassinate the Crisp Twins by blowing up their car with them in it and only succeeds into injuring them. At the end of the final cutscene they announce that Archie is moving to Devon and Albert is moving to Thailand to make sure the player "won't throw a bleeding A-Bomb next time."
Mission appearances (GTA London 1969): Chelsea Smile - Ending, Dead Certainty (Boss; All missions), Dead Certainty - Ending (Defeated)
Wheelchair-GTAL69.pngHans Nemesis Hans Nemesis is the codeword for the leader of Austrian terrorist cell which was operating in London, United Kingdom, during the 1960s; his real name is never revealed. In GTA London 1969, Hans Nemesis steals a mobile nuclear missile launcher from the British government while being followed by British secret agent Endeavour Chambers. Nemesis' plans, however, are foiled by the protagonist who stops the missile from launching on the order of Chamber's superiors, believing him to be the agent after finding the two ICBM codes in two cars travelling around London.

After trying to blow up nuclear missiles, Hans prepared to poison London's tea supply. The protagonist then is told to take the stolen sugar from Hans and exterminate some of his men. After the defeat of his plan, Hans confronts the protagonist in a wheelchair, then takes his own life

Mission appearances (GTA London 1969): Chelsea Smile - Walkie Talkie Mission 1, Dead Certainty - James Bomb (Suicide)
Mission appearances (GTA London 1961): When We Were Very Small - Walkie Talkie

Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Auto 2 does not feature any "real" antagonist or a prominent archenemy for the GTA 2 Protagonists. The game is focused on the players doing several jobs for different gang bosses around three different districts of Anywhere City to gain respect from them, while also secretly working against them. Once all jobs from each gang from a city district are completed, the protagonist themselves betray the gang leaders, tracks down and kills all of them, and later flees the city with the money they earned.

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto III

Catalina-GTAIII.pngCatalina Catalina is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto III. She is second-in-command, later leader of the Colombian Cartel. She betrayed long time boyfriend Claude after robbing a bank in Liberty City, shooting him in the chest and leaving Claude for dead. She later came to a deal with rival gang leader Salvatore Leone of the Leone Family to kill Claude and later sends hit squads after him. She kills Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen and her former right-hand man Miguel and kidnaps Maria Latore, resulting in a final showdown, which ends with Claude destroying the helicopter she was in with a rocket launcher.
Mission appearances: Introduction (betrayal), Cutting the Grass, Grand Theft Aero, The Exchange (killed)
Salvatore Leone
Salvatore Leone is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto III. He is the Don of the Leone Family and meets Claude when he drives made man Luigi Goterelli, caporegime Toni Cipriani and the Don's son Joey to his home for a meeting. He employs Claude for more jobs, including having him chaperone his trophy wife Maria Latore and tail and then assassinate a traitor in his outfit. Maria later informs Salvatore that she is in a relationship with Claude, in an attempt to anger him, resulting in Salvatore attempting to kill Claude with a car bomb after coming to an agreement with rival gang leader Catalina of the Colombian Cartel. Maria informs Claude of the trap, who escapes to Staunton Island with Maria and Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen, later returning to Portland Island to kill Salvatore as he left Luigi's Sex Club 7 to prove his loyalties to the Leone Family were over.
Mission appearances: Salvatore's Called A Meeting, Chaperone, Cutting the Grass, Bomb Da Base Act I, Last Requests (betrayal), Sayonara Salvatore (killed)
Miguel is the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto III . He is the right-hand man of the Colombian Cartel and betrayed Claude alongside Catalina during a bank robbery in Liberty City. He continues to work alongside Catalina until he is kidnapped by Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen who, believing the Cartel killed her brother Kenji, begins to torture him. Miguel reveals a number of the Cartel's operations to Asuka, with Claude acting against them, until he and Asuka are killed by Catalina in an attempt to stop Claude.
Mission appearances: Introduction (betrayal), Cutting the Grass, Grand Theft Aero, Bait, Espresso-2-Go!, S.A.M. (killed off-screen), Ransom (corpse)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Sonny Forelli
Sonny Forelli is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. An old friend of Tommy Vercetti, Sonny is the Don of the Forelli crime family, and presumably was friends with Tommy before 1971, when he sent him to Harwood "to kill one man", which unfortunately turned into an ambush. Tommy survived by killing eleven people but was later arrested and imprisoned, dubbed "the Harwood Butcher", and was released in 1986 when Sonny pulled strings for him. Sonny reached out to Ken Rosenberg, a bent lawyer in Vice City to help facilitate a drug deal there, and sent Tommy, Harry and Lee to Vice City so that they could conduct the deal with Victor Vance and Lance Vance, which would allow the Forelli crime family to establish a foothold in the drugs trade. Unfortunately, the deal is ambushed, resulting in the deaths of Harry, Lee and Victor Vance, and the loss of both the cocaine and the money. Sonny later calls Tommy numerous times to remind him of his obligations to him and the family, before sending collectors to Tommy's businesses. After Tommy kills them, however, he pays a visit to Tommy at his mansion, before revealing that he cut a deal with Lance Vance, who informed him of Tommy's plan to con him with counterfeit money, although the two are killed during a shootout in Tommy's mansion. Sonny's death severely weakened the Forelli crime family.
