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Manufacturer of weapons - and reasons to own weapons, Ammu-Nation has zealously defended arms profiteering for over 50 years.
— Description at

Ammu-Nation (BAWSAQ: AMU) is a major chain of gun shops in the Grand Theft Auto series featured in all 3D Universe games, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The chain primarily specialized in offering the player an assortment of firearms from pistols to a Minigun, as well as armor, in exchange for money. Ammu-Nation also sells various other types of weapons, like machetes and RPGs. In the beginning of the game, Ammu-Nation stores tend to have only weak weapons in stock; more powerful weapons are unlocked as the player progresses through the storyline.

The name Ammu-Nation is a portmanteau of ammunition and nation, which implies that the store is patriotic. In many Ammu-Nation stores, battle flags of the Confederate States of America can be seen on the walls. Ammu-Nation was founded in 1963.

The chain is notably absent in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes, as it was subject to very strict gun control laws enacted by mayor Julio Ochoa. According to Dimitri Rascalov, Ochoa closed the franchise and also launched cases against Ammu-Nation stores in other states. As alternatives, players may either purchase weapons from illegally operating gun shops or out of the back of mobile gun cars (Little Jacob and his Virgo in GTA IV, Terry Thorpe and his Slamvan in The Lost and Damned, and Armando Torres and his Cavalcade in The Ballad of Gay Tony).

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Ammu-Nation resurfaces but has mainly shifted its operations online as well as having an outlet in the Liberty City Gun Club. In Chinatown Wars, the player can also find, while driving around the city, many Ammu-Nation trucks carrying weapons and supplies. These trucks have the Ammu-Nation logo on their back and a red arrow above them. Once the player finds one of these trucks, he/she can hijack the vehicle and take it to the nearest safehouse to open it, and collect what is inside. Be aware that the truck's driver will be heavily armed.

Ammu-Nation has been brought back in Grand Theft Auto V with the return of San Andreas. Ammu-Nation stores are much more common and can be found all throughout the state. As of 2013, Ammu-Nation is selling many illegal military-grade weapons to the general public. The player can also purchase stocks from them in the website in GTA V.

In the summer of 2022, the GTA Online Protagonist starts supplying weapons to Ammu-Nation through their Gunrunning business.


Grand Theft Auto III[]

Weapons are bought by walking over a floating weapon pickup inside Ammu-Nation stores. When the player enters the store, the camera switches to a fixed position at the corner of the store until the player exits the store. The clerks carry Shotguns and will attack the player if the player is aggressive (i.e. the player attacks the clerk with any kind of firearm).

Ammu-Nation is featured in GTA III's official website, in the Portland section of the website. It includes an audio advertisement and a pop-up to Ammu-Nation's website. Ammu-Nation also sponsors the TV show Liberty City Survivor.

Phil's Army Surplus is another arms store which sells heavy weaponry not found in Ammu-Nation stores. The player can also buy flame-based weapons at the Pike Creek LCPD Compound.

Item Cost Availability
Red Light District/Saint Mark's
Pistol $250 Pump-Action Pimp
Uzi $800 Cipriani's Chauffeur
Uzi $800 Last Requests
Grenades $2,000 Last Requests
AK-47 $3,000 Last Requests
Sniper Rifle $10,000 Last Requests
Body Armor $3,000 Last Requests

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City[]

Weapons are bought by standing on the pink marker inside Ammu-Nation stores. Each clerk at each store carries a different weapon which include the Mac (Ocean Beach), Uzi (North Point Mall) and .357 (Downtown).

Phil's Place is another arms store which sells heavy weaponry not found in Ammu-Nation stores.

Ammu-Nation seems to have connections with Mr. Black and his contract killing company, since during a mission in GTA Vice City, protagonist Tommy Vercetti is hired to kill a businessman, steal a briefcase he's carrying and deliver it to the owner of an Ammu-Nation local in Downtown.


