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Not to be confused with Andrei, a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.
Fuck you, Amerikansky, I'm gone! Doing business in America is dangerous.
— Andre's last words before his death.

Andre (Russian: Андре) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Andre is a gun runner and member of the Russian Mafia. In the mission Gray Imports, Carl is ordered to kill him by CRASH officer Frank Tenpenny.

Mission Appearances


  • Although his name is never mentioned in the game, his name is shown to be Andre, as seen in the internal game files (andre.dff and andre.txd).
  • Andre is one of the very few one-mission target characters in the 3D Universe which have a unique model, instead of a generic pedestrian one.
  • His character model also appears in The Introduction, driving a car in front of Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Liberty City, before CJ throws him out of the vehicle and drives away. However, that model in the Introduction is black instead of white.