Mission appearances: In The Beginning..., An Old Friend, Keep Your Friends Close... (killed)
Lance Vance
Lance Vance is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Lance, co-leader of the Vance Crime Family, is a drug dealer who participated in a failed drug deal with the Forelli Family, including Tommy Vercetti. After witnessing his brother's death he begins to work with Tommy to track down the man responsible. The two later discover it to be the city drug baron Ricardo Diaz and, after briefly working for them, they kill him and take control of his assets. Lance, however, later begins to feel neglected by Tommy and forms an alliance with Forelli Family Don Sonny Forelli, although the two are later killed by Tommy in his mansion.
Mission appearances: In The Beginning..., Back Alley Brawl, Guardian Angels, Phnom Penh '86, Supply & Demand, Death Row, Rub Out, Shakedown, Bar Brawl, Cop Land, Hit the Courier, Keep Your Friends Close... (betrayal/killed)
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz is the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Diaz, the leader of Diaz' Gang and the drug baron of Vice City, uses his connections with Gonzalez to ambush the drug deal between the Forelli Family and the Vance Crime Family. Later, on the recommendation of friend Juan Cortez, he hires Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance, the victims of the ambushed drug deal. The two work for Diaz to learn how to run his criminal empire, before killing him in his mansion.
Mission appearances: The Party, Guardian Angels, The Chase, Phnom Penh '86, The Fastest Boat, Supply & Demand, Rub Out (killed)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Frank Tenpenny
Frank Tenpenny is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the leader of the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums division of the Los Santos Police Department alongside Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez. He believes in setting the gangs of Los Santos against each other and helps the Ballas and Grove Street Families members Big Smoke and Ryder in their attempts to kill Sweet. He later takes Sweet's brother, Carl to Angel Pine and follows him as he moves through San Andreas and interferes in his life in San Fierro and Las Venturas. Carl later meets him one last time in Big Smoke's crack palace after killing Smoke, and later chases him around Los Santos, resulting in Tenpenny driving his firetruck off a bridge into Grove Street, where he dies.
Mission appearances: In the Beginning, Running Dog, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Catalyst, Burning Desire, Gray Imports, The Green Sabre, Body Harvest,555 We Tip (voice), Snail Trail, Misappropriation, High Noon, End of the Line (death)
Big Smoke
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Smoke was a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families and a friend of Carl Johnson who, after Carl's return to Los Santos, hired him in various missions to help the Grove Street Families. Carl, however, is unaware of Smoke's involvement in the death of his mother (in an attempt to kill his brother Sweet), later discovering this with help from Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando. Smoke later takes control of the Grove Street Families after Sweet is arrested, and later allies himself with the Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, the Russian Mafia and San Fierro Rifa. Carl, upon his return to Los Santos, takes control of the Grove Street Families again with Sweet and later confronts Big Smoke, killing him in his crack palace.
Mission appearances: Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl, Tagging Up Turf, Cleaning the Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines and AKs, Drive-By, OG Loc, Running Dog, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Just Business, Reuniting the Families, The Green Sabre (betrayal), End of the Line (killed)
Lance "Ryder" Wilson, the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was a member of the Grove Street Families and a friend of Carl Johnson who, upon Carl's return to Los Santos, hired him to perform various missions to help the Grove Street Families. Carl, however, is unaware of Ryder's involvement in the death of his mother (in an attempt to kill his brother Sweet), later discovering this with help from Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando. Ryder later continues to work with Big Smoke and allies himself with the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate, their drug suppliers. He later meets Loco Syndicate member and San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez on Pier 69, although Mendez is killed by Carl and Cesar, with Ryder being killed shortly after in a boat chase.
Mission appearances: Sweet & Kendl, Ryder, Cleaning the Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines and AKs, Drive-By, Home Invasion, Catalyst, Robbing Uncle Sam, House Party, Reuniting the Families, The Green Sabre (betrayal), Photo Opportunity, Pier 69 (killed)
Eddie Pulaski
Eddie Pulaski is the quaternary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a member of the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums division of the Los Santos Police Department and follows the instructions of the divisions leader Frank Tenpenny. He and Tenpenny help the Ballas and Grove Street Families members Big Smoke and Ryder in their attempt to kill leader Sweet. He, Tenpenny and Jimmy Hernandez later take Sweet's brother Carl to Angel Pine and follow him throughout San Andreas and interfering in his life. Carl later meets Pulaski after retrieving a document. Pulaski, left by Tenpenny to bury Hernandez and kill Carl, is later killed by Carl after Hernandez, who was not dead, attempted to subdue Pulaski but was killed, allowing Carl to escape being shot. Carl then chases him down, killing him.
Mission appearances: In the Beginning, Running Dog, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Catalyst, Burning Desire, Gray Imports, The Green Sabre, Snail Trail, Misappropriation, High Noon (killed)

