"Мы здесь защищаем честь Америки, это предназначено судьбою. Гордая страна, в которой можно решить геноцид и назвать это волью Божьей! (English: "We are here to keep America pure. This is manifest destiny. A proud land where European's can commit genocide and call it God's will!")"

An American Welcome is a Strangers and Freaks mission in the series Minute Men. It is given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Joe and Josef.


Trevor meets Joe and Josef beside their Park Ranger, parked along a road north of the Alamo Sea. Joe and Josef want Trevor's help in capturing more people who they believe to be illegal immigrants. Trevor agrees to help.

Once Trevor enters the truck, the first target, Manuel, appears nearby. The player must knock the target from his Blazer or get close enough that Joe can shoot the target with his stun gun. Once captured, the target gets into the back of the truck. Joe instructs Trevor to drive to the local cement factory. During the drive, the man they just captured insists he is a legal resident of the United States; even showing his documentation as proof. Joe scoffs at this while Josef throws the man's papers out the window. The next two targets appear when Trevor arrives at the cement factory. Once again, the player must apprehend the targets before they escape. Once these two new targets are captured, Joe and Josef leave Trevor and drive away with their three captives.

Mission Objectives

  • Stop the suspect.
  • Go to the cement factory.
  • Stop the two suspects.
  • Get out of the car.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Downed - Stop the 1st group of immigrants within 30 seconds.
    • Taking a shortcut right at the start will let Trevor intercept the first immigrant fast.
  • Double Downed - Stop the 2nd group of immigrants within 55 seconds.
    • Driving to the back of the cement factory instead of the front will cut the chase short.
  • Shock and Awe - Use the stun gun to stop all immigrants.

It seems the immigrants have more health than normal NPCs, and shooting at their body while they are riding Blazers will make them fall off of them. However, this will not kill them, so they become an easier target for stunning.


  • While chasing Manuel, Joe reveals that he works as a park ranger, which explains how they got a Park Ranger vehicle to use in their "mission", he also reveals that he met Josef online.
  • After the mission ends, Trevor can kill Manuel, Joe and Josef with no penalty to the rest of the Minute Men storyline, as they are considered pedestrians.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Minute Men (Civil Border Patrol) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough



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