Angel Pine against the backdrop of Mount Chiliad.

"Logging town at the foot of Mount Chiliad, now a center for outdoor sports such as mountain biking and wearing expensive outdoor clothing."
―GTA San Andreas Website.

Angel Pine is a very small town located in Whetstone, San Andreas, nestled between the large landmark of Mount Chiliad and the forests of Shady Creek. It boasts an amazing view of the mountain and is virtually a minute away from the eeriness of Shady Cabin, (situated in the heart of Shady Creek) and minutes away from San Fierro if you take the highway in south Foster Valley. Angel Pine is loosely based on the Lone Pine,CA. Sitting at the base of the enormous Mount Chiliad; this small-town suburbia is host to the logging company Angel Pine Sawmill. There is a save point in the Angel Pine trailer park and the Angel Pine Safehouse, which can be bought for $20,000. The town also houses several facilities, including a Sheriff`s office and the Angel Pine Medical Center. The player will automatically spawn in Angel Pine after completing mission "The Green Sabre". Angel Pine has an estimated population of 113. It's also the only residential area in Whetstone.

Events of GTA San Andreas


After the deadly Mulholland Intersection shoot-out with the Ballas in Los Santos, Carl Johnson is forced by C.R.A.S.H. officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski to perform various tasks for them, using the recent incarceration of Carl's brother Sweet as leverage. Tenpenny and Pulaski deposit Carl in the remote town of Angel Pine in Whetstone, a region of Flint County in San Andreas. Carl, who has been stripped of all weapons and given only a camera, is ordered to flush out and murder a witness who is hiding in a cabin on nearby Mount Chiliad. He rushes up the side of the mountain to find a cabin closely guarded by the FBI. By creating a commotion, Carl succeeds in luring the terrified witness from the cabin, who races down the mountain in a car. After chasing him down, Carl kills him and photographs his body as proof for Tenpenny and Pulaski that their problem has been taken care of.

After Carl moves to the Doherty Garage, Cesar Vialpando informs him about a Ballas drug meeting convoy moving from Mulholland Intersection. Carl mets Cesar and then they arrive at Angel Pine, where the Ballas were last seen heading. They climb into the Lovin' A Loan building and take photos of Ryder, T-Bone Mendez, Jizzy. B and Mike Toreno as they head inside the Cluckin' Bell outlet. Carl then drives to a nearby petrol bunk and then Carl and Cesar split up.

Later in the story, Angel Pine returns, this time as the setting for the air-drop Carl is asked to perform by Mike Toreno. In order to stay within the diligent gaze of those watching him, Toreno compels Carl to fly a Rustler to Angel Pine for him in order to drop supplies to his men holed up there. Carl is given a very limited time to fly over topographically diverse terrain from the abandoned airstrip in Bone County to Angel Pine and back, all while remaining below radar detection range.

Businesses and locations


The Angel Pine Sheriff Office



  • Ambulance - At the medical center
  • DFT-30 - At the Angel Pine Sawmill (sometimes replaced by Forklift)
  • Kart - In the trailer park
  • Roadtrain - In the Angel Pine Sawmill
  • Romero - At the medical center
  • Sabre - Behind the wall back of church (occasionally)
  • Sanchez - Near save point
  • Walton - In the backyard of Angel Pine Sawmill




  • The town has trash cans filled up with unused maps of Vice City next to Cluckin' Bell.
  • The HD Universe version of Angel Pines is Paleto Bay.
  • Angel Pine is an ideal place to complete the Paramedic missions, as there is minimal traffic in the area and all of the patients spawn very close together.
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