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Ammu-Nation Shooting Ranges are a series of side missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In GTA Vice City, the range is accessible anytime but the challenge is only available after the mission The Shootist. The shooting range is located inside the Ammu-Nation in Downtown Vice City, where the challenge is started by standing in the pink marker.

The goal of the challenge is to get at least 30 points within a time limit. The player is given only a pistol with 100 rounds of ammunition. The challenge is performed in first-person view. Three targets will move from side to side. Each target has five sections that can be shot. The closest target is the fastest and is worth one point. The middle target is worth two points. The furthest and slowest target is worth three points. The player has to shoot all five parts of each target in order to gain the points from that target.

Although the mission can be completed with just 30 points (which will award $500), 45 points or more are required for 100% completion, and will also unlock faster reload for all weapons. Due to the limited ammo, the best way to get 45 (or more) points is to concentrate on the middle and furthest targets which are worth two and three points respectively – ignore the closest target.

Note that the score gotten in the shooting range in "The Shootist" is separate from this mission; it does not unlock the fast reload ability nor count towards 100% completion.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Not all Ammu-Nations are big enough to accommodate gun ranges, where this challenge takes place. The ranges are available at the following locations:


Stage 1: Pistol Challenge

Available after Doberman.

  • Round 1:

Three targets are dropped in the first round of the pistol competition. Once destroying one, the next one drops at a greater distance. To destroy a target CJ must shoot the center of the seven different red circles on it. A hit anywhere outside the circles doesn't count. To pass this round, CJ must destroy his three targets before the competitors destroy theirs.

  • Round 2:

A target drops and moves steadily from the back of the range toward the protagonist, then stops until all seven sections from the target are shot. Once the target is destroyed, another follows the same route, and so on. To pass this round, CJ must destroy his three targets before the competitors destroy theirs.

  • Round 3:

In the final round, there's only one target that moves across the targeting range. All competitors shoot the target simultaneously. The first to score 20 points, wins. Points are indicated on the right side of the screen. A point is earned for each piece of the target removed. Targets continuously drop at varying distances and strafe across the range until someone reaches 20 points.

Stage 2: Micro SMG Challenge

Available after Doberman.

The Micro SMG challenge is exactly the same as the Pistol challenge, except CJ will be using a Micro SMG. To get through this one, he must employ the same strategy used to pass the previous challenge.

Stage 3: Shotgun Challenge

Available after The Green Sabre.

This challenge involves the same rules as the other two, but with a Shotgun. Since the Shotgun's pellet spread is wide, even less precise aiming is required. The higher CJ's Shotgun Skill, the quicker his reload time - and it really helps in this challenge. This is often the hardest challenge as the AI doesn't waste time firing in bursts as with the other weapons; the third round is especially easy to lose.

Stage 4: AK-47 Challenge

Available after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

The same rules apply to this challenge, except CJ will be using an AK-47. The rate of fire from this weapon makes this challenge a little easier than the other ones. However, the accuracy of this weapon is much greater than the Micro SMG and the Shotgun, forcing the aim to be more precise. Beating this challenge completes the Ammu-Nation challenge.


The reward for completing the GTA San Andreas Ammu-Nation Shooting Range challenge is $10,000, a one-time increase of weapon skill level by 200 (50 for each round + 50 for completing all three rounds), and a boost for further weapon skill increase efficiency. Completion of the challenges is also necessary for 100% completion of the game, where all four rounds must be done in a row; however, the player is allowed to fail a round and keep redoing it until they pass.


If the player enters the shooting range while having certain weapons in their inventory and leaves without finishing the course, the ammunition for that weapon doubles, or becomes infinite until the player loses the weapon by getting wasted or busted. The weapons affected are:

  • Handguns: Silenced 9mm, Desert Eagle
  • Shotguns: Sawed-off Shotgun, Combat Shotgun
  • SMGs: Tec-9, MP5
  • Assault Rifles: M4

It is important to note that other weapon classes are not affected. Also, if the player enters the range with the Pump Action Shotgun, they will lose it and all shells in the inventory.

In the Pistol and Micro SMG rounds, there is a slight graphical error present. If you turn the camera around so you are facing the wall behind CJ, his arm will turn along with the camera but his body won't. His arm will bend around and point the gun behind him, but it will be deformed and going through his body.

With the "Pedestrians Attack (Guns)" cheat activated, entering the Ammu-Nation will cause the NPC's in the shooting range to turn around and try to attack CJ for a few second, before quickly turning back around and starting to use the shooting range without going back in their spots.



GTA San Andreas - Ammunation Shooting Range

Grand Theft Auto V and Online

In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, Shooting Ranges are activities or hobbies you can do that are located in only two Ammu-Nation stores, located in Cypress Flats and Pillbox Hill. With a Shooting Range you can level up your shooting skills or train with various Weapons through different challenges. This can also serve as a quick and easy way to build your shooting skills. The entry cost is $14.