Item Cost Unlocked by
Ocean Beach
Pistol $100 In The Beginning...
Mac $300 Introduction
Chrome Shotgun $500 Mall Shootout
Kruger $1000 Guardian Angels
Body Armor $200 Jury Fury
North Point Mall
Pistol $100 Introduction
Grenades $300
Uzi $400 Introduction
Stubby Shotgun $600 The Chase
Sniper Rifle $1,500 Phnom Penh '86
Body Armor $200 Jury Fury
.357 $2,000 Rub Out
MP $3,000 Rub Out
S.P.A.S. 12 $4,000 Bar Brawl
M4 $5,000 Rub Out
.308 Sniper $6,000 Shakedown
Body Armor $200 Jury Fury

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[]

Ammu-Nations only open up after the mission Doberman. Weapons are bought by standing on the red marker inside Ammu-Nation stores. A menu to choose the weapon is displayed. The player can preview the weapon by selecting the weapon without buying it and the clerk will bring up the weapon to display. All clerks wield dual Pistols, and will open fire at the player when aimed at or if the player fires a weapon inside the store. It is also impossible to perform a stealth kill if the knife is equipped.

The player will often hear the clerk telling Carl Johnson to not tell anyone where he got his guns/armor from. This could suggest that Ammu-Nation's weapons are illegal in the state.

Music can be heard playing in any Ammu-Nation shop. The music is the Marines' Hymn. This music can also be heard in the Ammu-Nation radio commercial.

San Fierro is the only major city in the game that has one Ammu-Nation shop. The other two major cities have two Ammu-Nation shops. Every rural town in the game has an Ammu-Nation shop except Montgomery, Dillimore, Las Barrancas, Las Payasadas, and Bayside.


Ammu-Nation Weapon Cost Rounds Available after:
Pistols 9mm $ 200 ($240) 30 Doberman
Silenced 9mm $ 600 ($720) 30 Doberman + Gray Imports
Desert Eagle $ 1,200 ($1,440) 15 Black Project
Micro SMGs Tec9 $ 300 ($360) 60 Doberman
Micro SMG $ 500 ($600) 60 Doberman
Shotguns Shotgun $ 600 ($720) 15 Doberman
Sawnoff Shotgun $ 800 ($960) 12 Doberman + Just Business
Combat Shotgun $ 1,000 ($1,200) 10 You've Had Your Chips
Thrown Grenades $ 300 ($360) 5 Doberman
Remote Explosives $ 2,000 ($2,400) 1 Against All Odds
Armor Body Armor $ 200 ($240) 1 Doberman
SMG SMG $ 2,000 ($2,400) 90 Doberman + Robbing Uncle Sam
Rifles Rifle $ 1,000 ($1,200) 20 Body Harvest
Sniper Rifle $ 5,000 ($6,000) 10 Pier 69
Assault AK-47 $ 3,500 ($4,200) 120 Lure
M4 $ 4,500 ($5,400) 150 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
  • Note: prices are 20% higher than listed at the Ammu-Nations in Las Venturas.
  • There is an unused Ammu-Nation interior in San Andreas. It has two floors and can only be entered using certain cheats or with cheat devices. The store is functional if entered properly. Some mods may also bring the shop back into gameplay by making it enterable.
  • Of the mounted weapons behind the clerk, the more noticeable weapons are Tec-9's (purchasable), MAC-10's (used in other 3D Universe games and later cut from GTA San Andreas and unpurchasable), Thompson Submachine Gun (also known as the 'Tommy Gun'; unpurchasable), the French-made FAMAS (a bullpup-styled assault rifle; unpurchasable), G3A3 rifles (unpurchasable), and several revolvers that appear to be various Smith & Wesson models of revolvers (unpurchasable).
  • Advertisements in Ammu-Nation reference a High Velocity Rifle, a Grenade Launcher, Land mines and a Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher.
  • The location in Downtown Los Santos uses the model of the Python revolver from Vice City as a facade, notably missing the trigger guard.

Grand Theft Auto Advance[]

Weapons are bought by standing on the marker in front of Ammu-Nation stores. The game pauses and a menu appears to let the player purchase weapons. The store itself cannot be entered, so no clerk appears in this game.

Item Cost
Bat $100
Katana $5,000
Pistol $250
Shotgun $1,000
Micro SMG $800
Assault Rifle $3,000
Flamethrower $5,000
Molotov Cocktails $2,000
Grenades $3,000
Minigun $15,000
Rocket Launcher $10,000
Body Armor $3,000

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[]

Ammu-Nation stores in GTA Liberty City Stories distinctively combine design traits from both GTA III's and GTA Vice City's Ammu-Nation. Just like in GTA III, the same fixed camera view returns which makes the players unable to use first person view weapons like Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher; however, the game requires the player to stand on the yellow marker in front of the counter to purchase weapons, and utilizes GTA Vice City's weapon selection system. Clerks carry shotguns and will attack the player if aimed at or the player fires a weapon inside the store.