Grand Theft Auto Advance

Vinnie is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto Advance. Vinnie is an old friend and the partner-in-crime of Mike, acting as his mentor. Vinnie convinces Mike to pull off a few more jobs with him (primarily for the Mafia, which may be the Leone Family) before they leave Liberty City behind and retire with their ill-gotten gains. Unfortunately, their plan comes to a halt when Vinnie is killed in a 'mysterious explosion'. Mike then begins to work for various criminals throughout the city to discover the identity of Vinnie's killer but later discovers that Vinnie had faked his own death in order to escape with all the money they had collected, claiming that he was getting too old and realizing Mike's loyalty to him. Mike, angry at Vinnie's betrayal and the murders of friends Jonnie and Colombian Cartel leader Cisco at his hands, kills him (despite Vinnie's insistence that all of the city's small-time criminals will kill him for his money).
Mission appearances: Jump Start, Dirty Laundry, Hot Wheels, Ill-Gotten, Payback, Fake IDs, Getaway, Truth Revealed (betrayal/killed)
King Courtney
King Courtney, the leader of the Uptown Yardies gang and the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto Advance, first meets Mike after Mike chases him down following the murder of friend Jonnie, believing Courtney to be the culprit. Courtney, however, convinces Mike that Cisco, the leader of the Colombian Cartel, was the man responsible and hires Mike to work against the Cartel and later to kill Cisco. Mike, however, decides to work for Cisco, realising that King Courtney tricked him. After Vinnie's death at Mike's hands, Mike confronts Courtney again at his compound, wiping out his guards and almost killing him, realising that King Courtney will attempt to kill him for Vinnie's money. Mike, however, does not kill Courtney and later flees the city.
Mission appearances: Race to Run, Latin Coffee, The Big Score, Fine Dining (betrayal), Assault Joint (Defeated)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Massimo Torini
Massimo Torini is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. A high-ranking member (the underboss) of the Sicilian Mafia in the "Old Country" led by Uncle Leone, Massimo flies to Liberty City to 'bring peace' between the Leone Family, Forelli Family and Sindacco Family. Torini, however, is sent with secret instructions to form alliances with the Liberty City Triads and the Diablos, helping them to take over territory on Portland Island, in order to weaken the criminal underworld in the city before men from the "Old Country" arrived to take control. Whilst the Sindacco Family are pushed out completely and the Forelli Family are severely weakened, the Leone Family and Don Salvatore Leone remain through the work of Toni Cipriani and, after Salvatore's trial collapses, Torini kidnaps the city Mayor Miles O'Donovan, in order to coerce him into sending Salvatore Leone to jail. Salvatore and Toni chase Torini around the city in a boat and later corner him at Portland Rock, killing him and rescuing O'Donovan.
Mission appearances: Calm Before the Storm, The Sicilian Gambit (killed)
Paulie Sindacco
Paul "Paulie" Sindacco is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and the Don of the Sindacco Family in Liberty City. A relative (possibly son) of the late Sindacco member, Johnny Sindacco, whose family capitalised on Sonny Forelli's death to gain a foothold in Liberty City's underworld. His nickname "The Invisible Don" stems from the fact that rarely outside the family sees him due to his being on the move between Liberty City and Las Venturas on a day-to-day basis. The Sindaccos funneled money from their casinos in Las Venturas to continue their conquest of Leone and Forelli families turf on Portland and Staunton Island. However, one of his men, Joseph Daniel O'Toole, worked with Toni Cipriani to sabotage his operations, and Paulie is finally killed when Toni shoots him down in his boat in an attempt to flee Liberty City.
Mission appearances: Taking the Peace, Dead Reckoning (killed)
Vincenzo Cilli
Vincenzo Cilli is the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Cilli was a high-ranking member of the Leone Family and an associate of Toni Cipriani who, upon Toni's return to Liberty City from hiding, has been promoted to the rank of caporegime. Salvatore assigns Toni to Vincenzo's crew, who employs him to do initially menial tasks. Vincenzo, however, later has Toni drive a Banshee full of drugs away from an police ambush, although Toni destroys the car in retaliation and ends his association with Vincenzo. After Toni has gained considerable favour with Salvatore, however, Vincenzo later calls Toni and convinces him to meet him in the hull of a freighter docked in Atlantic Quays, stating that Salvatore wants them to both "grow up". Toni, however, walks into an ambush but manages to kill Cilli's followers and Cilli, who felt as though Toni, a rising star in the family, was upstaging him.
Mission appearances: Home Sweet Home, Slacker, Dealing Revenge(voice), Snuff, Smash and Grab, Hot Wheels (betrayal), The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade (killed)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Jerry Martinez
Jerry Martinez is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He was an army sergeant, who met Victor Vance in his office upon his arrival to Vice City, and persuaded him to become involved in the criminal underworld to earn more money to fund the asthma medication for his brother Pete. Martinez, however, quickly double crosses Victor and draws attention to drugs (which Vic was keeping on Martinez's orders) in Vic's possessions, also asking him to pick up a prostitute, resulting in him being discharged from the army by Sergeant Peppah. Martinez continues to taunt Victor and even attempts to have him killed. Victor conspires with his other brother Lance to steal Martinez' drug shipment, which later turns out to belong to Armando and Diego Mendez, resulting in Martinez entering police protection. He later decide to strike back and kidnaps Louise Cassidy-Williams, Victor's love interest, and savagely beats her. He later meets Victor once more at the top of the Mendez Compound in Downtown, Vice City. Martinez and Diego Mendez, however, are killed by Victor.
Mission appearances: Soldier, Cleaning House, Conduct Unbecoming, Truck Stop, Marked Men (betrayal), From Zero to Hero (unseen), Brawn of the Dead (voice), The Mugshot Longshot, Last Stand (killed)
ArmandoMendez-GTAVCS.jpgArmando Mendez Armando Mendez was one of the two co-leaders of the Mendez Cartel, drug barons of Vice City and secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Armando (and Diego) are first introduced to Victor and Lance Vance after the Vance brothers attempt to make peace by stating they had no involvement in their stolen drug shipment (despite doing so). The Mendez brothers threaten to kill the Vance brothers unless they work for them, which they agree to and do so until they are attacked and taken to Viceport, where they were to be killed. Victor and Lance, however, survive and Victor later uses a Domestobot to destroy his bearer bonds before killing him after he kidnapped and fatally shot his love interest Louise Cassidy-Williams.
Mission appearances: The Mugshot Longshot, Hostile Takeover, Unfriendly Competition, High Wire, Burning Bridges (betrayal), Domo Arigato Domestoboto, Light My Pyre (killed)
DiegoMendez-GTAVCS.jpgDiego Mendez Diego Mendez, the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, is one of the two co-leaders of the Mendez Cartel and drug barons of Vice City. Diego (and Armando) are first introduced to Victor and Lance Vance after the Vance brothers attempt to make peace by stating they had no involvement in their stolen drug shipment (despite doing so). The Mendez brothers threaten to kill the Vance brothers unless they work for them, which they agree to and do so until they are attacked and taken to Viceport, where they were to be killed. Victor and Lance, however, survive and Victor later meets Diego and Jerry Martinez on the roof of the Mendez Compound, killing both of them, wiping out the Mendez Cartel for good.
Mission appearances: The Mugshot Longshot, Unfriendly Competition, Burning Bridges (betrayal), Last Stand (killed)
Marty Jay Williams
Marty Jay Williams, the leader of the Trailer Park Mafia, the quaternary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and husband of Louise Cassidy-Williams, was first introduced to Victor Vance on the recommendation of his brother-in-law Phil Cassidy. He hires Victor to help him expand and diversify his criminal empire. Marty, however, constantly shows contempt for his wife and his daughter Mary-Beth, with Louise eventually leaving him and moving in with her sister Mary-Jo. Louise returns to their trailer to get more of her belongings but is kidnapped by her husband, who planned on using her as a prostitute at his brothel in Little Havana. Victor, however, rescues Louise and kills Marty.
Mission appearances: Shakedown, Fear the Repo, Waking Up the Neighbors, O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?, Got Protection?, D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (betrayal/killed)

HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV

Dimitri Rascalov
Dimitri Rascalov is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. Dimitri was the right-hand man of Mikhail Faustin, the head of the Faustin Mafiya, with whom he had previously served in the Russian military. Dimitri and Mikhail travelled to Liberty City together and set up shop there. Dimitri meets Niko and Roman Bellic after they are kidnapped by Andrei on Faustin's orders, once they realise that Niko killed Vladimir Glebov. Rascalov reluctantly watches as Niko works for Faustin, including killing Lenny Petrovic, son of fellow Russian mob boss Kenny Petrovic, fearing for the future of their organization under Faustin's leadership. Rascalov makes a deal with Kenny and has Niko kill Faustin at his club before betraying Niko and siding with Ray Bulgarin, an old associate of Niko, who claimed that Niko ripped him off. Dimitri then had Roman's apartment and business burned down, and later had Roman kidnapped, although Niko rescued him. Dimitri later makes a threatening phone call to Niko, after discovering that he attempted to exchange Gracie Ancelotti for Bulgarin's diamonds. Not too long after that, Dimitri attempts to blackmail Bryce Dawkins, the deputy mayor of Liberty City, by exposing his relationship with Bernie Crane, however Niko chases after and kills two of Dimitri's men to send a message to him, and later protects Bernie from several of Dimitri's men and kills them all. Dimitri attempts to blackmail Bryce Dawkins into putting up Gambetti-owned city contracts for tender, and later orchestrates an attack on Bobby Jefferson's security escort, after discovering that Jefferson is heading to city hall to deliver a speech on Russian organized crime in Liberty City, so that attention won't be drawn to his operation. However, his attempt to have Bobby Jefferson killed fails after Niko protects Bobby Jefferson from Dimitri's hitmen and takes him to city hall to deliver his speech. Dimitri also establishes a cocaine distribution ring with the Ancelotti crime family which smuggles cocaine across the country, and so Niko, acting under orders from his IAA handler and Jon Gravelli, destroys a fleet of vans at their main warehouse. Niko later ambushes Dimitri's men at the docks with Phil and steals a large shipment of cocaine meant for the Ancelottis, and shortly after, takes out all of Dimitri's men standing guard at the abandoned Sprunk factory in Tudor so that he can eliminate Charles Matteo, the underboss of the Ancelotti family, before he informs the Commission that the Pegorinos stole their cocaine from the Russians. Jimmy Pegorino, the boss of the Pegorino Family, ultimately informs Niko that he needs to sell a large supply of heroin in order to get back on his feet, and that he intends to use Dimitri Rascalov to broker the sale. Depending on which ending is chosen, Niko either participates in the deal, only to be betrayed by Dimitri yet again, who has killed the buyers and kept the heroin for himself, leaving Niko and Phil to attack the buyers and steal their money, or infiltrates the Platypus, where Dimitri is holed up, taking out all his men there before killing Dimitri. If the former ending (Deal) is chosen, then Dimitri sends a hitman to kill Niko at Roman's wedding, resulting in Roman's accidental death after Niko briefly struggles with his attacker, and tails Pegorino's men to an abandoned casino in Alderney, where Dimitri kills Jimmy Pegorino before escaping, forcing Niko to chase after him all the way to Happiness Island, where he takes out the rest of his men there before confronting Dimitri and leaving him to succumb from his gunshot wounds, avenging his cousin's death.
Mission appearances: Crime and Punishment, Do You Have Protection?, Final Destination, Rigged to Blow, The Master and the Molotov, Russian Revolution (betrayal), If the Price is Right (voice, Deal), A Revenger's Tragedy (killed, Deal), A Dish Served Cold (killed, Revenge)
Jimmy Pegorino
Jimmy Pegorino, the Don of the Pegorino Family and the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, first meets Niko Bellic after he was recommended by Phil Bell, an associate in his organization and trusted confidant. He initially hires Niko to attend and watch over a meet with the Pavano Family, which turns out to be a Pavano ambush. Pegorino attempted to give them an offering in the hope of getting onto The Commission, which is stolen from him and then retrieved by Niko. Deciding to go to war with the Pavano's, who he lets operate in Alderney, Pegorino sends Niko to assassinate one of their crews during a meeting. Pegorino initially believes that Niko is an informant (even holding him at gunpoint) and has him kill both Anthony Corrado (a mole for the FIB), and later Ray Boccino (as a rat). Pegorino later asks him to take part in a drug deal with Niko's arch enemy, Dimitri Rascalov. If Niko decides to go along with the deal, Rascalov kills the buyers and leaves Phil and Niko to retrieve the money themselves. Niko tails some of Pegorino's men to an abandoned casino, where he witnesses Rascalov executing Pegorino, after a hitman sent by Rascalov to kill Niko accidentally killed Roman at his wedding. If Niko decides not to take part, Niko murders Rascalov and then Pegorino, after Pegorino killed Niko's love interest Kate McReary at Roman's wedding while attempting to kill Niko. Pegorino was regarded by the Commission, in Niko's words, as a fat fucking joke. At some point prior to Ray Boccino's death, the Pegorino crime family was heavily under police surveillance, and half of Pegorino's men were locked up.
Mission appearances: Pegorino's Pride, Payback, Flatline, Pest Control, One Last Thing, Mr. and Mrs. Bellic (betrayal, Revenge), A Revenger's Tragedy (killed, Deal), Out of Commission (killed, Revenge)
Darko Brevic
Darko Brevic, the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, originally from Yugoslavia, was an old friend and comrade of Niko Bellic during the Yugoslav Wars. During the war, however, he sold out the unit (including Niko, Florian Cravic, Goran, Dragan, Mijo and Dmitar) to their enemies for $1,000 to help feed his heroin addiction. He later fled to Bucharest, Romania. Niko Bellic, after moving to the city to find Florian Cravic, who he initially believed to be the traitor, although upon meeting him, they both realize that Darko was to blame. Niko soon receives help from his contact at United Liberty Paper and Gambetti Family Don Jon Gravelli in tracking down Brevic, who kidnap him and bring him to Liberty City, leaving him at Francis International Airport. After confronting Brevic, Niko has the option of killing him, with Niko realizing that he feels better for letting him live and suffer, or feeling 'empty' after killing a thankful Darko.
Mission appearances: That Special Someone (can be killed)
Vladimir Glebov
Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov from Russia is the quaternary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. Vlad is a member of the Faustin Family operating in Hove Beach as a debt collector. After Niko Bellic moved to Liberty City, Vlad saw his ability to fight, and forced him into paying off his cousins debts. Niko later finds about that Vlad had sex with Mallorie Bardas, Roman's wife, Niko and Roman chase Vlad, with Niko killing him, although he warned Niko that Faustin will kill them. After dumping his corpse into the water, Mikhail Faustin kidnaps them, and employs Niko, calling Vlad an idiot.
Mission appearances: It's Your Call, Easy Fare, Bull in a China Shop, Hung Out to Dry, Clean Getaway, Ivan the Not So Terrible, Uncle Vlad (killed)

