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Amitec is a brand introduced in The Diamond Casino & Resort content update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


Not much is known about the company since it does not appear on any in-game product, but however, it appears on racing liveries as a sponsor (mostly as a minor one) in GTA Online. The company is most likely an electronics or technology manufacturer of some kind, due to the "tec" suffix in their name.

The company might possibly be of Taiwanese origin and possibly be based on the company Acer, as its logo bares resemblance to Acer's logo, particularly having similar colours from their 2001 logo, and more rounded letters reminiscent of the 2011 logo. Their logo uses the Calibri font.

Its name might possibly be derived from electronics and technology companies such as Logitech. The "Ami" part of the name might come from the Amis people, a ethnic group native to Taiwan.

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