Ammu-Nation is featured on GTA Liberty City Stories' official website in an e-mail under the name "Y2K is Coming!", where the store makes up mediocre scams that the Year 2000 Problem would cause the world the drift into a post-apocalyptic scenario, and that the only way to survive it would be to own a large amount of guns, specifically, from them.

Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop is another arms store which sells heavy weaponry not found in Ammu-Nation stores.

Item Cost Availability
Red Light District/Saint Mark's
Pistol $240 Snuff
Micro SMG $600 Don in 60 Seconds
Grenades $360 Driving Mr Leone
Micro SMG $600 Driving Mr Leone
AK-47 $4,200 Driving Mr Leone
Sniper Rifle $6,000 Driving Mr Leone
Body Armor $240 Driving Mr Leone

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories[]

The Ammu-Nation stores in GTA Vice City Stories functions exactly the same as in GTA Vice City. But all clerks inside the stores carry shotguns similar to GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. The cost inside the parenthesis is the discounted price of the weapons after completing Phil's Shooting Range.

Stonewall J's is another arms store which sells light weaponry not found in Ammu-Nation stores.

Item Cost Availability
Pistol $240 ($180) Soldier
Scorpion $360 ($270) Soldier
Grenades $360 ($270) Soldier
Micro SMG $600 ($450) Soldier
Shotgun $1,000 ($750) Soldier
Body Armor $240 ($180) Soldier
Ocean Beach
SMG $2,500 ($1,875) From Zero to Hero
AK $4,200 ($3,150) From Zero to Hero
Spaz-12 $4,000 ($3,000) From Zero to Hero
Sniper Rifle $6,000 ($4,500) From Zero to Hero
Rocket Launcher $9,000 ($6,750) Turn on, Tune in, Bug out
Body Armor $240 ($180) From Zero to Hero
Vice Point Mall
Grenades $360 ($270) From Zero to Hero
Equalizer $2,000 ($1,500) From Zero to Hero
Assault Rifle $5,400 ($4,050) From Zero to Hero
Laser Sniper $8,000 ($6,000) From Zero to Hero
Minigun $15,000 ($11,250) Farewell To Arms
Body Armor $240 ($180) From Zero to Hero

Grand Theft Auto IV[]

There are no Ammu-Nation stores in GTA IV, being replaced with Underground Gun Shops. However, there are certain pedestrians who wear clothes bearing the Ammu-Nation logo on the back.

During an alternate dialogue with Dimitri in the mission Do You Have Protection?, Niko will mention hearing about the Big American Supermarket where you can find shopping carts full of AK-47s and flamethrowers. It is possible that Ammu-Nation's fame was already overseas before Niko arrived to America.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars[]

Order The Protection You Need
— GTA Chinatown Wars Ammu-Nation website slogan

There are no stores except for an outlet in the Liberty City Gun Club, but weapons can be purchased on the Ammu-Nation website via the PDA that will be delivered to the nearest safehouse via delivery truck. The website service is unlocked after the mission "Pimp His Ride". Ammunition delivered will be shown with a white crate that can be picked up on-foot.

Ammu-Nation scratch cards can also be purchased at various stores, and the player can win body armor or various weapons. Ammu-Nation apparently sponsors a "Guns For Ca$h" amnesty program with the LCPD, although the player cannot make use of this.

At times, the player may find Ammu-Nation trucks driving around. Hijacking one may be difficult as the doors are locked, the truck moves fast and the driver greets you with a shotgun. After getting one, it would need to be taken to a secluded safehouse. Doing so may be tough, as the truck would be heavily damaged by this point. What the player may find inside may be a powerful weapon that may or may not be sold on the site yet, a common weapon, or simply nothing at all.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Ammu-Nation has made a return in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Stores appear around Los Santos and Blaine County. Several outlets, particularly in rural areas, variously advertise that they sell hunting gear, fishing gear, and sometimes survival gear. The player can purchase stocks in Ammu-Nation via The player can also buy various modifications for most weapons, such as silencers, flashlights, and extended magazines, as well as various tints. Most firearms bought from Ammu-Nation (aside from the Stun Gun, Grenade Launcher, and Minigun) are granted with three magazines in reserve. Vending Machines are found inside of several shops, to restore player's health.