The Lost and Damned

Billy Grey
William "Billy" Grey is the main antagonist of The Lost and Damned. Grey was the president of the Alderney chapter of The Lost Brotherhood and an old friend of Johnny Klebitz, who he had met at some point before his incarceration on a drug-related felony, resulting in Johnny being named as the acting president of their Alderney chapter. He is released from a rehabilitation center and take control of the gang once more, escalating the violence between The Lost Brotherhood and their long-time rivals, the Angels of Death, once again, thus violating a truce recently established between the two gangs. Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald, however, begin to disagree with the way Billy runs the gang, which results in a deal being made between Billy and the Triads to return the heroin they stole from the Angels of Death to the Triads. The deal was engineered to kill Johnny and Jimmy, who survived after the Triads turned against Grey and his friend Brian Jeremy. Billy is arrested again but agrees to turn state's evidence against The Lost Brotherhood, resulting in Johnny and the remaining members of their gang breaking into the Alderney State Correctional Facility and Johnny killing Billy before he can enter the witness protection program.
Mission appearances: Clean and Serene, Angels in America, It's War, Action/Reaction, This Shit's Cursed (betrayal/arrested), Get Lost (Killed)
Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino is the secondary antagonist of The Lost and Damned. Boccino, a caporegime in the Pegorino Family, is first seen selling grenade launchers to Billy at the clubhouse, where he meets Johnny. Ray, needing to use the Lost MC to sell illegal goods to, informs Jim Fitzgerald that Brian Jeremy phoned him and reveals his location to Johnny, hoping to do business with them after the civil war comes to a close. He enlists the Lost MC's help in ambushing a diamond deal at the shipping yard and stealing the diamonds. He then asks Johnny and Niko Bellic to participate in a diamond deal at The Libertonian with Isaac Roth and Mori Green, both of whom are representing the Jewish Mob, although the deal is ambushed by Luis Fernando Lopez, allowing Johnny to steal the money. Boccino has Jim Fitzgerald kidnapped, although Johnny later rescues him, before Jim is killed by Niko Bellic on Ray Boccino's orders. Johnny planned on killing Boccino but was advised not to by congressman Thomas Stubbs III as he and the Pegorino Family are under surveillance. Boccino was later killed by Niko Bellic.
Mission appearances: Action/Reaction, Bad Standing, Diamonds in the Rough, Collector's Item (voice), Was It Worth It? (betrayal)
Brian Jeremy
Brian Jeremy is the tertiary antagonist of The Lost and Damned. Brian, a high-ranking member of The Lost Brotherhood, met Johnny Klebitz at some point before 2008. Jeremy is the club secretary and a staunch loyalist of Billy Grey, the incarcerated president of the club's Alderney chapter and, upon Grey's release from a rehabilitation center, works with Billy in escalating violence against rival gang the Angels of Death. Jeremy and Grey later make a deal with the Triads to kill Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald, although the Triads betray Billy and Brian. He later argues with Johnny and forms his own sub-sect within the gang and later informs Ray Boccino of his location, believing Boccino to be on his side. Boccino, however, informs Johnny of his location and Johnny has the opportunity to kill him after attacking Jeremy's home. If Johnny spares Jeremy, he later meets him again on the streets of Liberty City, where he kills him, after Jeremy lead him into an ambush.
Mission appearances: Clean and Serene, Angels in America, It's War, Action/Reaction, Buyer's Market, This Shit's Cursed (betrayal), End of Chapter, Bad Standing (Can be killed), Random Encounter (Killed, if spared)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Wu "Kenny" Lee
Wu "Kenny" Lee is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The leader of the Lee Family (a sub-sect of the Liberty City Triads) and the owner of the Sum Yung Gai restaurant, Wu Lee is also the uncle of Huang Lee. After losing face with Triad leader Hsin Jaoming when his nephew, Huang Lee, is ambushed and left for dead upon arriving to Liberty City - as Huang's attackers stole Yu Jian, a family heirloom Wu was supposed to hand over to Hsin in order to cement his position as his successor - Wu hires his nephew to carry out several jobs for him in order to maintain his power and impress Hsin. Wu later obtains 'evidence' that rival Triad lieutenants Zhou Ming and Chan Jaoming, Hsin's son, are the FIB informants that Hsin is looking for. Hsin, disgraced that his own son is supposedly an informant, steps down as boss of the Liberty City Triads and names Wu Lee as his successor. Huang later kills the two, acting under orders from his uncle, but following a tipoff from Wade Heston, discovers his own uncle to be the FIB informant and secret leader of the Wonsu Nodong, but more importantly for Huang, the man who killed his father to obtain the Yu Jian Sword, which he planned to give to Hsin. Huang and Wade Heston, a corrupt undercover police detective, chase down and kill him in Hsin's penthouse, discovering an injured Hsin in the process.
Mission appearances: Yu Jian, Pursuit Farce, Under the Gun, Payback, The Wheelman, Tricks of the Triad, Natural Burn Killer, Recruitment Drive, Carpe Dime, Store Wars, Copter Carnage, Kenny Strikes Back, Missed the Boat?, By Myriads of Swords, Rat Race, Salt in the Wound (betrayal/killed)
Zhou Ming
Zhou Ming, leader of the Ming Family (a sub-sect of the Triads) and the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, meets Huang Lee after contacting him by an e-mail to meet him for work, after presumably being impressed by his capability whilst working for his uncle Wu and Chan Jaoming. Zhou hires Huang in an attempt to increase his standing in the eyes of retiring Triad leader Hsin Jaoming, in an attempt to be named his successor. Wu Lee later obtains 'evidence' proving that Zhou and Chan were FIB informants, resulting in Zhou being killed.
Mission appearances: Stealing the Show, Flatliner, Bomb Disposal, Driven to Destruction, Cash and Burn, Dragon Haul Z, The Fandom Menace, So Near, Yet Sonar, Hit from the Tong (false betrayal/killed)
Chan Jaoming
Chan Jaoming is the 40 year old son of Hsin Jaoming and the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He is a member of his father's set of the Liberty City Triads, the Jaoming Family. Chan is one of three possible contenders (the other two being Wu Lee and Zhou Ming) to inherit his father's position. He is believed to be the underboss of the Jaoming Family and has a group of loyal supporters. Both him and Zhou were falsely accused of being the FBI informant who was ratting out the Triads (only to be revealed to be Kenny) and they were both killed by Huang on Hsin's orders.
Mission appearances: Pimp His Ride, Whack the Racers, Jackin' Chan, Raw Deal, Sa-boat-age, Counterfeit Gangster, Slaying With Fire, Clear the Pier (false betrayal/killed)
Rudy D'Avanzo
Rudy D'Avanzo is the quaternary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. After his father died in a fish factory explosion he grew a hatred to the Triads, as they were the suspect. Rudy contacts Huang and says that the FIB rat is Jimmy Capra, offering help in gaining the evidence. After being attacked by Capra's men and recovering a recording that Rudy planted inside Jimmy's car, Capra asks D'Avanzo to meet him, and Rudy brings Huang with him to kill Capra. But Jimmy actually set up a ambush, but both Huang and Rudy survive. Huang, after realizing that Rudy was using him and that Jimmy wasn't the rat, decides to go for revenge. When Rudy D'Avanzo is finally found, he is revealed to be a cross-dresser. After this reveal, Huang kills him.
Mission appearances: Grave Situation, Steal the Wheels, The World's a Stooge, Oversights, A Rude Awakening (betrayal/killed)

