"Oh, ok. Everyone is so talented, but I'm going to have to go with.... Okay. Umm so sorry. Umm, let me just, okay... Umm... I'm gonna go with Masturbating Monkeys."
―Anita on the Fame or Shame show.

Anita Mendoza is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Anita is an actress, 1990s pop singer and choreographer who has become a judge on the Fame or Shame TV show. During the course of the show, she approves Hugh Harrison's insults at Lazlow Jones and simply considers it as British humor. Anita mentions that Lazlow slept with an overweight woman in exchange for putting her through to the finals. Lazlow initially denies this before later confirming it.

She is most likely a parody of pop stars like Paula Abdul and Demi Lovato, whom have both judged on similar shows American Idol and The X Factor, respectively.

Mission Appearances




  • Anita shares her model (particularly her hairstyle, facial structure and scarf) with pedestrians seen around Rockford Hills, Burton and Vinewood.