The player can also purchase different tiers of body armor (super light, light, standard, heavy, and super heavy) with varying effectiveness, and even shades and jackets from racks around the stores. Shooting ranges make a return in two stores at Downtown Los Santos and Cypress Flats.

The player can rob the cash registers from Ammu-Nation stores. They must equip a weapon before entering and push the doors open slightly and aim at the clerk. Be aware, however, as the clerk will then pull out an Assault Shotgun, requiring to be killed quickly. Any weapons used by the clerks are unobtainable, as they continue to hold onto them after being killed. The clerk will also get hostile if the player shoots at the store from outside, enters the store on a vehicle, or enters the store with a Wanted Level. If the clerk becomes hostile or dies, the doors will no longer be able to be opened from the outside until the clerk respawns.

The Ammu-Nation outlets in Los Santos with shooting ranges play songs from Channel X, other Ammu-Nation outlets in Los Santos play songs from Los Santos Rock Radio, and the outlets in Blaine County play songs from Rebel Radio.

There are several products in the Ammu-Nation stores that are unavailable for purchase. These include alcohol, ear protection, and more.

The Criminal Enterprises[]

With The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online, the GTA Online Protagonist and Agent 14 strike a goods contract with Ammu-Nation to deliver excess Bunker stock for extra cash. These goods must be delivered to one of any Ammu-Nation locations.

Type of Weapon Weapon Cost Rounds Available after: Update/DLC required:
Melee Knife $100 None Franklin and Lamar None
Nightstick $250 None I Fought the Law... None
Hammer Free / $500 None Franklin and Lamar / Repossession

Special/Collector's Edition

Enhanced Version

Broken Bottle Free / $300 None Franklin and Lamar / Repossession Beach Bum Update
Antique Cavalry Dagger Free / $2,000 None Franklin and Lamar / Mr. Philips The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update
Hatchet $750 None Trevor Philips Industries Enhanced Version (Returning players)
Brass Knuckles Free / $7,500 None Franklin and Lamar / Complications Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2
Handguns Pistol $350 12 (16 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar None
Combat Pistol $600 12 (16 with extended clip) Dead Man Walking None
Pistol .50 Free / $4,000 9 (12 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Monkey Business

Special/Collector's Edition

Enhanced Version

SNS Pistol Free / $2,750 6 (12 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Repossession Beach Bum Update
Heavy Pistol Free / $3,750 18 (36 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Dead Man Walking The Business Update
Vintage Pistol Free / $3,450 7 (14 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Mr. Philips The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update
Marksman Pistol Free / $4,350 1 Franklin and Lamar / Mr. Richards Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2
AP Pistol $1,000 18 (36 with extended clip) Three's Company None
Flare Gun $5,635 1 N/A (unavailable in GTA V) Heists update
Stun Gun $100 Unlimited Monkey Business None
Shotguns Pump Action Shotgun $2,000 8 Repossession None
Sawn-Off Shotgun $2,500 8 Mr. Philips None
Assault Shotgun $3,000 8 (32 with extended clip) Blitz Play None
Bullpup Shotgun Free / $1,250 14 Franklin and Lamar / Blitz Play