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Ray Bulgarin
Ray Bulgarin is the main antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Bulgarin was a Russian crime lord who immigrated to Liberty City and ran a human trafficking operation across the Adriatic sea, and also lived on a mansion on the waterfront. He employed Niko Bellic, who smuggled people in Eastern Europe to Italy until one run in which the ship sank and Niko was forced to abandon ship. He blames Niko for the loss and sought to hunt him down. He came back to Liberty City and met up with his old friend Dimitri Rascalov, who coincidentally was working with Niko. Dimitri offered Niko to him, yet the latter person fought off Dimitri's ambush with the help of Little Jacob, and Bulgarin escaped. At one point, he crossed paths with Luis Lopez and Gay Tony when he visited Maisonette 9 with Timur, and hired Luis to assist him in his missions, which included killing corrupt NOOSE officers who were attempting to frame Bulgarin and murdering the owner of a hockey team for refusing to sell. Discovering that The Cook, Luis and Gay Tony were part of the diamond deal, he beheaded the Cook and left Luis to find his head, before sending a team of assassins after him, though Luis killed them and escaped. He encountered Niko and Luis one last time and orders his men to attack them and leaves. Ray later had a sit-down with Giovanni Ancelotti to discuss Gracie Ancelotti's kidnapping and the theft of the diamonds, and both agree that Tony has to die. After Luis takes out the hordes of assassins sent to kill Tony and Luis at Maisonette 9 on Bulgarin's orders, Bulgarin attempts to flee the city, however Luis destroys his heroin and then infiltrates his private jet, gunning down Bulgarin and escaping as a grenade destroys the aircraft.
Mission appearances: Boulevard Baby, Going Deep, Dropping In, In the Crosshairs (betrayal), Ladies Half Price (voice), Departure Time (Killed)
Rocco Pelosi

Rocco Pelosi is the secondary antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is a made man in the Ancelotti Crime Family and a distant relation of Giovanni Ancelotti, to whom Gay Tony owes a lot of money. He and his uncle are sent to collect from him. Throughout the game, Rocco forces Tony and Luis to perform several dangerous tasks in order to pay off their debt, but by the end, the pressure from Don Giovanni Ancelotti on Rocco to get the money back from Tony and Luis is so great that Rocco tells Luis that the only way to end the debt is for Luis to kill Tony and keep the clubs so that the Ancelotti Family can co-run them. Luis initially agrees to this but at the moment of killing Tony, he changes his mind and instead shoots Rocco's uncle in the head, killing him. The only thing that saves Rocco is that he is a "made man", as Tony says. After Luis kills Ray Bulgarin, Rocco flees the city (as his voicemail states, if called after Party's Over and before Departure Time) to Los Santos, where he becomes a corrupt talent agent, forcing notable actors to renegotiate their contracts and force the studios to buy them out. In GTA V, Rocco attempts his scheme on movie producer Solomon Richards who then sends former bank robber Michael De Santa to intimidate Rocco and retrieve his actor and director. Rocco and his friend Gianni then assault Richards for sending Michael, however Michael spots the two and they then flee with their car. A vengeful Richards then orders Michael to get the two "millenial asswipes". Michael chases Rocco and Gianni throughout the city and kills them.

Mission appearances : I Luv LC, Practice Swing, Boulevard Baby, Frosting on the Cake, Party's Over

Timur is Ray Bulgarin's right hand man and the tertiary antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. When Luis begins working for Ray, Timur accompanies Luis with Ray on his first job and as a chopper pilot when he is tasked with raiding the MeTV building. In the last mission, Luis heads to Funland where Bulgarin's men were supervising a heroin shipment. He destroyed the heroin and killed the men, but soon after, Timur and more backup arrive, telling Luis that Bulgarin was at the airport ready to leave in his Blue Ghawar jet. He reveals that he was trying to turn Bulgarin against Luis, telling him he was too weak. Timur is killed and Luis makes his way to the airport, soon after kills Bulgarin.

Mission appearances : Boulevard Baby, Going Deep, Dropping In, Departure Time (Killed)
Uncle Vince TBOGT.png
Uncle Vince

Vincenzo, better known as "Uncle" Vince, is the quaternary antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Vince is the uncle of Rocco Pelosi, the secondary antagonist of the same game. He is also related to the Ancelotti Crime Family. Vince and Rocco are send to collect money from Gay Tony. After Gracie has been released after a kidnapping, Luis meets Pelosi and Vincenzo at the underground restrooms of Middle Park, and is told by them to kill Tony, beacuse they want to work with Luis in the future, and Giovanni wants one of them dead. As Luis is about to shoot Gay Tony, he has "second thoughts" and decides to kill Uncle Vince instead. Rocco is spared due to his "made man" status, but he still dies a few years later.

