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Meditate... meditate. Well I meditate. I've been to the mountain top, and I've been to the hanging valleys, and I've been to where the sun sleeps. And I've seen sprinkler systems bringing forth moisture out from the desert, and generating golf courses as though God himself was hitting golf balls and wearing bad clothes.
— Andy Moon

Andy Moon is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V as a soapboxer.


He will be seen preaching about how death will strike soon, and the player has the option to talk to him.

He appears in Vespucci along Magellan Avenue, near the Nut Buster restaurant and just south of the Beach Combover Barber shop, although he may appear in other places.

He's a soapboxer usually rambling about energies and voices that speak to him and that somebody will come to kill them off. Michael and Franklin will dismiss him quickly.

When he's encountered by Trevor Philips, Andy will make reference of the Altruist Cult, about people in the hills who can enlighten him or eat him.



  • He is mentioned in the mission Reuniting the Family as "the hippy bum who thinks the world is ending" by Tracey. It is also implied that Amanda had sex with him.