Special/Collector's Edition

Enhanced Version

Musket Free / $21,400 1 Franklin and Lamar / Mr. Richards The Independence Day Special
Heavy Shotgun Free / $13,550 6 (12 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Monkey Business The Last Team Standing Update
Machine Guns Micro SMG $850 16 (30 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar None
SMG $1,300 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar None
Assault SMG Free 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar Link Rockstar Games Social Club account to the game
MG $3,000 54 (100 with extended clip) The Paleto Score None
Combat MG $3,700 100 (200 with extended clip) Blitz Play None
Gusenberg Sweeper Free / $14,600 30 (50 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Something Sensible; The Time's Come; The Third Way The Valentine's Day Massacre Special
Combat PDW Free / $11,750 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / Military Hardware Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1
Rifles Assault Rifle $1,400 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar None
Carbine Rifle $2,000 30 (60 with extended clip) The Jewel Store Job None
Advanced Rifle $2,500 30 (60 with extended clip) The Big Score None
Special Carbine Free / $14,750 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / The Jewel Store Job The Business Update
Bullpup Rifle Free / $14,500 30 (60 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / The Big Score The High Life Update
Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifle $1,500 10 Nervous Ron None
Heavy Sniper $2,500 6 Three's Company None
Marksman Rifle Free / $15,750 8 (16 with extended clip) Franklin and Lamar / The Paleto Score The Last Team Standing Update
Heavy Grenade Launcher $8,100 10 Trevor Philips Industries None
RPG $3,000 1 Blitz Play None
Minigun $3,000 595 (9999 with max shooting skill) The Paleto Score None
Firework Launcher Free 1 Franklin and Lamar The Independence Day Special
Rail Gun $250,000 1 Minor Turbulence Enhanced Version (Returning Players)
Homing Launcher Free / $165,000 1 Franklin and Lamar / Minor Turbulence Festive Surprise
Explosives Grenade $150 25 Franklin and Lamar None
Sticky Bomb $400 25 Friends Reunited None
Tear Gas $300 25 The Jewel Store Job None
Jerry Can $25 100 Crystal Maze None
Proximity Mines Free / $1,000 25 Franklin and Lamar / Friends Reunited Festive Surprise
Misc Parachute $100 1 Minor Turbulence None


Main article: Ammu-Nation/Clothing

In GTA V, Ammu-Nation also have various clothing and accessory racks around the store, allowing the player to purchase shades (Can only be bought from a rack in the corner by the armor section) and jackets (Can only be bought from a clothing rack opposite to the armor section).

Shooting Ranges[]

Main article: Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges can be found in some Ammu-Nations throughout the 3D Universe and in GTA V. These places test the player's skills in handling weapons, and can be used simply to improve gun handling skills. Passing the shooting ranges offers the player a small sum of money as a reward, and completion of a shooting range is often necessary for 100% completion of the game.


Ammu-Nation's clerks differ from game to game.

  • GTA III: British guy wearing a blue uniform with a top reading ROCKSTAR.
  • GTA Vice City: American guy wearing a red and white Rockstar-brand letterman jacket, with a black shirt and blue jeans.
  • GTA San Andreas: A military-looking guy wearing an army-green shirt and has a mustache.
  • GTA Liberty City Stories: American guy, says the same thing as the GTA III clerk but in an American accent.
  • GTA Vice City Stories: Generic store clerk. Fat, balding, and wearing a brightly-colored polo shirt and matching glasses.
  • GTA V: Melvin works in the Sandy Shores branch and an ex-military looking man who is interested in gang life works in the branch closest to Franklin's first safehouse, the rest are re-skins of these two. Some of the clerks will engage in conversations with the protagonists when they enter in the Ammu-Nation.
    • For example, sometimes the clerks will say the store used to be independent until Ammu-Nation took over. They will also state that they love the TV show Republican Space Rangers.
    • The clerk in Pillbox Hill (Downtown Los Santos) will talk with Franklin when he is in the shop. The conversation will usually center around the clerk's jealousy of Franklin's involvement in the gang life. This batch of conversations will be triggered after completing the mission "The Long Stretch"; In another possible conversation with Franklin, he will mention how "I [he] barely exist outside this store." This could be a reference of how his character model is never seen out side of Ammu-Nation.
    • The clerk in Sandy Shores will talk with Trevor when he is in the shop. Their conversations normally consist of Trevor insulting or degrading him, or him begging Trevor to behave himself in the store.


Ammu-Nation has a commercial in every 3D Universe game. It can be heard on Rockstar's website for GTA III, and on the radio for GTA Vice City onwards.

Ammu-Nation radio commercials make it clear that the store is run with a right-wing paranoia philosophy, describing itself as the "store leading the fight against communism". The store also seems to promote the purchase of its products for illegal purposes, even suggesting they be used to kill one's mother-in-law if she is "being a bitch". There's also one in GTA Vice City that mentions an anti-aircraft gun 'actually used when we whooped Australia' ass!'.

In GTA San Andreas, the stores themselves broadcast a constant feed of advertising, which among other things promotes their selection of grenade launchers and flamethrowers; though grenade launchers haven't appeared in the GTA series until The Lost and Damned, and while flamethrowers have been usable weapons, they haven't been sold by Ammu-Nation.