Mission appearances : I Luv LC, Boulevard Baby, Party's Over (Killed)

Grand Theft Auto V

Devin Weston
Devin Weston is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is a wealthy investor described by Lester Crest as a 'pseudo-liberal', and a majority shareholder in Merryweather Security, owning 11% of its stock. He is one of the most powerful and richest men in Los Santos, with connections to everyone from FIB agent Steve Haines to Solomon Richards. He hires Trevor, Franklin, and Lamar to steal several vehicles for him before refusing to pay, and uses Michael in his plan to redevelop the land occupied by the Richards Majestic Productions studio into condominiums (although this ultimately falls through). After Michael accidentally causes the death of Devin's lawyer Molly Schultz, Weston sends his men to kill Michael's family, however, Michael manages to stop them. Weston orders Franklin to murder Michael, but Trevor kidnaps Weston and puts him in the trunk in one of Weston’s cars, before the three protagonists push the car off a cliff, killing him.
Mission appearances: By The Book, Blitz Play, I Fought the Law..., Eye In The Sky, Deep Inside, Legal Trouble, Meltdown (betrayal), The Third Way (Killed, Option C)
Steve Haines
Steven "Steve" Haines is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is a decorated FIB agent and the host of popular reality show The Underbelly Of Paradise. He forces Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton into carrying out several missions against the IAA, however, later attempts to kill Michael after the agency begins to suspect him, although this fails as the meeting between Michael and himself is ambushed by the IAA, Merryweather, and a rival FIB team. He orders Franklin to kill Trevor, but Trevor assassinates Haines at a ferris wheel on the Del Perro Pier.
Mission appearances: Three's Company, By The Book, Blitz Play, Paleto Score Setup, Monkey Business, Cleaning Out the Bureau, The Wrap Up (betrayal), Lamar Down, The Third Way (Killed, Option C)
Wei Cheng
Wei Cheng is the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is the leader of the Los Santos Triads, who seeks to expand his drug dealing business, which leads him to consider Trevor as a potential business partner, but he turns down the partnership in favor of the O'Neil brothers due to Trevor's reckless behavior, leading Trevor to kill the O'Neils. Cheng sends his men to capture Trevor, but they capture Michael instead, trying to use him to lure Trevor to them, which fails as Michael is saved by Franklin. At the end of the game, Franklin kills Wei.
Mission appearances: Bury the Hatchet (phone call), Fresh Meat, The Third Way (Killed, Option C)
Harold "Stretch" Joseph is the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is a senior member of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families, who secretly defected to the Ballas while in prison. He sets traps for Lamar Davis, including having him kidnapped by the Ballas, although Lamar is later saved by Franklin. At the end of the game, Michael murders Stretch, which ignites a gang shooting that Michael later survives in.
Mission appearances: The Long Stretch, The Third Way (Killed, Option C)
Molly Schultz
Molly Schultz is the quinary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. She is Devin Weston's lawyer and the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Devin Weston Holdings that also is in love with Weston. She is often the one to handle contacts between Devin and the protagonists. Devin asks her to take and story a copy of Meltdown, the movie Michael and Solomon are making. While Michael just wants to talk to Schultz, she mistakenly thinks he wants to kill her, and starts panicking. At the end, she is sucked into a jet engine, killing her.
Mission appearances: I Fought the Law..., Eye In The Sky, Deep Inside (phone call), Pack Man, Legal Trouble (death)