Interestingly, the NPCs practicing at the range speak Korean (Mandarin in the PC version)

Warning Signs

  • Firearms warning: It is a criminal offense to leave a loaded firearm within easy access of a child. If a child gains access to and improperly uses the firearm you may face prosecution.
  • No food or drink in the range.
  • Ear and eye protection must be worn in the range.
  • Stop: Make firearm safe, deposit brass in bucket, do not leave firearm unattended, clean your point and remove targets.
  • Warning: The discharge or cleaning of firearms and the handling of ammunition in poorly ventilated areas may result in exposure to lead, a substance known to cause birth defects and other serious physical harm. Ensure you have adequate ventilation at all times and wash hands after exposure.
  • Never point a loaded or unloaded firearm at anyone on these premises. If you do we shall point our firearms at you, and believe us, ours are loaded.
  • No steel, brass or semi jacketed, exposed lead, soft or hollow point ammunition allowed in the range. Full metal jacket only.
  • Reloaders, brass keepers. Brass stealers be warned. Do not pick up any of the brass from our floors. there is nothing to discuss, go elsewhere.


The Shooting Ranges in GTA V have different challenges for every kind of weapon: Handguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Heavy Weapons. As with any other kind of Hobby the challenges have Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals that are awarded when completing a Challenge.

Weapon Type Weapons Challenges GTA V Shooting Gold.png GTA V Shooting Silver.png GTA V Shooting Bronze.png
Hand Guns Pistol
Combat Pistol
AP Pistol
Pistol .50
Multiple static targets. Targets exit after one hit. 2800 2000 1400
Multiple moving targets. Targets exit automatically. 20000 10000 2000
One moving target. Targets exit automatically. 15000 3000 650
Submachine Guns Micro SMG
Assault SMG
Multiple static targets with the ability to flip. Targets exit automatically. 12000 6000 4000
Single line of moving and flipping targets. Targets exit automatically. 7500 2500 1250
Multiple moving targets with height variation. Targets exit automatically. 10000 5000 3000
Assault Rifles Assault Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Advanced Rifle
Multiple static targets. Targets exit after three hits. 7550 3550 2500
Single column of moving and flipping targets. Targets exit automatically. 17500 7500 4750
Moving targets of varying height and speed. Targets exit after three hits. 5000 3000 1000
Shotguns Pump Shotgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Assault Shotgun
Bullpup Shotgun
Static targets, each exits after one hit. Hit as many as possible. 46 32 22
Moving and static targets. Shoot closer targets to maximize score. 700 590 290
Moving targets, exits after one hit. Use spread to maximize score. 23 18 14
Light Machine Guns MG
Combat MG
Targets take multiple hits to exit. Targets move and respawns. 7500 5500 4500
A row of distant targets that flip individually and exit automatically. 40000 12000 5500
Targets take multiple hits to exit. More targets spawn continually. 32000 19000 7500
Heavy Minigun One row of targets that respawn. Continuous hits increase your multiplier. 50000 25000 10000
Targets that exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier. 45000 30000 15000
Infinite respawning targets. Exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier. 70000 40000 20000
Bonus Railgun Stationary and moving targets. Destroy as many as possible with each shoot. 24 22 20
Multiple moving targets. Destroy as many as possible with each shoot. 24 20 16
Multiple moving targets of varying height and speed. Destroy as many as possible with each shoot. 32 26 20
Multiple quick moving targets of varying heights. Destroy as many as possible with each shoot. 35 31 26

After completion of all challenges for each weapon category, the following discounts are unlocked at Ammu-Nation:

  • At least all Bronze Medals awarded - All items discounted 10%
  • At least all Silver Medals awarded - All items discounted 15%
  • At least all Gold Medals awarded - All items discounted 25%

All three Protagonists need to earn their own medals. Because of this the player needs to get gold medals on all challenges three times to receive maximum discount. The Railgun challenges are not available to all players and are not required to receive discounts. Michael is able to use his "bullet-time" ability on the shooting range.




Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Don't squander ammo; reload time is wasted time.
  • Since the Micro SMG's bullet spread is less accurate than a Pistol, it is possible to often get away with spraying bullets near the red targeting circles, thereby removing pieces of the target without precise aiming.
  • While standing in an Ammu-Nation, it is not possible to kill the NPCs firing their weapons in the shooting range through the bullet-proof glass. However, oddly, when trying to burn them through the bullet-proof glass with the Flamethrower, the fire penetrates the wall, but does not ignite the NPCs.
  • The Shotgun challenge might sound easy, due to the damage and the common nonsense of NPC's shooting at the wall behind. However, this ease applies only for the first two rounds. In the third round, when the target moves to random directions, NPCs are much better at aiming and can destroy many pieces of the targets in a row, leaving you with no target left. The best strategy for that is to shoot your gun just after the counter ends, and keep aiming for the circles. The more you break, the more the chances to win.