In GTA Liberty City Stories, a set of two commercials air on the radio stations. They mention of logging on to its website to buy weapons due to "Y2K" being around the corner and about to plunge the world into an apocalypse. One commercial also mentions if someone purchases the "All-In-One Y2K Kit", they will receive a tractor trailer load of Logger Beer, Redwood Cigarettes, and enough firepower and ammunition to level a small country.

In GTA Vice City Stories, there's an Ammu-Nation radio commercial about Saturday Safety Fun With Guns with Derek the Dodo.

In GTA V, an Ammu-Nation radio commercial mentions Predator drones, becoming the first time a real-life vehicle is mentioned in the GTA series.

GTA V – Ammu-Nation Commercial from R* Website


Infinite Ammunition Glitch[]

There is an interesting glitch in GTA San Andreas. If the player goes to any Ammu-Nation with shooting range, they can double the ammo until it becomes infinite.

  • 1. Go to any Ammu-Nation with shooting range.
  • 2. Buy a weapon that shares slot with either the pistol, Micro SMG, shotgun or AK-47, but not the gun itself, since it will not work with it (and the shotgun's ammunition will be depleted).
  • 3. Go to the Shooting Range and leave it directly before starting the challenge. The player will have probably doubled the ammo.
  • 4. Keep doing this, until the ammo becomes unlimited.


Infinite Ammunition Glitch



  • Ammu-Nation sells fully-automatic weapons, though in real life, these are outlawed (if made after May 1986) to sell to normal civilians in the United States due to the Hughes Amendment. Also, destructive and explosive devices are sold at the store, which would be also be highly illegal in the real world. Fully-automatic weapons in the United States may only be obtained via Class III licenses which are very costly and difficult to obtain.
  • In GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, there are 2D textures on the walls of Ammu-Nation stores which depict unusable weapons, such as the Calico M950, AUG A1, FAMAS F1, Galil AR, and M1928 Thompson. Some of the weapons on the shelf (such as the Galil and the AUG) would be unusual find in an American gun stores as they were manufactured in Europe or the Middle-East.
  • A popular rumor thought the clerk in GTA III and GTA Vice City was modeled after Dan Houser or Sam Houser. In a Q&A hosted on Rockstar's website, a fan asked, "Is it true that the Ammu-Nation clerk's appearance and voice was Dan Houser?", to which an answer has been provided, "No, not true. However it does look (but not sound) like a relative of his." – therefore implying that it was based on his brother, Sam Houser. [1]

Grand Theft Auto III[]

A commercial for Ammu-Nation was suppose to air one of the radios stations in GTA III but was removed. However, it would later be reworked into GTA Vice City[2].

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City[]


The hidden Ronald Reagan imagery found within the walls of the Downtown Ammu-Nation in GTA Vice City.

  • Inside the Ammu-Nation in Downtown Vice City in GTA Vice City, an easter egg with a picture of American president Ronald Reagan can be seen doing a thumbs up while wielding a pistol that was clearly used to fire at a bulls-eyed picture of Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev. However, the picture is hidden behind a wall and is not normally seen during gameplay. To see it, the player must stand at the inner end of the store's counter, aim a rocket launcher out towards the street, then turn around while still aiming so they can see through the wall.
  • Shooting the grenades on the weapon display with any free aim weapon will cause them to drop to the floor.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

  • If the Ammu-Nation clerk becomes provoked, whether it be by the player or something else, and cops are dispatched, the clerk and police officers will began firing at each other, despite the fact the clerk was only using self-defense from a robbery. This is possibly due to the anti-government propaganda inside Ammu-Nation or a programming oversight.
  • Despite being locked, if the Pillbox Hill Ammu-Nation is somehow accessed in Director Mode, only the actual gun range will be considered an interior. [Tested on Xbox One]
  • The unnamed clerk at the Ammu-Nation store in Mission Row – the one who likes talking to Franklin about gang life – has a random line of dialog where he explains that he likes to visit southern Los Santos every once in a while to "soak it in"; however, instead of Los Santos, he says Los Angeles.[ref?]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

  • It seems that the more the player purchases from a category, the higher the chance that the store clerk will eventually say "you have racked up more Ammu-Nation Rewards points!". This also happens in Story Mode.
  • The store clerk will protect the player from attacking players as long as they do not have a wanted level.

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