Grand Theft Auto Online

AvonHertz-GTAO-Portrait.pngAvon Hertz Avon Hertz is the main antagonist of The Doomsday Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online and the creator of the Cliffford AI neural network. He is an American billionaire and genius tech mogul who becomes acquainted with the GTA Online Protagonist in 2017 following an introduction by Lester Crest. Initially, he works as an ally/associate and hires Lester and the protagonist to take on some extremely dangerous missions that he believes will be beneficial to saving the United States from a devastating conflict. He later affiliates with the International Affairs Agency after the mission The Data Breaches. In the mission The Bogdan Problem, he and Cliffford betray everyone and then scheme to commit genocide against the human race by triggering a nuclear war. Around that same time, he also gets his own private army known as the Cliffford Mercenaries. He is killed in the mission The Doomsday Scenario when the protagonist incinerates him with a homing missile.
Mission appearances: Setup: Dead Courier, Setup: Signal Intercepts, Setup: Server Farm, The Data Breaches, Setup: Avenger, Setup: Rescue ULP, Setup: Salvage Hard Drives, Setup: Submarine Recon, The Bogdan Problem (Betrayal), The Doomsday Scenario (Killed)
Clifford-GTAO-PortraitLogo.pngCliffford Cliffford is the secondary antagonist of The Doomsday Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online. He is an AI neural network created by Avon Hertz, whom he regards as his "daddy". Like Avon, he becomes acquainted with the GTA Online Protagonist in 2017 and initially works as an ally/associate. In the mission The Bogdan Problem, he and Avon betray everyone they have associated with (the protagonist, Lester Crest, and the International Affairs Agency) and then scheme to commit genocide against the human race by triggering a nuclear war. He is supposedly "killed" in the mission The Doomsday Scenario when the protagonist destroys all of his mobile cloud servers using an orbital cannon. Technically, he is really "offline/lost in cyberspace" because he is an artificial intelligence program and there is no longer any code of him left in existence.
Mission appearances: Setup: Dead Courier, Setup: Signal Intercepts, Setup: Rescue ULP, The Bogdan Problem (Betrayal), The Doomsday Scenario (Offline/Lost in Cyberspace)
AveryDuggan-GTAO.pngAvery Duggan Avery Duggan is the main antagonist of The Diamond Casino & Resort for Grand Theft Auto Online. He is the leader of the Duggan Crime Family, the uncle of Thornton Duggan, and a wealthy businessman hailing from Texas who has multiple investments all across the world. In San Andreas, his investments are primarily in oil and natural gas and he has a reputation for being extremely ruthless in order to get what he wants. In 2019, he and his associates begin causing trouble for the newly opened Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos, seeking a hostile takeover of the business. The GTA Online Protagonist is contacted by both the casino's new manager, Agatha Baker, and the casino's owner, Tao Cheng, for help in attempting to make peace with Avery. Tao soon changes his mind and decides to hire the protagonist to foil Avery's plans by any means necessary. The protagonist goes on to destroy most of Avery's assets in the oil and gas industries and then thwarts his retaliatory attempt to trash the casino via mercenaries and helicopters. He is killed in the mission Casino - Cashing Out when the protagonist storms his ranch and shoots down his escape helicopter on orders from Tao.
Mission appearances: Casino - Strong Arm Tactics, Casino - Cashing Out (Killed)
ThorntonDuggan-GTAO.pngThornton Duggan Thornton Duggan is the main antagonist of The Diamond Casino Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online. He is the nephew of Avery Duggan, the second/current owner of the Diamond Casino & Resort, and the second/current leader of the Duggan Crime Family. After Tao Cheng was forced to sell the casino and return to China in 2019, his sister, Georgina Cheng, flies to Los Santos with a mission. She uses her hacking skills to arrange a meeting between Lester Crest and the GTA Online Protagonist in Mirror Park. Once both realize they've been set up Georgina appears and persuades Lester into coming out of retirement to help her plan an elaborate heist on the Diamond as revenge against the Duggan Crime Family for taking advantage of her brother. After careful planning, the casino is robbed multiple times, humiliating Thornton and costing him millions due to his insurance premiums.
Mission appearances: Casino - Strong Arm Tactics, Casino - Bad Beat, Casino - Cashing Out, Casino Heist - Aggressive (Unseen), Casino Heist - The Big Con (Unseen), Casino Heist - Silent & Sneaky (Unseen)
TheBoss (Kkangpae)-GTAO.jpgThe Boss of the Kkangpae The Boss of the Kkangpae is the main antagonist of Los Santos Summer Special for Grand Theft Auto Online. He and his gang enter into a feud with the GTA Online Protagonist in 2020 after the destruction of several of his boats in the mission A Superyacht Life - Overboard. Following several back-and-forth attacks between the two sides, Captain Brendan Darcy of the protagonist's yacht gets a lead on The Boss' whereabouts and he is killed in the mission A Superyacht Life - D-Day. The protagonist storms his yacht, eliminates his guards, and shoots down his escape helicopter when he attempts to flee. Following his death, it's revealed that a bounty had existed on his head and the protagonist collects it.
Mission appearances: A Superyacht Life - Salvage (Post-mission message), A Superyacht Life - All Hands (Post-mission message), A Superyacht Life - Icebreaker (Post-mission message), A Superyacht Life - Bon Voyage (Post-mission message), A Superyacht Life - D-Day (Killed)
Juan Strickler
(El Rubio)
Juan Strickler, better known as "El Rubio", is the main antagonist of The Cayo Perico Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online. He is considered the world's most notorious narcotrafficker, who owns the island of Cayo Perico, one of the most secure private islands in the entire world, and uses it as the nerve center of his drug empire. El Rubio is also a major supplier of drugs to Martin Madrazo and his cartel and loves extravagant music parties with "top notch" DJs. He is known to frequently host these kinds of parties on Cayo Perico and invites dozens of "celebrities" from Los Santos to participate in them. He first crosses paths with the GTA Online Protagonist in 2020 when the latter infiltrates Cayo Perico disguised as the tour manager for DJ group Keinemusik at one of El Rubio's parties. Miguel Madrazo, son of Martin Madrazo, secretly makes all the "arrangements" on his father's behalf because El Rubio has recently been attempting to blackmail the Madrazo Cartel with incriminating evidence he's acquired against them. After gathering all the necessary intel and equipment, the protagonist returns to Cayo Perico to orchestrate an elaborate heist where they infiltrate El Rubio's Compound, eliminate a bunch of his guards, and steal the evidence from his vault. Right before the evidence is destroyed, Miguel encourages the protagonist to continue robbing from El Rubio as many times as their heart desires. So that's exactly what they do, and it sends El Rubio into a near constant state of drug-fueled anxiety, rage, depression, and paranoia.
Mission appearances: Heist Prep: Gather Intel, The Cayo Perico Heist
Jonathan Henderson
(Johnny Guns)
Jonathan Henderson, better known as "Johnny Guns", is the main antagonist of The Contract for Grand Theft Auto Online. He is an executive and producer for WesLos Records and has maintained a hostile relationship with his rival, Dr. Dre, since the 1990s. In late 2020, Guns secretly broke into the house of Dre's manager, Jimmy Iovine, and made off with both Dre's car and smartphone containing lots of unreleased music and demos. One year later, Dre has successfully recovered his car but not his phone. Seeking help, Dre is soon contacted by Franklin Clinton who has recently founded a "celebrity solutions agency" with the GTA Online Protagonist called F. Clinton and Partner. The three have their first meeting at the Los Santos Golf Club in the mission On Course and, with some "convincing," Dre agrees to contract with F. Clinton and Partner. Making it very clear that not only does he want his phone recovered but also wants the people responsible to pay for stealing his music. The search for Dre's phone is spearheaded by Imani, who starts things off in the mission Setup: Data Recovery by having the protagonist break and enter FIB Headquarters for leads. It is there she deduces that the thief has gone and created three copies of Dre's phone and passed them along to three unknown sources. F. Clinton and Partner eventually track down the copies from a casino penthouse party, a tech billionaire’s private estate, and a street gang war in South Central. All evidence points back to Johnny Guns and the orignal phone as the source. With his cover blown, Guns "throws the first punch" in the mission Studio Time by having his private militia storm Record A Studios to intimidate everybody inside, including Dre. Franklin sends the protagonist to thwart the attack and Dre expresses his thanks by inviting them to join him for "drugs, drinks, and music." In the mission Don't Fuck With Dre, Guns' whereabouts are found by Imani and the protagonist is sent to kill him. The pursuit of Guns leads all the way to Devin Weston's hanger at Los Santos International Airport. En-route, Franklin calls the protagonist to tell them there's been a change of plans. Dre now wants Guns captured alive so that the two of them can "have a word." After eliminating his guards, the protagonist subdues Guns before forcing him outside the hanger to meet with Dre. Guns attempts to defend himself by claiming that he has always admired Dre and never meant to cause any trouble. Dre obviously doesn't believe a word of this and tells Guns that while the biggest "leaks" have been plugged, it's impossible to completely recover all the stolen music from Dre's phone. Thus the damage done by Guns' actions is irreversible. Guns then changes his tone and tells Dre that he should never have tried keeping his music secret for untold amounts of time, hording it away from the world. Guns then insults Dre by telling him to "go back to the golf course" because he's way out of his element. This causes Dre to snap and he takes a golf club from one of his vehicles before using it to whack Guns repeatedly. The outcome of the beating is not revealed although Dre claims that "golf does put him in a better mood." He then asks the protagonist to drive him "home" which is actually a waiting Volatus at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club. Along the way, Dre shares a piece of his latest music with them as a token of his gratitude.
Mission appearances: Don't Fuck With Dre (Defeated)


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